The 7 Best & Cheap Webinar Softwares for Online Marketers

By WebMarketKings

June 5, 2019


The development of digital and Internet is proving to be conducive to good deals. New opportunities are now opening up for entrepreneurs.

Communication is vital to maintaining trust with customers.

Today, establishing a relationship of trust with clients in a city, region or other country becomes easy, thanks to the possibility of digitizing conferences. This practice helps you to optimize your time and budget. Indeed, you can limit your travel for seminars.

Webinar software helps you organize online conferences. Given that there are many program choices today, a comparison becomes necessary to identify the best programs.


Plateformes webinaires pour les entrepreneurs web, quoi choisir ?

The advantages of the webinar

The term webinar is obtained by abbreviating two words: web and seminar. The field of webinar is not limited to a digital conference or webconference which is a practice already adopted in the professional world for a few decades now.

Thanks to the webinar, you now have an innovative opportunity to develop your knowledge or share knowledge without having to travel outside your home or office.

The webinar is a solution to reach a wider audience. The conference room is generally subject to constraints, including the capacity (number of participants) and the rental rate. With the webinar, you can have an unlimited number of listeners nationally or internationally.

The practicality of the operation is an asset allowing a high participation rate. The target audience of a webinar training, i. e. the auditors, is often more involved.

Access to a chat system and the possibility of posting comments make it possible to create interactivity between speakers and listeners. Everything is in place to ensure a close relationship between the various players.

The benefits of the webinar affect the speaker and organizers as well as listeners. You no longer have to deal with the constraints associated with physical presence (means of transport, ticket booking procedures, accommodation, parking space, etc.).

The greatest privileges offered by the webinar are time and cost savings.

From your office, you can host a conference or attend an event on a theme that interests you. Logistics is simplified. The physical reception of visitors, the rental and installation of a video projector will no longer be part of your obligations.

Webinar platforms make it easy to track and manage registrations.

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In addition, a webinar conference can be reviewed, provided it is recorded and posted online. Thus, people who, for various reasons, were unable to attend the event live can watch the video in replay. The video recording of the event can also be used for further training.

By providing you with useful statistics on the events you have organized, webinar platforms help you track results and improve your communication strategies.

You can easily find data such as: number of people registered for each event, participation rate, time spent watching the videoconference, level of engagement, etc.

In the B2B field, the webinar is appreciated for the advantages it offers in terms of inbound marketing strategy. It improves dialogue and information sharing.

Webinar software offers you functions such as: live video or other files, screen sharing, invitation management (registration forms, listing of registered participants and individuals who attended the conference, etc.), video and sound recording, chat, mailing, satisfaction questionnaire, and other options that may vary from one software to another.


Gotowebinar, la solution complète pour vos webinaires

One of the most well-known webinar platforms is Gotowebinar.

Many web-entrepreneurs from all over the world use this program to benefit from easier communication with customers, prospects, business partners and employees. Gotowebinar is considered a complete solution.

The platform offers a wide range of features, including: registration, questions/answers, document management, survey tools, etc.

In order to familiarize yourself with the program, you are entitled to a 7-day trial period during which access to all the platform’s features is allowed.

Gotowebinar was designed to facilitate collaboration between team members. It offers you everything you need to ensure the online hosting of your events.

The service is subject to a fee, but guarantees you greater organisational freedom, both in terms of inviting auditors and event management. It is more advantageous than free alternatives such as: Webex, YouTube Live, Livestorm or Webikeo. The rate varies according to the number of participants in an event.

For the reception of 1000 people, it is necessary to count 299 euros.

Advantages :

  • complete solution
  • 7-day trial period to evaluate the program


  • variable rate depending on the number of participants


WebinarJam, plateforme webinaire ergonomique et efficace pour les entrepreneurs web

Webinarjam is one of the most popular webinar software programs among web marketing experts. This platform was created by Marketing Genesis.

This product exists to help new entrepreneurs and SME managers in the implementation of a more efficient web marketing strategy.

Webinarjam supports multiple languages. It is compatible with all mobile devices and browsers. Also, it is not selective in terms of operating system.

The program is convenient for broadcasting live streams to several thousand listeners, without geographical constraints.

To do this, you can use Webinarjam‘s private network, YouTube Live or Facebook Live. For the live broadcasting of your events, the program gives you the choice between: being the only presenter or inviting co-presenters via dedicated tools.

A chat integrated into the program allows participants to ask questions.

To facilitate a conference, the presenter is free to perform actions, such as :

  • download content
  • play previously integrated videos
  • launch slideshows
  • share a screen with annotations, etc.

Webinarjam is rich in tools and features. The user can send offers to target auditors, create registration pages, schedule events, send automated emails, etc.

The annual cost of accessing the program is attractive, given its many benefits. There are no additional costs to be expected. Webinarjam offers everything you need for an effective digital strategy.

With this platform, organizing a paid webinar is easy. You can invoice each event by ensuring maximum security for transactions.

Advantages :

  • ergonomic interface
  • one-time payment for unlimited use
  • landing page templates pre-tested and customizable offered


  • no free trial


Ninja Webinar

Webinar Ninja, plateforme webinaire leader dans son domaine

Webinar Ninja is one of the leaders in its market. He has an international reputation. It embodies an all-in-one solution. It offers you everything you need to effectively create different types of webinars: series, live, automated, hybrid, summit.

