Dashlane Review: The Best Password Manager Put to the Test

By WebMarketKings

July 25, 2019


Hacking into web accounts is facilitated by the low level of password security of most Internet users.

In order to remember your password, you put dates such as birth dates, wedding dates, or even your child’s first name, or even your lover’s first name.

Worse still, you may use the same password for all the accounts you have. Isn’t that right?

However, it is true that when you decide to use complicated and multiple passwords for your different accounts, it is difficult to remember them every time..

You then manage to write them down in a diary, a notebook, your phone or even on your computer. But losing (or stealing) one of them could put all your accounts at risk.

To secure your passwords, I therefore recommend Dashlane, a tool that automatically manages all your passwords.

Presentation of Dashlane

Dashlane is a digital safe for passwords as it allows a secure storage of all information related to passwords and payment methods (including receipts).

The management of your passwords is taken into account by this software. In fact, it is a French tool used by individuals and large multinationals operating in several fields.

And for good reason, it is compatible with all existing browsers and works very easily on PCs and Macs.

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Strengths of the Dashlane software

Automatic connection

As far as use is concerned, it is very simple: all your personal information is recorded only once.

From that point on, you will no longer have to redo or reconfirm it when completing another form.

This feature can also be used on smartphones, tablets and others.

Changing passwords

Dashlane gives you the ability to view the security level of passwords through its dashboard.

This way, you can know which password is reliable or not (weak or not very secure) and accessible by hackers.

You can therefore change or improve the security level of the password. This change is automatically synchronized on all devices connected to your software.

Asymmetric data encryption

It is highly recommended for a user not to forget the password of his Dashlane account, because as always for the security of your data, this software does not plan anywhere to keep it.

When you find yourself in this situation, you will need to reset your Dashlane account.

Indeed, the security mode of the Dashlane software is by asymmetric encryption. Your password is therefore the only way for you to decrypt all your information and data.

Digital portfolio

All your financial transactions, payment methods (bank account, credit card and PayPal account…) can be registered in the software for more security.

Also, when you make online purchases, proof of its operations is taken (screenshot) and stored in the software. This digital wallet can also be used on smartphones.

Team use

This password management software can be used in small and medium-sized companies and large multinationals where group or team work often takes place.

It would no longer be necessary to send your information or data related to your accounts by email, Skype or other means.

Existence of a free version

For the undecided who are not convinced of the potential and features of Dashlane, a free version is available to allow them to experience the wonders of this password management software.

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