Alfred.FM Review: My Opinion on the Bot that Automates Your Instagram Account

By WebMarketKings

July 6, 2019


Automation is possible from many solutions, including Instagram. You must use a specific bot, software, program or service that will connect to your account to start automated actions. These actions concern for example follow, unfollow, like photos, comment, answer messages automatically… All these actions are very useful to automatically prospect future customers without wasting time by increasing your notoriety on Instagram.

There is for example Jarvee which unfortunately remains quite complex even if it allows to automate a large number of tasks without being banned or even blacklisted.

Alfred is, as for him, a French software that manages to compete with him!

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Alfred, le bot pour automatiser Instagram

What is Alfred used for and why use it to automate his Instagram?

Many people want to have followers by the thousands on Instagram, it allows them to have a significant weight on the network and customers flock more easily. But buying followers is not an effective solution since you risk getting your Instagram account blocked and even shadowban or blacklister, it will be quite negative.

So imagine a solution that allows you to connect with real profiles on Instagram, attract them to your account by offering them, for example, a free service before converting them into a profitable customer. Alfred and his automation make it possible to do this! This software is very useful to attract the attention of users, especially influencers and individuals on Instagram with a professional or personal account. It allows you to interact with them and easily convert them into followers to track your content.

Alfred therefore offers a large number of features, of which here is an explanatory list:

  • You can target the audience by choosing to interact with an audience corresponding to keywords, hashtags and accounts according to a specific theme.
  • You can program your publications and stories or even create albums with multiple photos by adding your description and emojis for optimal efficiency from your browser and not from your smartphone.
  • Multi-account use is possible
  • You can choose to automatically follow or no longer follow (unfollow) the accounts to increase your audience in a natural way
  • You have access to statistics with details on your actions and consequences
  • You can like the publications automatically, and comment on them according to the targeted hashtags
  • The publication rest system is possible as well as scheduling its publication without difficulty.

Alfred, l'outil payant aux multiples fonctionnalités

You also have access to customer support in French in case of questions, you will have answers in record time to solve your problems.

You can also try Alfred for free for 3 days!

Is the Instagram Alfred bot not free? What is the price?

You’re probably going to think it’s another paid-for bot. Indeed, but its price remains very affordable given the quality of the options offered. It will therefore quickly become profitable if you are used to spending, for example, one hour a day managing your account.

Alfred allows you to increase the number of subscribers with real followers, this gives you the possibility to gain a considerable impact while prospecting day and night.

alfred fm interface

You can enjoy the free version for 3 days before switching to one of the paid offers I describe below:

  • Discovery offer – 9.90 € / month: 1 account and basic features included
  • Progression offer – 14.90 € / month: 3 accounts and basic automations included
  • Successful offer – 24.90 € / month: 25 accounts with all included features

The first offer is not of much interest. The second offer provides access to more options, but this is not cost-effective. On the other hand, the last offer is perfect, because it unlocks absolutely everything (comments, like, subscriptions, etc.) and this will allow you to recover quality followers that will quickly turn into customers.

My opinion on Alfred for the automation of his Instagram account

Jarvee is, in my opinion, very effective, but very complex. Alfred is a French solution with a fairly simple interface and visually very easy to understand. This bot is very useful to automate the actions and tasks related to Instagram, so it is a perfect support of high quality. I find the latest offer very convenient to like comments and comment automatically, these options are essential!

It is therefore more than recommended to use Alfred to successfully grow your account.

Click here to discover Alfred for free for 3 days! (0 commitment)

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