The Best ClickFunnels Alternatives Reviewed and Compared

By WebMarketKings

April 30, 2019

You believe you have what it takes to realize your great idea. And indeed, if you have something in mind, and you are ready to put effort and time into it, there is no reason why you shouldn’t give it a try in the business world. Just one thing – being self-employed is not as simple as you might think.

Yes, it allows you more freedom and probably a better income (if you have a successful business), but it still comes with a lot of stressors and responsibilities. Of course, you should be courageous and work to make your dreams come true, but you should also know what awaits you.

There are numerous things that allow a business to become successful. And it is important to note that the process doesn’t happen overnight either. Before you can expect a good ROI and sales return, you need to know a thing or two about brand awareness. To be honest, there is no better way to build brand awareness than through an effective marketing campaign.

While TV ads were popular a few decades ago, now it is the internet that is taking over, and most of the potential lies in social media marketing as well as affiliate marketing. A method that absorbs all the benefits of digital marketing and allows you to run a responsive platform is called a sales funnel.

This is probably not a term you have heard about. How can a funnel be used for sales? The whole idea of running a sales funnel is to guide as many people to the end goal as possible. Let’s take a look.

A Sales Funnel – How Can It Be Of Help?

If you are running a company that is selling online services or products, you have probably heard of the term, or maybe know of people that invested in the sales funnel system and made their businesses bigger. And it is true – a sales funnel holds huge potential if you know how to use it and you choose the platform that best suits your business concept.

While the ClickFunnels might be the most popular option at the moment, it is not something that is easily available to a starting business due to its high price, and that is why alternative options such as BuilderAll or Leadpages are doing their best to stay in the game through promotional offers.

Before getting into the best ClickFunnels alternatives, you need to know more about the whole concept of sales funnels.

Sales Funnel Stages

The sales funnel process consists of four different phases:

  • Prospect builds awareness
  • Prospect builds interest
  • Prospects decide
  • Prospect performs an action

Without a developed sales funnel structure or a good marketing strategy, most of your potential buyers will stay at the stage of awareness. As we mentioned above, the idea is that as many people reach the final stage of action and that you make it as lucrative as possible.

What does it mean? You want to motivate your existing buyers to come back and repurchase, while on the other hand motivate new prospects to come and try out your service.

First, the stage of awareness might be the most critical one as that is the initial point of contact in your future relationship with the potential buyer. You should do your best to build brand awareness through methods such as SEO and backlinking and hope that the prospect finds out about you via a Google search.

Once that is done, by using email letters and promotional offers, your goal should be to interest your potential customer and make them realize how your service might solve their problems.

As for the decision and action stage, things are pretty simple, and you want to make these two phases as easy for the client as possible (offering free shipping, for example), yet still lucrative for your business.

Okay, so you now understand the process, but what are your sales funnel options, and does ClickFunnels have an alternative that is as effective?

Why Is ClickFunnels So Popular?

Apart from being among the first sales funnel platforms that became available, ClickFunnels has been hyped up due to the fact that various big companies use it as a kick-starter to their success. But what does it offer and is it really worth it?

Before getting into the features of ClickFunnels, we should tell you that the starting price of it is $97 per month, but if you want to get everything included in the package, you will have to pay $297. That is three times more than what a platform like charges (and it still allows for a variety of benefits).

It is clear that for starter companies, ClickFunnels might not be the right option. Why? Because apart from that money every month, you will still have to pay for email marketing, social media posts, blog posts, traffic, as well as SEO separately – and that combined takes a huge bite out of your budget.

Still, we can’t deny that ClickFunnels offers a high-quality platform. Setting up funnel pages is simple, and you will get a variety of automation features (such as autoresponders), and you will be able to test any page before your final setup (landing page, thank you page, etc.). Along with that, ClickFunnels allows you to create an exclusive membership program and includes a great affiliate program.

Lastly, the platform is integrated with both with PayPal and Stripe, which a lot of people see as an additional benefit. While for enterprises, using ClickFunnels might be the best choice out there, starter businesses will most likely not have that big of a budget. Luckily enough, there are a few alternatives that can compete quite well.


LeadPages Logo

People that have used landing page methods for a long time know what Leadpages is all about. Though it is a platform that officially started off as a landing page option, the developers had enough time to turn it into a sales funnel platform as well. And while it might not be as simple to navigate as ClickFunnels is, it still allows for effective integration.

