Alidropship Review: My Opinion on the Dropshipping Tool for WordPress

By WebMarketKings

August 2, 2019


You are a beginner entrepreneur on the web and want to launch an online store, but you don’t know how?

Many software programs are available today to help you achieve your goal and make your job easier.

But more than that, what is developing widely nowadays is dropshipping. What is Alidropship, the dropshipping plugin for WordPress? We answer your questions.

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What is dropshipping and what are the advantages?

Dieshipping is nowadays presented as THE solution for online shops.

Its principle is simple: you present products on your site to customers, who, if they buy directly from your suppliers and not from yourself, without knowing it.

In other words, instead of ordering from you, customers place orders with suppliers with whom you work without being informed.

What are the advantages of such a method?

The main thing is that you simply do not have any stock to manage. This is very valuable, especially if you want to sell many different products.

However, it should be noted that dropshipping remains rather laborious, because for each order it is necessary to send all the data to suppliers, from product details to customer information. Tools are therefore quickly becoming necessary.

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Presentation of the Alidropship tool

In a nutshell, Alidropship is defined as the best WordPress plugin for dropshipping with AliExpress.

Alidropship is therefore a plugin, an extension that you install on your WordPress site, which helps the company to perform dropshipping and is synchronized with AliExpress.

It is now the most popular dropshipping tool and the best solution for creating online shops on WordPress.

Offering a set of features necessary for the construction and development of your dropshipping business, this is an option to consider, especially if you aim to open different small online stores.

More than 5000 sites use it and it seems that it has nothing more to prove.

At a price of only eighty-nine dollars at one time and regardless of the number of sales, it appears to be an effective tool and much cheaper, and therefore more profitable, than the other options available so far.

How does Alidropship work?

The use of Alidropship is simple and intuitive and that is precisely its objective. To access it, you will, of course, first need to have a WordPress site. Once you have acquired this, pay, download and activate the Alidropship plugin.

Then go to and explore this site to find the items you want to display in your store.

Then, import these products to your site. The products then automatically appear in your shop with everything that concerns them (description, image, price, available stock, etc.).

Simple, fast, intuitive, the operation of Alidropship is one of its great advantages, but this tool offers many others.

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What are the main objectives of the tool?

As you will have understood, Alidropship’s main interests are numerous.

Let’s start with the most important thing: the ability to import AliExpress elements easily and quickly, with their descriptions and data, which saves a lot of time.

You no longer have to fill in the description, the price, to take care of the image.

All this is done automatically and in a few clicks.

In the continuity of this point, Alidropship being synchronized with AliExpress, you have all the updated product information, again, automatically. No need to worry about stocks anymore.

Similarly, this tool allows orders to be placed directly with suppliers. No need to transmit all customer and product data yourself, because when ordering, the plugin visits AliExpress and fills in the data received.

To confirm the purchase, all you have to do is click on “Pay Now”.

Another advantage, and not the least, is the high quality service offered by Alidropship. By purchasing this tool, you will have access, for life, to free personal support.

As soon as you encounter a problem, professionals can help you solve it. In addition, by installing this plugin, you also access themes designed and created by professionals.

Easily customizable, all these themes are optimized for mobiles and have an elegant design. However, we know how important the appearance of a site is to its success.

In addition, Alidropship is a support for WooCommerce, the most popular e-commerce WordPress plugin.

By installing Alidropship you also have access to the WooCommerce version of it.

Finally, this plugin is very practical. Indeed, it offers great functionality, by giving you access to essential statistical tools, such as traffic, sales, or profits, etc., by displaying all this data on a single control panel.

What are the advantages of using this tool?

The benefits of using this tool are many and really interesting. Thanks to all its features, Alidropship will save you a lot of time and tedious work.

No more time wasted filling in the characteristics of the products you offer, no more time wasted manually entering all the data on AliExpress for each order, no more time wasted worrying and managing stocks.

But more than just a time saving, this plugin also allows you to save a lot of money.

For only eighty-nine dollars, this option is much cheaper than the others in this field, where they are most often subscriptions per month and based on your sales.

Moreover, allowing you to create your shop quickly, this tool gives you the possibility to own several small ones in order to specialize them in domains, thus obtaining a better referencing and, by the same token, more sales.

Finally, last but not least, your site is yours, you are the owner, which is not the case with other tools.

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What are the disadvantages of Alidropship?

Because nothing is perfect, Alidropship also has some disadvantages to take into account.

Being a tool for dropshipping, it also has its disadvantages. Thus, competition is fierce because this technique is accessible to everyone and delivery times are long, because the products come from China.

That is why it is advisable to keep a small stock of your most popular products and to choose your suppliers carefully.

It should also be noted that Alidropship is currently less efficient than other tools in terms of synchronizing products with AliExpress.

It is therefore not recommended to use this plugin for a very large online store. Above 100 items, it is best to turn to another option.

What verdict for this plugin?

Therefore, we give a largely positive opinion on Alidropship.

Saving time and money, at a more than affordable price and with simple use, it seems to be the plugin best suited to develop your company in the dropshipping field.

Despite some drawbacks, the great functionality this tool offers really makes it the best WordPress plugin for dropshipping with AliExpress.

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