Dropified vs Oberlo vs Importify: Which One is the Best? (Comparison)

By WebMarketKings

June 22, 2019


There are some extensions to import products from different suppliers and easily automate orders. For example, you can go to Dropified, Oberlo or Importify which help to manage the different tasks more easily from Shopify, Prestashop and Woocommerce.

These different extensions and apps each have their advantages and disadvantages, so here is a quick comparison to help you differentiate them more easily.

Dropified, the powerful tool

If you use Aliexpress, you have noticed that there are a large number of products, but also suppliers and manufacturers. It takes a long time to import each product manually to your online store.

To avoid this, Dropified is a very practical tool. It allows you to automate the import quickly (one click is enough) and the same goes for the order! The management of the dropshipping business is therefore more profitable, but also takes much less time.

As for Dropified, it consists of two distinct parts: the chrome extension and the web application.

Dropifield, un outil puissant et rentable

The Dropified tool gives you access to some features listed below:

  • Quick order execution, one click is all it takes
  • Mass modification for your Shopify shop products
  • Easy referencing thanks to the registration of products in wish lists from Dropified
  • Grouping products with different Aliexpress suppliers, orders placed in one click
  • Quickly add products from multiple sites to your Shopify store
  • Automatic alert for products and price changes
  • Automatic addition of surcharge for products
  • Follow-up of orders
  • Integrated captcha resolver
  • Removing backgrounds from your images for products
  • More than 30 catalogues with a large number of product choices!
  • Quality research for Aliexpress, Amazon, SammyDress, Overstock, Walmart, Bling, Wish and eBay
  • Access to supplier evaluations for easy search and quick registration
  • A quick backup to add products to wish lists from a simple search
  • Execution of easy orders
  • Quick supplier changeover (e.g. out of stock)
  • Wide range of customization options for ordering
  • Ability to add customized tracking URLs for your customers
  • Possibility to add personalized order notes to suppliers (remove price or promotion indication for example)

Dropified has therefore diversified to become a complete tool to support you in dropshipping by saving you precious time. Seeing all the benefits of this application, it’s not surprising to see how popular it has become in a short time, and dropshippers love it!

We can therefore say that Dropified is a good alternative to AliDroship and Oberlo, even if they have advantages too. Dropified is recommended for Shopify and Woocommerce, but much less for the other platforms available.

Oberlo, the most affordable

Oberlo, une application abordable

Oberlo is a well-known application that allows you to easily import dropshipped products using Shopify. It is therefore possible to send them to your customer directly from a few clicks. This app allows you to import and sell items from Oberlo Supply MarketPlace and Aliexpress.com

It has many features, here is an explanatory list:

  • Easy import of aliexpress and Oberlo Marketplace products. Just click on the Oberlo icon and the product is ready to be published in your shop.
  • Automatic orders: simply click on order the product and confirm the order. The rest is managed by Oberlo to ship the product to your customer.
  • Automatic update for stocks and prices by Oberlo. This avoids selling a product out of stock or with a bad price, so Oberlo is a practical support to avoid making a mistake.
  • Personalization of products thanks to the possibility of modifications (title, description, images…).
  • Integrated tracking of sent orders to know the status of your products at any time.
  • Multiple user account possibility to easily get help by giving access to your online store.
  • EPacket filter to make you content with importing products with short delivery times, this avoids unpleasant surprises with delays too long for the reception of products.
  • Connection with existing products and change of supplier to find the best price easily while keeping the product you sell in your shop

Oberlo is therefore a practical and attractive tool, but this does not prevent us from presenting the latest tool, which also has significant advantages!

Importify, un outil pratique et flexible

Importify, the adaptable tool

Importify is not the most popular tool, we don’t hear much about it on the web while it remains very competitive against Oberlo and Dropified! One of its greatest advantages is its flexibility from many platforms. This allows products to be imported without omitting the traceability of supplier information.

Importify is therefore the solution to choose if you set up an online store through several supplier platforms, it will make your life easier!

Note that Importify is a tool that has been designed for Shopify dropshippers to help increase revenue easily while optimizing automation. This considerably reduces the workload in terms of time and energy.

If you want to use several platforms, Importify is therefore strongly recommended, as it helps you sell your products in one click! Here is a list of platforms supported by this tool:

  • Aliexpress, Amazon, Alibaba, Etsy, Chinabrands, Banggood, Dhgate, Walmart, Wish, 1688, Rakuten, Gearbest, Lightinthebox, Miniinthebox, Dropinthebox, Taobao, Tmall, Tmart, Overstock, Costco, Dealextreme, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Sears, Geekbuying, Sammydress, Shein, Tomtop, Fasttech, Allstarhealth, Rosewholesale, Opticsplanet, Buyincoins, Shineon, Kohls, Jd, DropshipperUS, Fasttech, Lazada, Wonify.

This long list does not prevent you from automating orders easily through the use of Google Chrome’s Importify extension. It allows you to import, but also to quickly identify products for greater efficiency.

Quel outil choisir : Dropified, Oberlo ou Importify

Which tool to choose between Dropified, Oberlo and Importify?

I used the first two tools presented, Oberlo and Dropified, I found them very similar even though Dropified supports more platforms.

The differences are visible during the execution of orders. We see a certain delay on Oberlo’s side, but to begin with he is perfectly suited. The problem is mainly in the possibilities to order the items. It is impossible to switch to another supplier if a variant changes, and this can cause problems. It is therefore necessary to remain vigilant and be as well prepared as possible if a supplier increases its price.

On the Dropified side, it makes it very easy to find a variant to a supplier, unlike Oberlo, which hides an order if only one variant changes.

On the financial side, it is also necessary to compare prices. Oberlo is free for orders under 50 (per month) which limits quickly, but remains very convenient to start and get started in dropshipping without any fees for the application!

Dropified was the most expensive, but it is no longer the case now, so it is a good solution. However, you must think about your needs.

If you receive less than 50 orders per month, you can stay on Oberlo and avoid costs.

If you have more orders each month, you must switch to Dropified and pay $47 per month for the Dropified Elite, because it is the most complete package offering an excellent price/quality ratio.

As far as Importify is concerned, it has many features: automatic order execution, automatic price, tracking management, product customization… It therefore competes strongly with Dropified and costs less! However, updates are less regular at Importify

If you are a beginner, it is therefore advisable to go to Oberlo. But if you have a shop that works and generates a lot of orders, it is better to choose between Importify and Dropified for a great comfort of use adapted to your needs.

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