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Benjamin Fairbourne Review: Why His Courses = SCAMS (30+ Proofs)

Internet Scams



(IMPORTANT) UPDATE: If you have been requested your money back from Benjamin Fairbourne and haven’t received it yet, please contact us as soon as possible.

Have you heard about Benjamin Fairbourne?

To be fair, not many people did. Just check your favorite SEO tool: less than 20 people search his name every month.

And they’re probably looking to download his courses for free, as they’re available on so many websites.

However, if you do know Benjamin Fairbourne and happen to have actually bought one of his trainings (sorry for you), then you must understand why so many of his clients consider him to be a scammer.

As we’ve been approached by some of our readers in order to investigate his case, we have compiled in this article the main ways Benjamin Fairbourne appears to be scamming his students.


  • This article focuses on the testimonials from the actual clients of his “Golden Ticket Method”. In summary, the Golden Ticket Method is about using popunder ads in order to drive traffic to Youtube videos and generate income via Adsense.
  • Spoiler 1: Benjamin Fairbourne sells this course for $997. (UPDATE: He now sells it for $97, but…)
  • Spoiler 2: It doesn’t actually work.
  • Spoiler 3: He doesn’t care and he won’t refund anyone despite promising that he would.
fake reviews
Benjamin pays for fake reviews, so his affiliates also have to lie about the quality of the products if they want some of his dirty $$$…


In this section, we want to share with you the anonymized summary that a client of the Golden Ticket Method has sent to his bank in order to get his money back.

This testimonial perfectly corroborates what we have observed with a large number of students, that’s why we believe it is a great starting point for this review.

Make yourself comfortable and grab some popcorn, because it looks like Benjamin sure knows how to scam his clients!

Here we go…

I bought the ‘Golden Ticket’ method from Benjamin based off a video promotion. In the video he constantly talks about getting a minimum of 5-10X return on investment ‘again and again’. So, if I was to put in $100, I should expect at least $600 back.

He was saying it was at a special price for only $997 (instead of $10,000). He said to try it for at least one month and if you do not make any money, you will get a refund. This is what made me comfortable in buying as I felt I could trust the purchase.

The sales video in which he says all this was on his YouTube account which has recently been taken down due to copyright issues. This was confirmed by himself as you can see in this below post:

fairbourne deleted youtube channel

I did, however, download the video as I suspected he was not going to give my refund after he ignored multiple emails from me. As recommended by a customer service rep from Paypal, I have uploaded the sales video on my YouTube channel as proof. This is him speaking and is the sales video that made me pay him. The method he refers to is the ‘Golden Ticket’ which is what I have paid for.

YouTube video

He opens by saying he does it to get 5-10X return on investment ‘again and again’ (a very compelling offer). This is at 10-18 seconds.

Throughout the video he talks about how easy it is to do and how you could spend $1,000 and make 10X back. He even says at 2:02- 2:08 he says you make a profit ‘every single time’.

Important: from 17:30 – 17:52 he says that if you do not make money, you’ll get refunded. Please watch for proof.


I reached out to him as seen below when he said to PayPal him. I asked for an invoice but he did not respond. Foolishly I thought it was ok to just proceed but he probably didn’t respond with an invoice as that would mean I had buyer protection PayPal.

This was on the 5th of January – the same day I saw his video.

email benjamin fairbourne

Once I paid, he sent me a link to the product site and logins. Please note the website in the below image (you will see he has now deleted this and all evidence of it later on). So I don’t even have access to anything. You have the information below to check as well.

email benjamin fairbourne 2

There were some short videos where he says the idea is to buy a monetised YouTube account which can show ads (so that you get paid by advertisers who put their ads on your video).

You then buy very very cheap traffic (traffic is a marketing term for website visitors) from certain sites and send it to your YouTube videos with ads in it – thereby making money on the ad revenue.

The sites you buy these website visitors from are called ‘pop ad networks’ because the main

traffic are those annoying ads that pop up on your screen when you click something on the site – basically, very spammy advertising (this is important for later where Youtube says this will not make you any money).

Once I had everything set up, I followed all the steps, tried multiple videos, tried different sites and even tried to reach out to him a few times.

However, the information he shared was seriously lacking and whenever I asked for information about what type of videos he was making to supposedly be getting 5-10X ROI, he would not respond. As seen from this email chain. I messaged him on the 7th of February with no response and then followed up 1 week later (still no response).

email benjamin fairbourne 3

To date, I have spent over $400 and only made $13.48 back. Considering I have followed all his steps, constantly tried his methods and reached out for help with little assistance, and not even made $14 back, it is clear this is NOT as described – especially when he is saying you will make 5-10X your return on investment every single time ‘again and again’.

