Dropified Review: Detailed Opinion on Oberlo’s Famous Competitor

By WebMarketKings

July 30, 2019


The Dropified application allows Dropshippers to place Dropshipping orders automatically.

This high-performance system with its countless functionalities offers considerable time savings to their users, and allows them to manage customer orders for them, without any errors, in record time.

The advantages of Dropified are so numerous that Dropshippers can no longer do without it! Here is our detailed opinion on this subject.

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Presentation of Dropified

Dropified is a new alternative application to Oberlo that allows you to bridge the gap between the supplier site and your Shopify store.

It has the ability to import products in a single click to automatically present them to your customers.

The main advantage of Dropified is that this application allows Dropshippers to place their Dropshipping orders in an extremely simplified and ultra fast way.

A considerable saving of time and easy management which necessarily generate a significant saving of money.

Dropified has a lot of new features, all of which are equally useful.

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Dropified Operation

Dropified has 18 totally new features:

  1. Add products in 1-click: Just click once on a Dropshipping product and it will instantly be sent to your own Shopify, and it will already be ready to be edited.
  2. Finding products effortlessly: When you are looking for specific products, Dropified saves you time by displaying only the products you want in Dropshipping, thanks to the “ePacket” option.
  3. Product folders (boards): Dropified allows you to organize hundreds of products by offering you the possibility to store them in different product category folders. It is therefore impossible to lose products along the way, even long after!
  4. Automatic calculation of the selling price: Thanks to Dropified, the selling price of the selected products is automatically calculated by entering your own criteria.
  5. Image Extractor: One of the interesting features of Dropified is that it scans the Dropshipping product page and extracts each image of the product concerned, including those in the description.
  6. Advanced parameter setting of the variants: For each variant of the same product, different suppliers and delivery conditions can be chosen.
  7. Access to a database of 10,000 products: for Dropshippers selling in the United States, 10,000 products are available in the catalogue.
  8. Easy-to-follow introductory tutorials: Step-by-step tutorials are available as soon as you register.
  9. Place your orders in 1-click: No more tedious and time-consuming copy/paste! Customer information is automatically transferred with a single click.
  10. Automatic tracking: No need to worry about order tracking, Dropified does it for you!
  11. 3 ordering modes: You can place an order either Step by Step, 1-click or 1-click with choice of delivery mode.
  12. Easy Customer Updates : The process is streamlined by Dropified, which simplifies and speeds up customer management.
  13. Integrated image editor: No more Photoshop and tedious image downloading! Dropified allows you to directly modify the selected images.
  14. Manage all your shops in the same place: Now, only one platform is needed to manage multiple Shopify stores. Everything is centralized in the same place.
  15. More Product Catalogs: With Dropified, you can work with 30 different merchant sites (Amazon, AliExpress, Wish, Alibaba, ebay, Groupon Goods, Etsy, ToysRus, etc.).
  16. Stop unavailable products! When a product becomes unavailable, Dropified sends a notification directly. A considerable gain in time and confidence!
  17. Alerts when a supplier changes a price: On the same principle, Dropified sends an alert if a price has been changed recently.
  18. Unlimited number of sub-users: Dropified can be managed by multiple people on the same account. It is the main user who distributes the roles to everyone as he or she sees fit.


Why choose Dropified?

Dropified operates at different levels of the commercial chain:

  • In terms of exporting product sheets, photos and reviews from Dropshipping.
  • In terms of managing (in Shopify) variants, shipping method, bundles (packs), image editing, stocks, price changes, users.
  • At the level of the order: the automatic order placement, the order status, the order tracking, the Cashback.
  • At the customer level: notification emails, order tracking numbers.

The transaction speed of Dropified is impressive: more than 50 orders in 2 minutes!

In addition to the profits due to turnover, Dropified offers you the possibility to increase your margins by 8% thanks to Cashback.

The result: the number of orders placed is multiplied by 3 (compared to Oberlo for example), i.e. an increase in turnover of 30 to 40% on average!

Advantages of Dropified

Powerful, complete and practical, the Dropified application offers a host of advantages:

  • ease of use
  • the speed of import of product sheets
  • the very intuitive procedure
  • compatibility with 30 Dropshipping sites
  • the integrated image editor
  • the limit of the risks of human error
  • the speed of product delivery
  • the readability of the software windows
  • the import of all images
  • guaranteed safety
  • freedom of action
  • no need to go through the back office to work on the product sheet (title, image, price, description…)
  • the possibility of saving products on the back office while waiting for configuration
  • only one account is required to use Dropified on multiple stores
  • the processing of orders is done in a single click (but it is also possible to do it in 3 steps if you want!)
  • the integrated Captcha solver
  • the edition of several products at the same time
  • easy access to sales notes

Disadvantages of Dropified

Despite all the efforts made to make it a perfect application, Dropified still has some minor disadvantages:

  • Its cost: unlike Oberlo, no free access is possible. Upon registration, you must pay either $39 per month for a basic subscription (+€22 per additional store), or $97 per month for an unlimited subscription.
  • Dropified only works on Google Chrome.
  • The products offered are often more expensive, as they come from different Dropshipping sites (other than AliExpress).
  • The Dropified application is not yet 100% in French (so it is better to master Shakespeare’s language well!).

Verdict on the case

Dropified is undoubtedly the application that has become a must for all Dropshippers. Every e-commerce entrepreneur should equip himself with this revolutionary tool that is advantageous in every way.

Powerful, complete, fast, practical, efficient… Dropified has many qualifiers, and thanks to it, its many users have already seen their turnover double from simple to double in no time!

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