Aweber Review: Testing the Marketers’ Favorite Autoresponder

By WebMarketKings

July 24, 2019


Aweber is a widely used autoresponder and particularly appreciated by web marketing professionals. However, an important nuance remains to be made.

It is more popular in the English-speaking market than in the French-speaking market. This is due to the fact that it does not support accents and is not translated.

This is rather unfortunate, because when you enter a text with an accent, since it appears with unreadable characters.

However, many site publishers in France still use it.

If you are reluctant to subscribe, we provide you with some useful information about the tool’s features, advantages and disadvantages in our opinion.

You can then build your own review by taking advantage of the free trial month offered.

Click here to discover Aweber for free for 30 days!

Presentation of Aweber

On the market for about fifteen years, Aweber is an American autoresponder that is well known among online sellers (e-commerce, infopreneurs) and that offers multiple features.

It is highly suitable for use in English, but if you forget the use of all accents, you will be satisfied with the advantages it has to offer you.

Aweber is used in several well-known companies and is a reference for autoresponders, alongside Getresponse and Mailchimp.


Aweber features

Creating capture forms

You have at your disposal more than 700 templates that you can customize as you wish.

You can also perform form A/B tests, to keep only the most efficient.

Segmentation of email address lists

With this feature, you can segment your customer list according to the following parameters: whether or not you read an email, whether or not you visit the link in the email, items purchased, cost of the shopping cart, pages visited, location of the IP address, registration form data.

This work allows you to better choose the targets of your emails and increase the effectiveness of your emailing campaign.

Synchronization with the RSS feed

You will be able to set the sending frequencies and you will be able to send messages as soon as an article is published on the blog, if you provide it with your RSS feed.

Very simple editing of emails

Using its drag and drop editor, email personalization becomes very easy. You can see the emails as they will be sent to your recipients.

Monitoring of statistics

You can see how many times an email has been opened or how many times the link it contains has been clicked. This allows you to make your campaign more effective.

You can also modify the content of your emails to better target recipients.

Assistance during the migration of your database

You receive help from the services to import your entire address list to Aweber’s servers.

Your contacts will be informed and reassured that they will continue to receive emails, if you wish.

A partial loss of data is not excluded. In this case you will only keep a list of those who are really interested in your services.

Advantages and disadvantages of Aweber


  • Responsiveness of customer service
  • Possibility to operate on any support
  • Variety of modifiable models
  • Consideration of contact segmentation
  • Possibility of A/B testing


  • High price
  • Accents not taken into account in the French language

Click here to discover Aweber for free for 30 days!

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