You can see proof of my spending across 2 different sites below.

I can also provide login details for proof if you want to cross reference.

On the below site, I paid $192 for traffic so far. As you can see I only have $17.48 left in the top.

payment proof

On the below site, they said I would get a $500 bonus if I put in $500. Thinking it was safe for me to do so based on Benjamin saying I will get 5-10X back, I thought this was the best option and have spent just over $250 so far. I now need to spend the rest on something (no idea what) because I cannot get that money back.

payment proof 2

So, the remaining $749 will likely be wasted as well.

Here are the lifetime earnings on the YouTube account. As you can see, it says ‘lifetime’ in the top right corner. It then shows my estimated revenue is $13.48. No way near a 5-10X ROI considering I’ve spent about $425 on ads. If it was really a minimum of 5X ROI I should have at least $2,000 in there.

youtube earnings

I initially thought there was something wrong with the videos I was making which is why I reached out to Ben. Even though he did not respond, I still thought it was my videos and I was doing something wrong until others in the group started saying it was not working and he has not been responding.

So I investigated and when I contacted Youtube about my earnings, they told me Ben’s method is actually one of the main ways that YouTube will VOID the ads and earnings – as pointed out in the support document where it says ‘Avoid partnering with untrusted / low-quality parties’

Another article to support the above:

The sites he tells us to buy traffic from are all low quality because pop up and pop under traffic is considered the most low quality traffic out there because it created a bad user experience. Google (owners of Youtube) clarify that here for their ads: adsense/clarification-around-pop-unders

Meaning, the method he sold me for $997 is clearly stated by Youtube NOT to work (I only found this out after paying) – making this a total scam as it would be impossible to make the consistent earnings he talks about in the sales video.

After discovering all of this was a giant scam, I reached out for the refund that was promised and was ignored, as shown in these images.

fairbourne refund request

After ignoring my emails, when I reached out to Paypal and created a dispute, he replied almost immediately. I do not know what he sent them but he clearly knew what he was doing with this scam as PayPal said I was not covered by buyer protection – despite all the undeniable proof I had shown.

It is also not a case of ‘bad luck’ for me as I’m not the only person who has had this issue with Ben about this method. Please see below [Screenshot added to the next section of the post] from his Facebook group which was part of the method (where he said he goes live every week to share information but hardly comes on here).

Additionally, the website where the product and everything was stored (and what he used to sell this method) has also been deleted as mentioned earlier. The below website address is the same from the email which can be checked yourself. So not only did I pay for a scam but he then deleted all evidence – so even if it worked to some degree, I do not have access to it.

Please refer to my earlier email as proof of the website address.

clickfunnels fairbourne

He took my money, sent a bunch of useless videos, didn’t respond to my emails and then ignored the refund request which he promised in the sales video. Then he deleted all evidence.

With the money I’ve spent on advertising so far, the remaining credit in these sites that must be spent as well as other business costs, I am currently down over $2,000.

I hope this is clear evidence that I am not only entitled to the refund he promised to make the sale, but have been scammed by someone who intended to do this all along.”

7+ ways Benjamin Fairbourne appears to be scamming his clients (based on 15+ real testimonials)

Phew! Want more?

Benjamin Fairbourne might have only 116 “elite members” in his private Facebook group, there is no shortage of proofs and testimonials regarding the quality of his products!

While some of these might seem okay when they’re taken individually, the fact that Benjamin succeeds in being terrible (and dishonest) in so many areas should be an obvious red flag for future prospects. Quick advice: it might be better for everyone to just stay away from him if you want to save money, time AND brain cells.

Some screenshots below are directly taken for his private Facebook group (accessible only to his “students”). The others are from conversations with or between students of the Golden Ticket Method (outside of the group).

His “method” just doesn’t work (and can get you banned)

Plugrush cost proof
Youtube earnings proof

Wow, so much for a guaranteed ROI of 5x-10x, right? Finally, a course that can teach you how to make LESS than what you spend! Thank you Benji 🙂

By the way, it’s worth mentioning that there is absolutely no proof of success from Benjamin or any of his students regarding the Golden Ticket Method. In the course, Benjamin Fairbourne doesn’t show any campaign or relevant data.

Aside from the fact this monetization strategy doesn’t actually work, Benjamin encourages his student to use some tools that can get your account demonetized:

vidnami demonetized

not legal

Low value content

Twenty-five videos + 1 txt file in a Google Drive folder.