The most important difference between the two is pricing. Unlike ClickFunnels, where the starting package is priced at $97, Leadpages offer the Standard package at $37 per month, the Medium one at $79, while the Advanced Annual is just below $200 per month. The difference is huge and you still get to use a high-quality sales funnel platform.

To start, with this platform, you are sure to make your landing page a big hit – with over 130 templates available, there is no way your website will lack a good design. Unlike ClickFunnels, Leadpages cares more about beginners and that is why a beginner landing page editor is offered along with an advanced one.

Apart from that, Leadpages offers the option of webinar hosting, which allows you to plan a variety of online courses that could bring in additional income. One of the most important things is that Leadpages includes great integration with external platforms such as membership sites, e-mail providers as well as webinar platforms. While this platform might not have as much automation and customized features, it is still an excellent choice for pricing from just $37 per month.

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes Logo

In second place as a great ClickFunnels alternative is the Thrive Themes platform which comes with an entirely different concept. Instead of paying a monthly fee, you will only need to make a one-time payment to sign up for all its possible benefits. For one site, the fee will be $67, while for multiple sites it is a fair price at a $97. It is probably the best choice for starting businesses on a tighter budget. Plus, it is a platform that uses the power of WordPress plugins to create a sales funnel beast.

You do not get your hosting domain in the package, but as the one-time cost is extremely affordable, you will have more than enough to pay for your hosting site. And there is even an advantage to this as you will be in charge of the hosting site without the platform being your mediator (like it is in the case of ClickFunnels). It is integrated with WordPress and allows for great testing tools.

One of the best things about Thrive Themes is the fact that there are over 160 different templates, so you will find something whether you are a small business or a big enterprise that is looking to improve via an affordable sales funnel platform. It has one of the best drop-and-drag page builders of all the options, and the Thrive Leads allows you to build opt-in forms.

You will be able to publish attractive landing pages using the WordPress plugin and create engaging content with ease. While it doesn’t have as many features as ClickFunnels, it is still a great alternative and something that we absolutely recommend.



Though it might not be as popular as the previous platforms, BuilderAll is still young but it promises huge potential. Before moving on to why it is one of the best ClickFunnels alternatives, we just want to say that it still is not at its peak and that is mostly due to bugs and weak customer support that are being addressed.

Firstly, this platform offers a variety of marketing tools that even ClickFunnels doesn’t include. And, unlike Thrive Themes, this one doesn’t have anything to do with WordPress which makes integration with other providers, platforms, and websites much easier.

BuilderAll allows for data streams, domain names as well as unlimited pages – and we can’t forget that once again it is much cheaper than ClickFunnels. While this service has yet to prove its value, we can say that BuilderAll is one of the most complete marketing platforms out there and has the potential to even replace ClickFunnels in the near future.


Instapage Logo

Same as with Leadpages, this platform was invented as a landing page platform and now serves as one of the best alternatives to ClickFunnels. Yes, it doesn’t integrate very well with membership platforms, but still has a great marketing platform and features a ton of tools that allow for responsive web design.

The HeatMap feature allows you to know what your customers are most interested in. It is followed up by over 200 different templates, and an excellent drag and drop editor. While the customer support might not be ideal, the platform itself is easy to use and navigate through. The starting plan is $68 per month, the Optimizer Plan is $113 per month, while the all-inclusive Team and Agency Plan one is available for $203 per month.

10 Minute Funnels

10 Minute Funnels Logo

As our last ClickFunnels alternative, we are going to list a platform that has been around for some time now and offers a variety of sales funnel and marketing building tools. It has a starting price of $97 per month, with the top Enterprise package coming in at $197 per month, which is still one hundred dollars less than what ClickFunnels has to offer.

Being one of the best marketing and sales funnel builders, it comes with an excellent drag-and-drop tool and allows an unlimited number of pages. Along with that, you will be able to create and hold webinars, sales pages, thank you pages, landing pages as well as opt-in forms. And you can do all that without a lot of technical knowledge as it comes with free setup guide.

Apart from that, it is highly integrated with SEO, social media links, and offers built-in analytics. Last but not least, there is excellent 24/7 customer support to solve any problems that might occur, and the platform itself is very mobile responsive, which is critical given the upcoming trends.

Final Verdict

While ClickFunnels might be the most inclusive sales funnel platform out there, it is clear that there are some excellent alternatives that will allow you to reap the benefits of a sales funnel process without going over budget. The above-mentioned options are just some of the few that we see as great competitors, allowing you to choose one that suits your budget and preferences.


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