Builderall Review: The Ultimate All-in-One Marketing Platform or Just a Scam?

By WebMarketKings

July 15, 2019


Do you want to build a website or blog? Do you have the skills to do this?

Let’s discover a revolutionary tool. Quite simple to use and very fast, BuilderALL is a tool designed for creating websites, blogs, sales tunnels and more.

Even without previous training in web design or graphics, you can still use BuilderALL with all the tools offered.

The creation of websites, blogs and sales tunnels no longer holds any secrets for a BuilderALL user.

Automate your website or blog, integrate all the tools that will give you more credibility with your customers or prospects.

To buy this little gem, you just have to spend only $30 a month to have access to all the tools currently available and also the upcoming updates of this platform.

Whether you have the skills or not, this tool I am presenting here is easy for everyone to use and is available at a really affordable cost. No one offers so much for such a low price.

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What’s Builderall?

Builderall is an all-in-one digital marketing platform that allows beginners and online marketers to easily build their own websites, landing pages, sales tunnels, emailing sequences (and more) to grow their online business with a single tool!

In short, the tool offers both web design and web marketing tools. Not to mention that their prices are extremely affordable and call into question the interest of platforms like ClickFunnels.

If you need to build a professional and creative website or a real automated sales funnel with hundreds of advanced and optimized features, Builderall will provide you with all the tools you need in a single solution to achieve this.

Builderall’s features:

  • Drag & Drop Responsive Site Publisher
  • Autoresponder up to 10000 contacts (unlimited sending and high deliverability rate)
  • Automation of campaigns with many action triggers
  • Creator of Animated Videos and Floating Videos
  • SEO Reporting Tools
  • Mockups creator for your sales pages
  • Presentation Creator
  • Notifications in the Browser
  • Lead Capture Tool
  • Heatmap to see what your visitors see
  • Member areas for your training courses
  • One-click upsells, bump orders, upsells and downsells
  • A/B tests
  • Unlimited visitors
  • Unlimited Sites and Pages
  • Unlimited sales tunnels
  • Lightspeed” page loading technology
  • IOS and Android application creator
  • One-click SSTP/HTTPS Included
  • More than 1000 Pro Sales Tunnels
  • Chatbot messenger Facebook
  • Unlimited bandwidth and access
  • Connect up to 15 domains

builderall vs clickfunnels

BuilderALL vs Clickfunnels

Do you know ClickFunnels? It is a platform that brings together a set of tools for entrepreneurs who have been working on the Net for years.

When you want to make sales tunnels, this tool is ideal. But given the slightly expensive cost of $297 per month, many people do not choose this product.

Even for the basic tools, we ask you to pay $97 per month which is still very high if you start on the web.

When you have BuilderALL, you can do everything that can be done with ClickFunnels and even much better.

With a budget of $30/month at the most, you are the owner of this little jewel. ClickFunnels cannot give me the pleasure of creating sites like BuilderALL does.

The latter regularly updates its platform to improve its services and without increasing its purchase cost.

Winner: BuilderALL

BuilderALL vs Wix

When you do more research, you will find that another platform called Wix is also extraordinary in the field of web page creation. Like BuilderALL, Wix is relatively complete.

It offers Internet users a free option to have more customers, but to have a domain name you need to have a budget of $30 per month.

So you have the opportunity to be online, but it is impossible to have marketing tools worthy of the name.

Today, to be successful on the web, you must have credibility with your prospects, generate tunnels and have a platform to operate.

BuilderALL is the interface that provides you with the tools you need to sell yourself online and interact with your customers. It is the only platform that offers this possibility with such fluidity.

Winner: BuilderALL

BuilderALL vs LeadPages

It’s a little weird to see that LeadPages is still alive despite the fierce competition brought by ClickFunnels, which is still getting a little stronger.

The cost for use is $79 per month to have the right to create (limited) web pages even if it is not possible to customize the published sites or to have a blog.

To have all the tools and use the platform with all its features, you have to pay an additional fee.

BuilderALL allows you to create super-optimized pages and sites that can communicate with your users, bring them together and generate credibility for your sales.

If you ever use this tool once, you will no longer want to part with it. You have all the tools at BuilderALL: website design, emailing, marketing, photo and video editing.