No script. No case study. No example. No demonstration. No effort.

And let’s not talk about the total lack of updates. Oh, wait a minute. Actually, Benji added an update 3 months after the release, when the students started to voice their concerns.

Wanna know if it’s any good?

the update

The update is as unusable as the rest and doesn’t fix the core issues of the method (such as… the fact it doesn’t work).

Removed access

As mentioned previously, Benjamin has fully deleted his Clickfunnels account which leads to the fact that students can no longer access the material, just a few weeks after paying in full for it!

lost access

no access

No customer support

No replies. Not on Facebook. Not by email.

Once you have purchased, you can only hope to get some random and useless monosyllabic replies once every 3 months maximum.

It’s crazy to claim to earn so much while still not being able to afford some decent custom support, isn’t it?

Fake refund policy

Despite claiming to earn more than 300k per month, Benji will do anything in his power not to refund his clients.

benjamin fairbourne scam

BONUS: Deleting comments from angry customers

See the last picture? All of these Facebook group comments stating that GTM is a scam or that Benjamin is a scammer have been erased by Benjamin a few days after being published, on the 30th of March 2021.

Looks like somebody is scared of taking responsibility…

Forcing the students to request a chargeback

fairbourne refund

not accepting refunds

money back fairbourne

But then when it happens, Benjamin tries to bribe his students by giving away his courses… 🤣🤣🤣

giving away courses to avoid chargebacks

BONUS: You card might be charged a monthly subscription without signing up for it

monthly subscription

BONUS: His “Juggernaut” course is kinda bad according to some students

juggernaut course


BONUS: His adult affiliate course doesn’t work neither

adult affiliate

BONUS: Stealing courses from other internet gurus and reselling them according to some Youtube viewers

bonus stealing content

Benjamin Fairbourne is a clown

benjamin fairbourne clown

By the way, we can confirm that there is absolutely NO refund policy (it magically disappeared with the Clickfunnels-hosted website), so Benjamin is making everything up as he goes and all the requirements he comes up with are meant to never be fulfilled.

Promising clients a refund and never sending it (twice!)

refund promise

Benjamin already promised to refund this student a few days before:

benjamin fairbourne scammer

Benjamin Fairbourne won’t refund a client who has a brain cancer

By the way, this same client has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and needs the money stolen by Benjamin as he already described a few weeks prior to his messages:

brain cancer student fairbourne new

BONUS: Benjamin Fairbourne’s “business” is not CAN-SPAM Act compliant

can spam benjamin fairbourne

Despite being a professional email marketer, Benjamin Fairbourne either doesn’t know about the CAN-SPAM Act that requires him to include his official business address in every email he sends, or he just doesn’t want you to know his address… Just in case… 😉

If you’re wondering which address he’s putting instead, it’s the one of the Gumroad headquarter, the tool he’s using to sell his products and send emails.

Benjamin buys (or creates) fake comments and likes

Please have a look…

Two overly positive comments from random accounts appear right after Benjamin publishes a new video…

What if…?

fake commenter 1

fake commenter 2

Looks like somebody was busy creating Youtube accounts on the 2nd of July!

The same way, Benjamin Fairbourne seems to regularly buy or create fake Youtube likes, possibly to hide the negative engagement. Just look at the engagement ratios: there’s always a disproportionate number of likes (compared to the number of views and the value delivered) and a firm and growing amount number of dislikes.

BONUS: Benjamin seems to enjoy kissing his own butt

benjamin faibourne new course scam

But when you are as hated and immoral as Benjamin Fairbourne seems to be, can you really be blamed for getting some self-love?

(… Oh, and like he did, just ignore the comment right under the post…)

What else?

  • Benjamin deletes all negative comments on his Youtube channels (just compare the number of comments that Youtube indicates and the actual number of comments)
  • No business details at all. Is his business even incorporated and legally operating? Just take a look:
    • No terms of service
    • No privacy policy
    • No (real) refund policy
    • No business address
    • No business phone
    • No business name
  • Benjamin now operates as “Learning Machines” on Youtube and mainly targets total beginners, as they tend to be more naive
  • BONUS: Benjamin regularly insults the students who ask for a refund for being “stupid for not making money with the method”
  • … And a lot more coming soon! We’ll keep this post updated as long as he doesn’t refund every single student who legitimately requested their money back.

You’ve been scammed by Benjamin Fairbourne, now what?

