Gifing Affiliate Program Review: Too Good to Be True? No!

By WebMarketKings

July 31, 2020

Affiliate marketing programs have long been sources of income for many content creators in recent years. And will continue to be for years to come.

Here’s why.

Content creators earn a commission by generating sales for a company’s products or services by advertising the company’s products on their platforms.

At the same time, affiliate marketing gives companies a performance-based marketing channel. They pay a commission to their affiliates based on the sales generated.

Let’s break it down.

Content creators drive traffic to the company’s products or services by promoting the offers to their audience. When a sale is generated from promoting a company’s product, the company pays the content creator a commission.

With the emergence of the internet, companies don’t have to rely on old ways of generating sales for their businesses. And can offer affiliate programs that are great for both the company and their affiliates.

Moreover, through an affiliate program, a company can increase the reach of its product or service. A global network of content creators can reach their audiences cheaper than a global marketing budget can.

So it’s a win-win for the company and content creators. And even the customers, as such affiliate marketing, help them find great products from small brands and businesses.

Gifing affiliate program offers a lucrative commission to content creators.

In this article, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide to establishing a passive income with Gifing.

Here’s what you’ll find;

  • You’ll learn about Gifing
  • You’ll understand how Gifing works and how to use the website
  • You’ll learn how to make money with the website

Let’s get into it.

gifing affiliate program

What is Gifing?

Launched in January 2020, and created by Anthony Nevo – a French digital marketer and YouTuber. Gifing is a website for finding stock GIFs, memes, and video clips.

Gifing houses over copyright-free 20,000 video content on its website.

Gifing not only helps you communicate your marketing messages to your audience but also helps you express human emotion through video clips.

Research shows that gifs help us communicate multiple layers of meaning.

As a content creator, this service is a treasure trove for finding materials to promote your marketing messages.

Gifing helps you connect with your audience by giving you access to ready-to-use marketing materials such as Gifs, memes, and other video materials. This helps to boost your marketing effort.

The founder of Gifing even claims you can boost your engagement and conversion rate by up to 83%. A bold claim indeed.

What’s more.

You also have access to Gifs from a wide variety of niches and verticals. You can choose from different categories for your verticals – fitness, sports, relationship, beauty, food and drinks, celebration, travel, money, wellness, nature, animals, relationships, etc.

You can use gif’s video content for all of your content marketing campaigns; social media marketing, email marketing, blog posts, etc.

You can even use the video clips on your team’s communication channels and chats to keep things fun and interesting.

How does Gifing work?

Getting started with Gifing is fast and easy.

Here are the few steps to sign up and start downloading gifs and video clips for your content;

  • Go to the website
  • Click on sign up – you can either sign up with your Facebook or your email.
  • Once you log into the website, you have a wide array of video materials to choose from – You can choose different types of video content; Gifs, Boomerang, and short video clips, which come in different video formats.
  • Choose your pricing plan- Gifing comes in 3 plans. You can choose a monthly or yearly subscription plan. The monthly plans, you have Free $0, Business $49, Elite $199. You also have the Yearly plan, which can save you up to 50% of your subscription. However, the plans are similar to the monthly subscriptions. The yearly subscription plan Free $0, Business $348, Elite $1188.
  • Choose your ideal video clip or gif and download- You can download videos in 3 different formats; story, portrait, square, compatible with different social media platforms.

To wrap things up, here are 3 reasons to use Gifing;

  • Gifing offers content creators with HD quality custom video content to boost engagement rates. You can order custom videos for your specific marketing campaign.
  • Gifing delivers crisp-clear videos delivered in HD formats: Square, Story, and Horizontal. Ideal for all social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok
  • Gifing offers you different types of original, royalty-free video content; Gifs, boomerang, short video clips – optimized for different social media platforms.

In general, Gifing can increase your engagement rate and boost your conversion rate on your marketing campaigns.

So now you know what Gifing software is and how it works. As an affiliate or new to making money online, why should you consider Gifing’s affiliate program?

gifing review

Gifing affiliate program

As we’ve discussed, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to earn money online. But you’ll need to find to do it correctly.

When thinking about joining an affiliate program, one of the most important things to consider is the product you’ll be promoting.

In truth, finding great products to promote can prove to be a herculean task for most digital marketers.

You may be wondering why. Right?!

In this section we’ll figure out;

  • What to consider before joining an affiliate program
  • What Gifing’s affiliate program offers
  • Why you should join Gifing’s affiliate program
  • How to join Gifing’s affiliate program

Things to consider before joining an affiliate Program

The product

Perhaps the main thing to consider. It’s a no-brainer that the product you promote should offer great value to people. The product should, as a rule, be valuable to a group of people. It must solve problems for this group of people.

This can make or break an affiliate.

In that vein, let’s consider Gifing’s affiliate program. Gifing provides video content to marketers.

Is the product valuable?

Think of Gifing this way, the same way a scalpel is an important tool to a surgeon for performing surgery, digital marketers, content creators, and ad agencies all need video content to launch their marketing campaigns.

The commission

The reason why you are here – the mullah. You are promoting the products to earn commissions off the sale of these products.