The features offered by Webinar Ninja are easy to master and can meet the expectations of beginners and webinar experts.

The user benefits from a free trial period. Ninja Webinar helps you establish a close relationship with your audience, ensure the growth of your audience and develop your brand awareness.

The use of the platform does not require any software downloads. Your webinar can be accessed from all types of desktops, mobile devices and Internet browsers. With Ninja Webinar, everything happens on a single screen.

Advantages :

  • easy to use, even for a beginner
  • speed
  • quality of the interface on the design side

Disadvantages :

  • video integration can be further improved
  • lack of integration with other digital platforms

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Organiser vos réunions virtuelles en toute simplicité avec Clickmeeting

Clickmeeting is the ideal solution for organizing virtual meetings with ease. It is a highly reliable and secure platform.

Each conference can be recorded automatically for later viewing by participants. Clickmeeting meeting rooms are considered a benchmark in terms of quality.

The platform offers a user-friendly interface. There are no technical problems. There are different ways to use Clickmeeting. Some professionals use the program for their educational projects (online courses).

Others use the platform to organize job interviews with candidates (lack of meeting room for organizational reasons, candidates living in a remote area, etc.).

Clickmeeting is also an ideal partner for digital marketing strategies. The site adapts to the needs of companies of all sizes. To be able to use the program’s features, you do not need to download any software.

Clickmeeting is compatible with all operating systems and with the different types of existing devices.

Advantages :

  • ergonomic and practical interface
  • competitive price
  • multiple functionalities


  • requires a high speed and stable Internet connection

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EasyWebinar, la meilleure solution pour vos webinaires

Organizing conferences, seminars, demonstrations for the presentation of a new product, establishing effective marketing strategies, increasing sales are missions that can be carried out without difficulty, thanks to the use of a webinar tool.

To achieve these objectives with maximum efficiency, it is essential to choose a reliable and versatile platform, such as the EasyWebinar tool. With the latter, it is possible to organize webinars instantly.

Image and sound quality are always exceptional, whether for live webinars or automated webinars. By choosing this program, you have what it takes to generate new leads and ensure the growth of your business.

Other features offered by the platform include: question-and-answer, instant reply, group coaching, individual sessions, automated and hybrid webinars, etc. The tools offered by EasyWebinar are practical for the management of automated sales funnels.

For your integrations, you have a wide choice, including: YouTube Live, Mailchimp, Zapier, as well as other options to unlock by purchasing. EasyWebinar is available for the price of $79. The subscription is unique and renewable each year.

Advantages :

  • competitive price and subscription renewable annually
  • simplified programming of webinars
  • image and sound quality


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Zoom in

Zoom, la solution parfaite pour vos webinaires et visioconférences

The Zoom Video Communication platform was launched in 2011. It is one of the preferred solutions for web entrepreneurs wishing to conduct videoconferences with partners, customers and suppliers.

The use of the program is free, but you have to pay a certain budget to access more features.

Zoom is a webinar platform adapted to different user profiles, from the self-employed to the owners and managers of multinationals.

For your conferences, meetings, seminars or training sessions, the software allows you to create a virtual room that meets your needs. A Zoom virtual room has the capacity to accommodate up to 500 listeners.

To participate in an event, a user must use a unique identifier. Zoom is compatible with different types of media: Smartphones, tablets and computers. Each conference can be recorded for later viewing.

Among the features offered by Zoom: HD-quality videoconferencing in the cloud, visibility of the list of participants, possibility of choosing a single speaker to view in full screen mode, possibility of accessing group messaging, screen sharing options, video and other document media, etc.

In addition to videoconferencing, you can also organize audio meetings. By choosing this option, you can enjoy an unlimited VOIP line. Zoom is compatible with different calendar systems and planning tools.


  • Ergonomics
  • Security, flexibility and stability
  • HD video conferencing
  • CISCO, Polycom and Lifesize compatibility


Opter pour Demio, le meilleur logiciel du digital marketing, pour optimiser vos webinaires

Due to its strengths, Demio can be ranked among the best webinar software for digital marketing professionals. You have the possibility to test the platform for free before subscribing.

Demio makes countless web-entrepreneurs happy by providing them with powerful tools for creating, marketing and hosting webinars.

No download is required to use the platform, a good browser is sufficient.

Each conference held in the cloud is automatically recorded in HD in Mp4 format.

As an entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to create a relationship of trust and proximity with your various interlocutors, thanks to Demio. The interactive room experience offered by the platform is also conducive to building large-scale relationships.


  • Intuitive use
  • Available and competent customer service
  • Attractive price-performance ratio


  • Low product awareness

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Webinar software is now widely available on the market. Each platform has its own specificities.

For any web entrepreneur, beginner or with many years of experience, the choice of software must be made considering the needs.

By making a comparison, it is possible to find an accessible program with an excellent price-quality ratio. Our test allowed us to identify the best alternative: Webinarjam.

This is the most feature-rich platform. The interface is pleasant and ergonomic.


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