99designs Review: The Best Design Competition Platform for Logos?

By WebMarketKings

June 16, 2019

Would you like to have a new logo created?

No problem, in this article, I present you the very good site 99designs.fr, a platform for creating graphic designer competitions where many artists are fighting to create the design of your dreams!

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But how does it work?

First, I had to make a presentation of what I wanted by answering very specific questions.

I am then asked to explain the values or expressions I would like to convey through my logo or even to say the types of people to whom my products are addressed.

Also, a description of my site or company can help designers to get an idea of the framework in which the logo should be placed.

After this step, you can finally launch the contest!

99design avis

The competition

What followed at the launch was simply incredible.

Logo designs that keep coming to you all the time, throughout the duration of the competition (4 days here). Of course, you had to give your point of view, note the creations.

I had the pleasure of discovering each other’s talents. In total, I had 150 logo designs from 36 designers.

During the selection, I had to ask for help from those around me and from people who follow my other blog (via social networks and my email list), because at a certain stage I could no longer really judge for myself the relevance and quality of the final products.

At the end, I chose 6 logos that were pretty good considering my blog. The last 3 days, I exchanged with the designers who had the opportunity to make changes.

And then I finally made my choice.

Last step, I had to obtain the copyrights by signing a contract, which officially gave me the title of “owner of the logo”.

The cost of this logo creation service was only 229 euros for the bronze option.

The 99designs site normally offers the following options: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinium. The different options can be chosen according to the importance of your logo and your budget.

99 designs concours

The benefits include

99designs is a solution that offers quite a few advantages that I will list here:

The variety of designers and designs

99designs provides you with several designers who are under your command. Here, it is not a question of clinging to a single design that may not properly meet your expectations.

By trusting this site, over the 4 days, I had dozens and dozens of proposals: some more interesting than others. A multiplicity of choices has been given to me through this site on only one logo project.

When I reviewed his proposals, other ideas crossed my mind and made me see my blog from a different angle.

Even designers who wouldn’t compete interested me. All in all, I finally chose the logo that best suited my aspirations and wishes.

The exchanges

During the 4 days of this competition, I had to comment on all the proposals that came to me and observe the feedback once the corrections had been made.

The comments and corrections were really remarkably spontaneous.


The possibility of seeking external advice

I was also able to conduct surveys of my subscribers, friends and acquaintances.

I commented on the proposals made by the designers and submitted corrections to outside opinions to see what was going wrong or not.

My social networks were a great help even though I didn’t finally choose the model that received more “I love”.

The timing

This site has designed its methodology well with a pace that does not bother you too much. Not too slow, not too fast.

Thus, for the receipt of proposals from the various designers and corrections, you have 4 days to choose finalists and then 3 days to solve some problems and finally choose the winner of this contest.

All this was done quickly and in accordance with the deadlines.

Possible modifications if necessary

The different designers have a rather fantastic open-mindedness. During the review, I was impressed by a graphic designer who gave me her work in an unsuspected way.

She sent her work with all possible accessories (ZIP file, PDF files) with her email for possible corrections with the remuneration conditions.

logo 99designs

The disadvantages

99designs also has disadvantages that need to be discussed:

The very high number of proposals

This is an advantage, but it also involves risks. Imagine that proposals rain from everywhere for 4 days.

We would not know where to put our heads and it is not at all easy to be able to give our opinion on all the proposals.

Losing designers

During the competition, we had to discuss with the designers we think are better.

So I became attached to a competitor who tried all the time to make my wishes come true, but in the end it was necessary to choose the best of the best.

My opinion

I had a very nice experience with this 99designs contest. I had to actively participate and was really satisfied with the creation of my logo.

What intrigued me the most was the way in which the remuneration of designers is done. If it is the winner alone is paid then the others have worked for free. Not so good for ethics, it’s true.

Maybe I should have better delineated my request to free up designers who didn’t inspire me.

Some tips before you start

Before launching this contest, you must have enough time during these 7 days. You must opt for a full week and be available to exchange designers and guide them in creating the desired logo.

For the competition, you can invite designers whose Portfolios seem interesting to you. You simply send them a private message inviting them to participate.

During the competition, you may seek the advice of outside persons to refine the proposals. At certain times, you don’t know what to choose anyway…

>> Click here to discover 99Designs (Satisfied or Refunded)


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