Besides making sure that the product is valuable, the potential payout from driving the sale of the product should be a serious consideration when joining an affiliate program.

It’s important to find products to promote where the payout can potentially become a source of stable income.

In other words, the affiliate program should deliver high commissions.

Before deciding what product to promote, based on our experience in affiliate marketing, we know that the payout from promoting digital products trumps physical products.

The founders have experience with affiliate marketing

Most companies that offer affiliate do not have extensive knowledge about affiliate marketing.

The creators never did affiliate marketing, so they don’t know how to structure an affiliate program that works for both parties.

This is a problem with many affiliate programs.

Gifing’s founder, before creating Gifing, was an avid digital marketer and YouTuber.

This is a great advantage for choosing Gifing affiliate program because the business is structured around the success of its affiliate program. Its affiliate program’s performance directly affects the company’s growth.

gifing commercial use gifs

Why Gifing is the best affiliate program right now

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Gifing affiliate program helps creatives establish passive sources of income from creating video content and promoting the website.

Don’t miss out on this unique affiliate program, you could earn thousands in passive monthly income.

This is why Gifing affiliate program is the best right now;

How the affiliate program works

Gifing offers a second-tier affiliate program.

This means – affiliates earn commissions on 2 levels:

  • First, clients coming from their affiliate links
  • Second, clients coming from affiliate links of people who became affiliates because of them.

Let’s break it down.

You’ll earn a lifetime commission every customer you direct to Gifing on the 2 different levels;

30% on the subscription sale at the first level and 15% on your second level.

Reasons to join Gifing affiliate program

Here, the Gifing affiliate program sells itself.

Apart from the convenient second-tier affiliate earning model, the lifetime earning potential offers you an opportunity to establish a passive monthly income from promoting the website.

There are a few other reasons to join Gifing affiliate program, however, Gifing the affiliate model is one of the most unique programs on the web across many industries.

This makes Gifing affiliate programs attractive and perhaps the most sought-after affiliate programs to join.

The company beat its goal of launching with 10,000 video clips and it’s rapidly growing. As of today, Gifing has over 20,000 visual content on its website, and continually adds more videos to its robust collection.

The best part is that Gifing allows you to use its gifs and video clips for promotion.

You also have access to Gifing’s dedicated channel packed with video tutorials, audios, and connect with other members of the program.

This makes promoting Gifing a walk in the park.

How do you become a Gifing affiliate

Join Gifing affiliate program is fast and simple.

First, you sign up for an account. You can use your email address or your Facebook account to sign up.

Once you log into your Gifing account. Click on – affiliate program, and fill in the boxes


Your application will be considered and you’ll receive an email if your application gets approved.

Once you are approved, you have access to a personal affiliate dashboard where you can monitor your progress and income.


Why should you become a Gifing affiliate?

With video content taking center stage in content marketing, there is no shortage of copyright-free video clips and Gifs.

First things first, Gifing offers creatives huge incentives to produce premium video content. Content creators and digital marketers also earn huge payouts to promote its service with its mind-blowing affiliate commissions.

As a creative, you already have a great reason to work with Gifing.

Other than helping creatives earn commissions and establish a source of passive income through Gifing affiliate program, Gifing allows content creators to do what they do best.

You can create and upload video content to Gifing’s website. If your video meets the standard and is approved, Gifing shares up to 40% of the daily subscription with you.

Here are the pros and cons of joining Gifing affiliate program;


  • With Gifing software, you have a product that offers great value to a group of people.
  • Access to video materials for boosting engagement and conversions rates for the program.
  • Establish a source of passive income from promoting Gifing.
  • Receive tutorials and support materials to aid your marketing efforts.
  • Access to live conferences, events, support groups, and multiple affiliate bonuses.
  • You get copyright-free videos. You can customize the video content and resell.
  • Gifing offers its affiliate programs with one of the highest payouts in the market.
  • Gifing video content helps you think outside the box in your marketing effort.


  • Since the service is relatively new, there’s little diversity on the websites’ video content.
  • Due to Gifing being relatively new software, there will be a great effort on your path to creating awareness for its service.

gifing giphy


Gifing affiliate program is a great opportunity for content marketers, digital agencies, to earn an income for promoting its service.

The best part of Gifing’s affiliate program is that you can use the video content available on Gifing to promote the software.

As a marketer, access to quality video content on Gifing does half of the job for you. You can use different types of video and HD formats -all optimized for all social media platforms to promote the software.

More than this, as a content marketer, you stand a chance to earn passive income from promoting Gifing. This can mean monthly lifetime passive income or full-time main income.

Here are some of the most common questions asked about the service.


Can I cancel my application anytime?

Certainly, you can cancel your affiliate application any time without hidden charges.

How easy is it for a beginner to get started with Gifing’s affiliate program?

If you are a beginner, you will get all the help and support you need to get started using Gifing or promoting the service.

Can I sell the product if I have no digital marketing experience?

If you are new to digital marketing, promoting Gifing will be the simplest thing to do. More than that, the company provides you with proven strategies and tactics to set you on your way to establishing a steady income as an affiliate. All you need to have is the commitment and the will to start.

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