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  1. hello guys, I was also fell for his scam 🙁

    He use clever ways to et trust and then scams the people..
    I bought the golden ticket method for $997 and it was completely crap .

    His all claims are fake and nothin works and issue is when I asked for the refund he directly said you not gonna get refund and do whatever you can do.

    I was so so dissapointed as I am from India and here I earn $997 by working 4-5 months of all day work .

    I litrally cried guys 🙁

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Mayur! Hopefully people can learn from his former “students”…
      If you paid via credit card you can try to contact your bank if you haven’t already. But Benjamin knows how to scam people and encourages people to pay via Paypal for that very reason…

  2. Thanks a lot for your review! I was almost ready to buy his Juggernaut course…

    I felt that what he says is just too good to be true… Even though now he sells these courses at $97, something triggered me, it is still too much. He learned how to show his emotions the way to sell anything.

    Once I also was a bad boy, I downloaded his previous courses for free, and didn't understand anything… They are just a mess. No structure, no plan, nothing… just a bunch of videos with fake promises that this is huuuuuuuuuge.

    Golden ticket's VSL is also something strange, esp when he went emotional… this is also triggered me that something is fake here

    In the end, it makes me disappointed at all this "scam business". 😥 Like there is no way to make money online, and everybody is just willing to scam me… making money on me, on my difficult situation… That's just awful

    1. Fortunately, i got his course adult affiliate marketing secrets for free and i can confirm his effort level lacks severely.

      He constantly repeats the same theory with sloppy handwritten diagrams while dropping in videos from other gurus courses. Tuan, Mr Opulent and some other guy (He couldn't even be bothered to remix the information to make original content for a $1000 course, he just threw the videos in).

      No results are shown and there is no live demonstration of any concept.

      The only value I got from the whole thing was 3 short videos from mr opulents course that benjamin lifted. (The other guys courses looked heavily outdated).

  3. Amazing to know,

    thank you for this information!

    I still don't understand how he can make all that money on sweepstakes?
    does that course work?
    he also has a youtube video curse, what is the main content of that?

  4. Hey guys, I recently bought benjamins new course the instant money blueprint. It was 197 dollars and i paid him through paypal. Like most of you, I didnt like his course and asked for a refund. He started playing games and tried to weasel out of the refund so i filed a dispute through paypal. I waited two days and escalated to a claim. In the discription i posted this website and i told them what benjamin was doing. It didnt even take 24hrs and i was granted the refund by paypal. Usually it takes longer but i think benjamin is on their high ris sellers list. Just explain your situation and you should have no issue getting your money back. Best of luck guys.

    1. Hey James,
      That's awesome that you were able to get a refund from Paypal by sharing this post! 🙂
      It shows that a scammer can hit and run, but once his victims get together we CAN fight back!
      Benjamin Fairbourne IS a scammer, a fake guru and should only be known as such.

  5. how is he faking the earnings and clicks on his videos? I mean is he successful but selling dodgy courses?

    I was really excited to watch his videos but also I asked him about what he uses to track and he said he doesnt track!!!! Without tracking its just blind luck not like the old wild west internet.

    1. For most of the trainings, he doesn’t actually provide any proof that these specific strategies actually work.

  6. Glad I found this site. Trying to get back $5k and he stopped responding after some emails. I opened a case in Paypal and they are taking their sweet time. Thinking of moving on to filing a dispute with american express. What's the best option to select when opening a dispute?

    "I received my goods or services but they were not as described" seems to be good.

      1. SCAMMER! You vam download sweeps and adult courses for free online. He is just repeating the same thing and NEVER SHOWS HIS CAMPAIGNS. He have fake results. He teach People to put popunder with crakravenue smartlink and People try that with no success. Now he is advertising on his second yt channel (first is talent down) his "courses" so please RAPORT HIS YT ACCOUNT . He is LIAR AND SCAMMER!! NO VALUE,JUST BLAH BLAH BLAH

  7. reported to IRS

    reported to the fbi for money laundering.

    reported to the ftc as instructed

    reported to his Salt Lake City newspaper

    reported to GMBC

    reported him to the devil to welcome him in

    reported to 12 different organizations this scammer will be stopped i waited for 4 months and he stopped responding his courses are garbage and the worst thing is all his courses are free online. if i was other affiliates i wuld report him for having there stuff on his courses its cheating

  8. his now selling other "gurus" courses for a discount the level of shithousery from this kid is unreal. dont know how so many people got scammed when his an obvious narcissitic kid. nxt time get his shit for free people are giving it away

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