Clickmeeting Review: My Opinion on the Webinar Solution for Entrepreneurs

By WebMarketKings

July 14, 2019


At the moment, the trend is towards online conferences. Its digital conferences, also known as webinars, are more convenient because they are accessible on any computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the Internet. They do not force people to travel to the meeting venue in any way and even allow for some additional benefits.

Whether you want to organize a paid conference to share some knowledge with participants or simply organize a meeting between collaborators, a webinar tool such as ClickMeeting is a perfectly adapted solution that is almost indispensable in the digital age.

ClickMeeting, présentation de l

ClickMeeting presentation

ClickMeeting is a very intuitive webinar software that allows the conference organizer to set up a personalized reception room according to what he wants to offer his participants.

Among other things, the tool allows you to organize a meeting in a convenient way by inviting your collaborators to join your webinar room. ClickMeeting is a suitable solution for companies, which greatly facilitates exchanges between employees. Whether you want to interact with your employees around the world, or organize a sales meeting to negotiate with a customer, supplier or partner, the tool provides scalable features to best support you and open your field of action to the maximum.

It is indeed possible for you to customize your meeting room with your company’s colors (logo, colors, adapted templates…) to further strengthen the perception of your brand image in the eyes of your clients/partners.


In addition, if you are a teacher, you can also use this tool very useful to practice some distance learning courses from home with students.
ClickMeeting also responds to an increasingly popular trend: paid web conferencing. If you are an expert in a particular field and would like to share your knowledge and advice with an informed audience that is willing to pay you for it, do not hesitate to use this tool. It allows you to monetize your conferences very simply by offering access to your event to people who pay for the training via PayPal for example.
What is really useful with ClickMeeting is that it is accessible from any terminal with an internet connection. The platform is accessible via a computer or tablet and from an application on Android and iPhone.

It is possible to use an annual or monthly formula, knowing that by using an annual subscription, you save 20% of the rate. The annual formula is the most interesting from every point of view, so we detail what ClickMeeting offers.

The tool offers three annual subscription packages: – MyWebinars: this package includes the possibility of being up to 2 moderators for your meetings, the custom branding tool, as well as 4 hours of reusable recordings. The offer includes the paid and on-demand webinar option. The price of the formula is 20 €/month for one year, to receive a total of 25 participants, 25 €/month for one year to receive up to 50 participants and finally, 49 €/month for one year to welcome up to 100 participants on your webinar. This offer is ideal for small structures.

MyWebinars Pro: this formula allows you to be up to 4 animators for your meetings, to customize your reception room according to your brand image (custom branding), to benefit from HD quality, to be up to 3 users to use the account (multi-users), to be able to record up to 6 hours of meetings and reuse them, as well as to be able to obtain up to 24 hours more recordings of your webinars in your archives. The package also includes paid, on-demand and live webinars on Facebook and YouTube. The price of this formula starts at 29 €/month for one year for a capacity of 50 participants, 55 €/month for one year for 100 participants and 109 €/month for one year to accommodate up to 500 participants. This offer is suitable for larger events.

Company: this formula is adaptable to the needs of your business. It includes all the functionalities of the other formulas, as well as specific modules for professional use. The unique price is 135 €/month for one year and can accommodate 500 to 5,000 people.

ClickMeeting, le fonctionnement de l

How ClickMeeting works

ClickMeeting offers you a wide field of action.

Preparing your webinar

First, you can customize your video conferencing room from A to Z, where your guests will have to connect to participate in the meeting or benefit from their training.

– You can then create multiple accounts so that other colleagues can enjoy the service at the same time as you and connect to multiple sessions on the same account with the multi-user.

– You also have access to a calendar reminding you of past and upcoming webinars, as well as a statistics tool.

– You have access to your address book from which you can create and customize your invitations to attract as many people as possible to your conferences and give them the choice to participate or decline the invitation.

– You can generate a profile page about yourself, as well as a registration page to collect information that will help you qualify your prospects.

– You have access to customization tools to highlight your brand and strengthen your marketing in the eyes of participants.

– You can add a paid feature to your webinars for your training.

– A waiting room option allows your participants to have a countdown before the start of your conference and to enjoy a briefing on the organization of the event if you inform them.

– Finally, additional modules are available to meet and adapt to all your needs!

ClickMeeting, l

Interact with your participants

– Communicate audio and video from your webinar room.

Expand your audience with Facebook and YouTube Live tools.

– Take care of your presentations by attaching interactive visual aids to your explanations: curves, diagrams, documents, in the same way as a slide show. Illustrate your ideas and let your participants express themselves through the whiteboard.

– For maximum fluidity in exchanges and a perfectly controlled meeting, an audio mode allows you to allocate speaking time.

– The tool offers you the possibility to share your screens for more efficiency and better visibility.

– Create and share surveys and polls during your conference to gather feedback from your participants on specific issues and guide your decisions accordingly.

– It is possible to have your discussions translated live into no less than 52 languages, for international exchanges without any problems!

– As well as many other possibilities!

Analyze and share your event

– You can record and store your webinars in your archives and share them with anyone you want.

– Statistical tools are available to observe your performance.

– You can share your webinars very easily on social networks to get more visibility.

– You can set up a thank you page and allow your participants to rate you.

Finally, the tool offers you the possibility to connect to your favorite applications for an even more diversified field of action: YouTube, Tweeter, Slack, Facebook, LinkedIn, Hubspot, noodle, PayPal, the Office suite, Dropbox, etc.

Connexion de ClickMeeting avec des applications multiples

Performance and interest of ClickMeeting

In concrete terms, ClickMeeting is a very complete tool that offers you multiple possibilities for training and multi-channel exchanges.

ClickMeeting is the perfect tool to teach, discuss, learn and interact with others in a simple, effective and fast way.
This solution also allows you to collect opinions and ratings and consult your statistics to see your performance first, then to share them with the rest of the world; in order to easily increase your credibility.


– Impressive freedom of action.
– An ergonomic interface.
Multiple options to easily manage your interactions, plan and design your webinars.
– Increased sharing opportunities.
– An investment that pays for itself quickly if you monetize your training.


– A high price for people who do not need all these options, but only a remote communication solution, which they can find with many free tools (Skype, phone, Slack…).

YouTube video

Verdict on the case

Clickmeeting is a complete and easy-to-use solution for any company or auto-entrepreneur who wants to benefit from high-performance webinar tools. If you were looking for an interface to conduct your conferences online and sell them better, while potentially attracting new potential targets, ClickMeeting is for you!

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