Winner: BuilderALL

builderall avis

BuilderALL vs Getresponse and SG Autoresponder

In case you choose to send emails, a tool like Getresponse will be able to meet your expectations for a budget of $16 per month. Also, you have the possibility to host 10,000 subscribers.

But if you want to have a sales tunnel and a blog then your budget will increase to $97 per month to acquire ClickFunnels and also WordPress.

The PRO version of SG-Autoresponder just takes into account the number of emails. The cost is $147 per month for 300,000 emails.

With BuilderALL you have the possibility to retrieve 10000 contacts at no extra cost on your platform.

The integration of contacts is incorporated into the platform. It is designed to be truly intelligent and automatic.

BuilderALL helps you to be in constant communication with your customers and prospects. The messages you can send to customers are different from those you send to those who have not yet purchased.

In addition, BuilderALL does not take into account the number of messages you can send monthly.

Winner: BuilderALL

YouTube video

BuilderALL vs WordPress

WordPress is great, but the more time goes by, the more you have to be up to speed. You have to update, add plugins and so on, which is a little expensive over time.

Even sometimes some updates wreak havoc. Thus some automatically updated plugins have destroyed platforms that were no longer compatible with the new versions.

WordPress is also often attacked by hackers, because plugins are not just created by the same person, which does not provide constant security on WordPress.

But the more we invested in it, the more complications we faced.

Nowadays, web professionals avoid as much as possible to rub shoulders with WordPress to keep inconveniences at bay.

WordPress may be a good platform, but Internet users rely on data security and peace of mind.

BuilderALL offers you security and peace of mind with a multitude of themes. You can even create your own without having to add plugins. The websites created are all secure and without any updates to be made.

Winner: BuilderALL

builderall france

Who is behind BuilderALL?

BuilderAll was created about 9 years ago in Brazil and has developed in several countries since then. The company recently opened its offices in North America, the United States and opened its doors to the American market in 2017.

BuilderALL is therefore no longer a very young company like others. With more than 3.5 million dollars invested, BuilderALL has become one of the best websites creation platforms.

With more than 60 developers on staff, BuilderALL offers its customers features and tools never offered by other page creation platforms.

The company’s founder, Eric Salgado, had previously created a local directory company (Best in MyNeighborhood).

This company was based on franchising and aimed to serve users to find the best service offers. BuilderALL was created to meet the needs of Best in MyNeighborhood.

As an analyst and opportunity hunter, Eric Salgado discovered that most of his franchise clients did not have a real presence on the web.

In his research, he noted that no solution could adequately address the problem: it was impossible to provide feasible tools on a platform worthy of the name. That’s how BuilderALL was designed.

BuilderALL’s primary mission is to offer each individual free (and professional) access to a website creation platform. This platform must contain all the necessary tools.

Creating extraordinary websites, blogs and sales tunnels that are as effective as those created by experienced programmers or developers is BuilderALL’s goal. Mission successful!

Builderall’s strengths

  1. Interface translated into French
  2. You have all the tools you really need in one place
  3. Extremely affordable (on average 3x cheaper than the competition)
  4. Very easy to learn in a few clicks
  5. Lots of community support (tutorials and Facebook group)
  6. Unlimited and adaptable potential for all online businesses
  7. The best affiliate program on the web: Builderall Business

Builderall’s weak points

  1. Not all tools are interesting for your business and some are more like “gadgets” than others
  2. The Builderall affiliate program is only available if you subscribe to the Builderall Business package


BuilderAll offers users more than 26 tools dedicated to online marketing and of excellent quality within the same platform.

With their new editor and the constant improvements of the system, you have the freedom to build almost any type of website you can imagine.

BuilderAll is not perfect and still has room to grow, but the team’s involvement in offering an exceptional product at such a low price makes it a strong competitor for other platforms such as Wix, Squarespace or ClickFunnels.

In any case, this opinion in French about BuilderAll is primarily based on my personal experience. So I strongly encourage you to take advantage of your 7 free days by clicking here to make your own opinion.

Click here to Discover Builderall Free For 7 Days!

Click here to discover BuilderAll Business, the BEST Internet Affiliate Program in recent years!

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