Camtasia Review: My Opinion on the All-in-One Video Capture Software

By WebMarketKings

July 12, 2019


Perhaps as a web marketer, you have already wanted to share tutorials or other projects from your computer screen with a community.

But finding software that allows you to complete a quality job while remaining simple to use can be a complicated task.

Some programs offer to save your screen, but, for example, do not work with programs such as PowerPoint, others do not have all the functions you want and you must then download several programs, which can be complicated.

Camtasia is a powerful software known to be one of the best of its kind.

Discover below the generous range of features of Camtasia and why the program can be an ally of choice in the realization of your projects as an entrepreneur on the web.

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Camtasia: what is it all about?

Camtasia : le logiciel de capture de vidéos tout-en-un

Camtasia is a software that allows its user to capture everything that happens on its screen live and edit it into video.

It is possible to set up tutorials, shoot videos and integrate them into your editing, record a PowerPoint and more.

Everything is thought of, from recording to editing, including editing.

The program allows you to import your videos from Google Drive and export your work to your site, but also to the most popular platforms, such as YouTube and Vimeo, from any device.

Camtasia allows you to customize your projects down to the last detail by adding inserts, effects, links, etc.

Note that the software is finally available in French, which was not the case until a while ago.

A wide range of functionalities

Once the software installer is launched, you have two choices: start a trial period or install the full version you purchased earlier.

You will then need to enter the license key received when you purchase. It should be noted that during the installation, you will have the possibility to install a plug-in for PowerPoint.

The latter will be displayed in the program bar and will allow you to launch a video directly from PowerPoint.

Once the installation is complete (which should not take more than 5 minutes), you will discover the Camtasia interface.

It includes a preview window that you can dissociate from the software, which is perfect if you work on multiple screens, a pane that you can customize according to your preferences and from which you can manage settings and explore available videos and effects, and a multi-track range to edit your videos.

Une vaste palettes de fonctionnalités du logiciel

The main feature of Camtasia is of course the screen recorder. This allows you to capture the entire screen or only a part of it, with or without sound.

Once the recording is finished, you can remove parts of it and leave only the relevant pieces.

As for the audio track, the program allows you to increase or decrease its volume, or even delete it.

So, if your video has stray noises you can delete them. If you want to add a narrative voice to your video, no problem, the software includes a voice recording module.

It is also possible to juxtapose sound effects to recordings such as voice comments or music, in order to perfect your video.

And for those who would like to go further in their project, the software includes all the tools for advanced editing.

It is possible to add transitions between each text or image. This allows you, for example, to insert an introduction and a conclusion.

You can also add subtitles, annotations, captions, shapes, which can be very effective if you want to increase the reach of your message.

You can also add animations such as zooms and panoramas or create your own motion effects to adapt to the type of video you are working on.

Visual effects are also available, such as customizing the colors, shadows and speed of your video.

The webcam option allows you to comment your videos live and give your audience a sense of proximity. But if that’s not enough for you, know that it’s possible to embed yourself in your screen for a result at the heart of the action.

Another interesting option is the possibility of adding questions and answers to your work, in an interactive way, allowing you, for example, to get feedback from your audience.

Camtasia also allows you to save your themes in a library and create a graphic line for yourself.

This not only saves you time in the process of creating your videos, but also allows you to keep a common thread between your different projects and thus build loyalty among your target customers.

Les intérêts principaux de Camtasia

The main interests

Camtasia includes absolutely all the tools necessary to make video editing from a screen. This is why the most obvious advantage of the program is the great maneuverability to create tutorials.

If you want to present software or help a community solve problems that may be encountered on a computer, what better way to capture your project live and comment on it.

In addition to the tutorials, Camtasia is perfectly appropriate if you want to use a PowerPoint for your work. To do this, simply prepare your slides on PowerPoint.

You can then record your work by launching your slides and, if you wish, explain your project orally.

Then, thanks to Camtasia, all you have to do is cut out the parts you don’t want to keep, add annotations to your presentation and, why not, insert images and videos to complete your project.

The strong points

Camtasia’s handling is not complicated and you don’t need to be a professional video editor to adhere to its dashboard which is very intuitive. However, tutorials are available directly from the program.

These are in English, but French subtitles are available and, with the images, it is easy to understand the procedure to follow.

In addition to its easy handling, all the options offered by Camtasia are a great advantage for those who do not only want to capture their screen as it is (free software exists for this purpose).

Les points forts de Camtasia

The weak points

The price of Camtasia (€234.68 at the time of writing) can discourage many.

It may seem like an excessive expense, but Camtasia is part of those long-term investments that are worth it.

Another “disadvantage” is that the program’s dashboard may seem, at first glance, obsolete, which may give the impression that it provides nothing more than a basic screen recorder.

But this feeling is quickly eliminated from the moment you take the time to explore the software and what might seem like a defect becomes a quality, because Camtasia’s simple and intuitive dashboard is, in the end, an asset.

Is the price worth it?

Even if the price may seem excessive to you, Camtasia is a professional software that is worth its weight in gold thanks to its many options.

It will allow you to enrich all your projects by adding animations and objects already present and will facilitate their realization while saving you time.

If you are embarking on an entrepreneurial activity on the web, as a trainer or simply for your company, software like this can quickly prove to be essential, whether to present a product, promote your services to a target audience, expose your ideas, create tutorials and interactive videos, and more.

It should be noted that Camtasia is guaranteed satisfied or refunded within 30 days after purchase, which allows you to test all the software’s features and get your own idea.

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