Clickfunnels Review: Our Opinion on the Sales Tunnel Creation Tool

By WebMarketKings

June 21, 2019


Launched in 2014, ClickFunnels is now one of the best marketing systems for creating sales tunnels.

Due to its high functional capacity, ClickFunnels is a treasure in this field.

It gives the possibility to create several tunnels (leads, webinars, sales) thanks to the consideration of devices such as automatic marketing, a suitable payment system or even the possibility to launch an affiliate program.

Very easy to use system, ClickFunnels has multiple types of tunnels to create without the need to code anything

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What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels whose main word is”Funnel” means a funnel or chimney. Literally in French ClickFunnels refers to a conversion tunnel. What the hell is that?

A conversion tunnel is a logical set that outlines the path a prospect must follow to become a potential customer. It adapts to customer needs to maximize return on investment.

The use to be made of the system (collecting emails and contacts, selling a product, delivering value) determines its nature.

The web is full of opportunities. But you have to know how to channel them.

In order to sell products and services to customers on the web, it is important to constantly improve the conversion tunnel, either by making the experience more fluid, by removing parts of the process that are too complex, by prioritizing certain CTA buttons, by implementing A/B tests, or by increasing the number of elements aimed at reassuring the visitor.

Generally, this work is rather difficult to do on its website.

But the ClickFunnels system, designed by Russell BRUNSON, allows you to set up conversion tunnels with online sales automation without having to create a website for weeks.

ClickFunnels in its design surpasses other competing tools, because the designer wanted it to be a conversion tunnel generator and not just a landing page creation tool.

From the creation of landing pages to the automatic management of payment systems, ClickFunnels creates conversion tunnels from start to finish.

It is not necessary to use several tools in the process. In the same way, an automatic marketing tool and an affiliation tool are incorporated. Everything is gathered here.

To learn more about this jewel, let’s meet ClickFunnels.

clickfunnels france

Features and functions

ClickFunnels offers access to a wide range of landing pages that allow you to set up the various conversion tunnels.

It is able to help you manage registrants in the member area, capture email contacts to increase your impact, sell your products and services, and collect information about your webinar participants.

Allowing you to have custom pages according to your own characteristics, the conversion tunnel’s page editor works with a “drag and drop” system and does not require any code when it is created.

The various modifications made are known as they occur thanks to the WYSIWYG editor used.

Easier to use, the ClickFunnels editor is much more malleable than other LeadPages.

In ClickFunnels, you can generate all the pages of a conversion tunnel as soon as you choose a model type. It’s easy! It’s easy!

It is possible to add additional pages or remove them to the point of having your own custom conversion tunnel.

It is not mandatory to hold on to the basic prototype you have chosen. On the chosen pages, you can complete with other elements such as surveys directly edited in ClickFunnels, tests or questionnaires, relevant images, videos, a FAQ section, the possibility of contacting you by SMS or email, a Price section, etc.

In the same way, it is possible to drag HTML code into ClickFunnels, review the layout of the pages by choosing a maximum of six columns, customize the background of the page (colors, fonts…).

When you have to sell products and services, it is mandatory to set up an adequate payment system.

No worries about this, ClickFunnels is able to integrate web payment systems (PayPal, Stripe, Clickbank or even InfusionSoft).

It is recommended with ClickFunnels to use Stripe. It must be recognized that for a few clicks, the connection to payment systems is quickly realized.

After connecting the payment tools, the payment system is immediately added with an “ORDER” button in the conversion tunnels.


Tracking and analysis of the performance of conversion tunnels

ClickFunnels not only converts a prospect into a customer, but also researches and evaluates the performance of your conversion tunnel.

Each page provides a real-time overview of the number of people on the page with just one click.

It is also possible to know the impact or effect of using your conversion tunnel: the number of prospects who have entered the conversion tunnel and gone through with it by providing the required information such as an email.

Reports can be produced in figures or graphs.

It is available in ClickFunnels, a tool called Split Testing that compares the performance of multiple variants of the conversion tunnel.

It is a set of tests, the most important of which are the A/B tests for tunnel performance.

But to analyze the variants of a tunnel, you must first create some. Thus, for the creation of variants or versions, there has always been a simple method: copy and paste.

All you have to do is copy and paste the conversion tunnel and modify it to your taste. Why not change the main color and size of the CTA buttons?

On the other hand, Split Testing is not one of the best tools in terms of functionality, especially compared to Thrive Leads for WordPress, which offers incredible functionality.

YouTube video

Marketing automation (via Actionectics) and affiliation (via Backpack)

When ClickFunnels was designed, this software was only intended to create conversion tunnels.

But, time has passed and this software has seen the integration of two new tools: Actionectics and Backpack.

  • Actionectics, to automate your marketing: which means that all prospects in your conversion tunnel can automatically receive messages from you
  • Backpack, allowing you to integrate an affiliate program without entrusting it to a third party (or even a platform). Your sales could be increased tenfold with this tool.

Actionectics and Backpack are important, but the first tool is by far the most attractive: marketing automation.

It is rather interesting to be able to compose newsletters that can be sent automatically according to certain pre-determined actions.

This tool is a real mailing software, otherwise called “autoresponder” in French. ClickFunnels has its own e-mailing system directly integrated into the platform.

But honestly this automation marketing solution is not as advanced as those found in automation marketing software such as Active Campaign, GetResponse or SendinBlue which are leading software in the field.

However, Actionectics also allows you to do scoring. The leads generated by your conversion tunnel each get an “Action Score” based on the RFM principle: Recency, Frequency and Amount. The leads likely to be purchased are thus determined and highlighted in your dashboard.

clickfunnels-cest quoi

Advantages and disadvantages of ClickFunnels

Here we present you the advantages and disadvantages of the online software ClickFunnels.


  • Value for money: the software is a little expensive compared to its first competitor LeadPages
  • The number of conversion tunnels is limited in the standard version of the product
  • The Split Testing tool is quite rudimentary


  • Very easy to use, ClickFunnels can be used by anyone
  • Quite flexible, it allows you to do MUCH things in your marketing
  • A software that already has many tools in itself. It allows you to sell your products and services in a remarkable way. It is comparable to WordPress and even has a WordPress ClickFunnels plugin for WordPress enthusiasts
  • Can be easily connected to e-mailing software and payment systems
  • It has a very complete library of templates
  • Possibility to have tutorial videos on the use of the platform
  • Highly responsive support
  • Continuous updates added
  • Possibility to try the software over a period of 14 days

Offers and prices

With ClickFunnels you have the possibility to test the software free of charge for a period of 14 days in order to make a decision on whether or not to purchase. After this period, you will have the choice between two formulas:

  • Monthly subscription of $97 which offers you all the tools of conversion tunnel. Unfortunately, you do not benefit from the two integrated tools (Actionectics and Backpack) and you will be limited to 20 tunnels, 100 pages and 20,000 visitors.
  • Monthly subscription of $297, full access to all software tools as well as Actionectics and Backpack. With this formula, it is possible to create as many tunnels and pages as you want. The number of visitors is not limited either.

Compared to these competitors, ClickFunnels is quite expensive, but this is to be put into perspective because the all-in-one tool will easily replace many other tools.

In case you want to enjoy all the best webmarketing tools of the moment, it is better to opt for ClickFunnels.

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