Dragon Naturally Speaking Review: Best Voice Recognition Software?

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July 27, 2019


For the input of your texts, did you know that it is possible to no longer do it directly by typing on the keyboard? Did you know that you can dictate your text to your computer?

Dragon Naturally Speaking offers us the opportunity to realize this unimaginable idea, but how?

This article will tell you about a study we did on Dragon Naturally Speaking 13.

This recognition software is a tool that will perfect the world of NICTs.

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To simplify its installation on your computer, Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 has undergone several improvements, but it is still quite painful to perform all the steps involved in installing this treasure.

Even if the steps have been revised down, there is still the crucial one where you must calibrate your voice on the computer.

Now it is easier to do it thanks to the microphone of the machine. But it is important to know that during this calibration you must be in a room where there is no noise.

This speech recognition software is improving day by day and, but it will always be necessary to go through this preliminary phase.

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Efficiency and effectiveness

From version 12 to version 13, 15% more reliability was found for the speech recognition software.

It should be noted that during the tests, we were simply amazed by the tool. As it was used, it was realized that it adapted to the user’s voice each time.

It recognizes the accent and the way you pronounce words and surnames: a real speech recognition tool.

For voices, it is possible to create several profiles: one for each user so that there is no interference between the voices recorded by the software.

Existing in several versions, the software in its Premium version allows you to record on a medium and import into it to finally obtain a text.

You can therefore easily use the tool even without always having a computer: ideal for journalists.


To get a fairly easy grip on this speech recognition software, you need to specify certain commands such as line crossing, comma, period, page break and much more.

But, it is incredible to see that the software can also include a customization that would suit it or even create others.

It is not possible for the software to transcribe a conversation between two or more people, unfortunately.


This software is reliable, but there are always some disadvantages to consider before use.

The intonation of your voice should not change too much, such as in winter when you can catch a cold. In this case your voice will be unrecognizable to him. Likewise, if you are used to turning down the volume of your voice at the end of a sentence, it will be difficult for him to understand what you are saying.

When you have to use the software with the computer microphone, isolation is required, as it is difficult to properly identify your voice when, for example, you play music or children make noise.


The speech recognition software, Dragon Naturally Speaking 13, is delivered for its home version at 99 euros and 169 euros for the Premium version where you have access to other features (import recordings, voice shortcuts…).


In summary, Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 is very interesting as a transcription software.

And especially when used under the right conditions. To use it on a Mac, you need the Dragon Dictate 4 version.

Disadvantages with the software:

  • You will not be able to use it in a noisy environment without the use of a headset;
  • The adaptation time for optimal use.

Dragon Naturally Speaking or even Dragon Dictate requires an adaptation period during which your voice will fit into it.

Following this calibration, use is more fluid than ever.

However, it is true that those who type fast may find the use of this software unnecessary. So it’s up to you to decide if it’s relevant or not!

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