The 7 Best Online Training Platforms (LMS) for Infopreneurs (Comparison)

By WebMarketKings

June 24, 2019


If you want to create and sell online training courses, there are many websites that allow you to do so quickly and efficiently.

Online training has grown enormously in recent years. They are also called MOOCs.

There are now dozens of them spread over different platforms. It is possible to train via the Internet in science, literature, mathematics and many other fields such as music.

These trainings are most often in video or written tutorials. Their duration varies according to the subject of the training, they can go up to several months for a complete and very thorough course.

The number of participants in these training courses is increasing because many like to learn at a distance, from home and without time constraints.

Some of these trainings are free, others are not free and many entrepreneurs have made it their profession, so why not you?

In this top, we will see the 7 best platforms to create and sell your online training.

1 – Learnybox

Les meilleures plateformes pour créer vos formations en ligne

The first of the platforms we will talk about is Learnybox.

This platform is very well suited for entrepreneurs wishing to develop their business from a single platform.

Learnybox is an “All-in-one” company, which means that it has all the tools necessary to create and sell a training course on its site.

It is also possible to create and develop your website or blog, create newsletters and sales tunnels, manage customer relations, organize online conferences, sales and conduct surveys.

Learnybox is therefore a complete tool with multiple functionalities.

Learnybox is not free. There are 3 subscription packages with more or less advantages and it is possible to test all 3 packages for 14 days for free to familiarize yourself with the site and see which package is right for you.

LearnyBox has the advantage of being very popular in the online training community. The site has more than 20,000 training courses and more than 4 million users, a very high figure for an online training platform.

The department also takes care of its community by organizing aperitifs and seminars, the Learny Nights, to bring together entrepreneurs who offer training.

LearnyBox provides entrepreneurs with various professionals to help them design their products: consultant, therapist, coach or trainer.

The main disadvantage of LearnyBox is its price, higher than its competitors and the few possible trainings in the 2 cheapest formulas, 3 and 5, which is not enough for entrepreneurs who want to offer training packages.

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2 –

Accédez aux fonctionnalités complètes du Systè

The second platform that is part of our top is

This platform also offers complete and varied functionalities: automation, newsletters, sales tunnels, training creation and contact listing.

The interface is streamlined and welcoming and a chat is available continuously to help if you have difficulty creating a new product or training.

Systè is a French site and therefore fully available in French. It automatically manages the VAT on your sales and automatically generates your invoices.

It also includes an autoresponder for your e-mails and customer relations.

One of the advantages of is its reasonable subscription price.

In addition, the interface of this platform is clearer and more modern than its competitors and the platform does not get heavier with many unnecessary pages.

All features are available on the menu bar at the top of the page.

Systè offers the creation of training packages, unlike other competitors.

A disadvantage of is the reduced number of contacts.

Indeed, even with 3 different subscription packages, the maximum is 15,000, which is quite limited for entrepreneurs wishing to carry out mass e-mailing.

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3 – Teachable

Créez de A à Z vos formations en ligne

The third platform of our top is Teachable.

Teachable is an English platform and is not available in French. However, its interface is simple and easy to find.

The design is classy and the functionalities are multiple: it is possible to create and customize your website.

You can also create and sell your online training courses and modify the language of your pages so that your training courses are accessible to everyone, internationally.

Teachable allows the creation of quizzes and discussion forums, but also certificates for students in your courses who have successfully completed their training.

It is also possible to include discounts and promotions for your training courses, for example for Black Friday. Teachable accepts international payments, via PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and other banks.

Finally, the platform allows the creation of e-mailing campaigns to send new training courses to potential students, for example.

You have a dashboard with the follow-up of your income and the number of training courses sold and in progress.

There are 3 subscription options. The cheapest is at a reasonable price.

The advantage of Teachable is its very sophisticated content, which is made available to entrepreneurs. For example, Teachable offers a free “Course Creation Book” that allows you to learn the basics before creating an online course.

Teachable is one of the largest training platforms with more than 34,000 courses and 7 million students.

A disadvantage of Teachable is that its payment system takes into account international VAT. Thus, the income of French entrepreneurs is reduced and this cost must be taken into account when you set the price of your training.

It is also not possible to request an income payment, it is only paid once a month.

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4 – Podia

Quelle plateforme choisir entant que créateur de formations en ligne ?

Podia is an American platform for creating online training courses or “online courses”.

This platform not only allows you to create your training from A to Z, but also to moderate your community of students and interact with them.

It allows you to sell digital downloads, for example books on a specific theme, to your users.

Like other platforms, Podia offers a tool for creating and sending newsletters and e-mailing campaigns with precise monitoring of the benefits for your business.

The company prides itself on bringing together more than 15,000 entrepreneurs and creators of online training. It also offers a 14-day free trial with all available features.

One of the main advantages of Podia is the ability to sell digital downloads in addition to traditional training.

Few platforms offer this feature.

It is also possible to create membership sites and manage your communities on these same sites.

One of the disadvantages of Podia is the lack of telephone contact which is very useful for entrepreneurs with a problem in designing their training. However, an online chat is available to fill this gap.

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5 – Didact

Quelle plateforme choisir entant que créateur de formations en ligne ?

The 5th platform is Didact. It is a French platform and very easy to use.

It is possible to create formations with photos, videos, text and PDF files in a few minutes. Didacte also offers an intuitive dashboard to follow the evolution of your business.

A huge advantage of Didacte is that it is free of charge. However, Didacte automatically collects 10% of the transactions from your training courses.

One of the disadvantages of Didacte is that the platform can add additional costs for example for the creation of a personalized domain name and for the acquisition of a security certificate.

It is therefore important to read the features included in your subscription package.

6 – Wolfeo

wolfeo avis

The penultimate platform in our ranking is Wolfeo.

Wofeo offers very complete functionalities: website hosting, personalized domain names, e-mailing campaigns and newsletters, creation of training and modules.

Wolfeo is a rather sales-oriented platform. It is possible to do upsells and order bumps and the financial management is very well designed. This is a big advantage for this platform.

The platform also benefits from the fame of its creator, Kevin Hanot.

A disadvantage is the limited number of e-mail contacts for the formula at the lowest price: 2500. But the above formula offers unlimited contacts.

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7 – Kajabi

Création de formation en ligne via une plateforme tout-en-un

The last site in our ranking is Kajabi.

This platform is exclusively in English and allows you to create websites and webinar pages as well as training courses.

It also allows the integration of automatic emails and newsletters campaigns.

Kajabi has the advantage of offering an all-in-one solution, such as LearnyBox. It also offers powerful marketing tools such as One click upsell and without the need to code these operations yourself.

The main disadvantage of Kajabi is its price. It is one of the most expensive online training platforms.

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There are therefore many platforms for creating online training courses, each offering different advantages and quite different prices.

It is up to you to choose which one is right for you according to the needs of your projects.

On our side, we recommend and use Aurélien Amacker’s Systèmeio on a daily basis!

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