Gifing Review: Best GIF Website for Businesses?

By WebMarketKings

July 30, 2020


Digital marketers and content creators are always on the prowl for marketing tools.

Tools that make reaching their audiences easier, and help launch more persuasive campaigns.

Gifing is such a tool.

Gifing helps amplify marketing messages. Whether it’s funny cat videos, dancing images, or top-notch quality motion HD videos, Gifing empowers creatives capture their audiences’ attention, fast.

In today’s internet marketing world visual content makes a robust marketing tool for any content marketer.

Visual content such as videos, images, memes, and GIFs can transform a rather bland marketing campaign to a bewitching content. This is because visual content conveys the right emotions needed to sell their products or services.

Gone are the days when marketers rely entirely on text-laden content to persuade their customers. Gifs, memes, and boomerang clips have made marketing easier and even more persuasive.

In this Gifing review, we’ll walk you through this impressive service and show you what it would mean for your marketing campaign.

Let’s get into it.

What is Gifing?


Simply put, Gifing is a website that houses loads of GIFs.

Created by Anthony Nevo – a French digital marketer and YouTuber.

Gifing was launched in January 2020 with over 10,000 gifs and video clips on its website.

Here’s why the website is important;

Gifs help you communicate human emotions through funny reactions and self-expressions.

Gifing makes it easy to find a stock GIF or video clip for engaging your audience.

Furthermore, Anthony Nevo (the founder of Gifing) claims that you will increase your engagement rate by 83%, and boost your conversion rate by at least 30%. Impressive, right?!

More than that, Gifing helps you add more nuances to your communications with your customers.

More impressive, Gifing gives you access to gifs from a broad range of industries and many verticals, such as fitness, sports, relationship, beauty, food and restaurant, and many more.

We noticed that although Gifing also offers custom productions and personalized footage, the main service on this software is its incredible collection of stock gifs.

Here are the main features of this software;

Key Features

royalty free gifs

Categories: One of our favorite things about Gifing is that the video website has a tonne of video content. Gifing features a broad range of videos from different industries and verticals.

As a content creator, you’ve landed on a gold mine of quality content for promoting your messages in any vertical.

Verticals range from health, fashion, beauty, fitness and sports, business/work, Food and drinks/ celebrations to travel, music and fun, games, money, wellness, animals, and many more.

With over 20,000 videos on the website, you’ll be sure to find a video for your industry.

Type of video: Gifing, for now, features 3 types of video clips on their website; Short Videos lasting more than 9 seconds, GIFs- 2-8 seconds and Boomerang 1-2 seconds.

The different types of videos allow you options in choosing a video type for your project. We like this feature as it gives you access to varieties of videos to choose from.

Gifing original productions: Gifing has a dedicated team that produces the majority of its videos. This is not hard to imagine as this dedicated team produced over 10,000 videos for Gifing before the launch of the website.

The advantage of using a Gifing original videos is that you are guaranteed of the quality. Gifing goes the extra mile to curate quality HD visual content on its website. So expect great quality here.

Personalize/custom video: If you are looking to produce custom videos for your projects, Gifing has a team of experts ready to fulfill your order. No matter the type of content, creating personalized video clips, memes, or boomerang for your project.

This is how you place a custom order;

Once you are logged into the website –, scroll to the bottom of the page. Under the menu, choose custom productions. Fill the information about your order. And Gifing corresponds with you to make sure your custom order is accurately fulfilled.

A simple process.

As a marketer, this is a convenient feature as Gifing takes away all the work needed in assembling a production team to create custom videos. Phew!

You simply place your order and get custom videos for your marketing campaign.

Creator’s account: When you sign up for a Gifing account, you have access to a creator’s account. This means – you too can create video clips for Gifing. Gifing allows creators to establish a passive income by creating and uploading video clips to the website. You receive up to 40% of the total subscriptions from Gifing.

Here’s how it works.

Typically, Gifing videos do not have sounds, so you don’t have to worry about the sound quality of your videos. However, Gifing is stiff about the video quality of all video clips on its website.

So make sure that your videos are optimized for quality and output. You have to use a vertical format when uploading your videos, and you also must record with a good-quality camera in HD (1080 x 1920) or 4K. Your video length can vary between 2 and 60 seconds.

Once you upload your video, Gifing reviews and approves your video within 24 hours.

Benefits of Gifing

gifing commercial use gifs

Customer engagement:

Web users are quick to click to the next website if they don’t find what they are looking for, or are not entertained.

Eye-tracking studies show that – on average, 83% of all website visitors read only about 27% of the text content on a web page.

So what does this mean for your campaigns?

You have to increase your visual content.

Digital marketing experts say that visual content has the potential to affect your customer’s memory and guide them in their actions. Visual content increases the desire to read and engage with content.

This is where Gifing proves to be the solution for content creators and digital marketers.

Gifing does all the heavy lifting – creating visual content and so you can be more productive in implementing it.

You simply log on to the website, choose a video clip or gif, and build your marketing campaign around it.

Conversion tracking

As a marketer, how do you know if your marketing messages resonate with your audience?

How do you know your messages are leading to the desired actions?

Is there even a way to measure the cause and effect?

The truth is every marketer hopes that their messages cut through the marketing noise and achieves their desired results.

Here’s one simple way to find out if your messages are getting the right results;

Compare the KPM of your text-laden content against your visual content – video clips, gifs, and memes. Comparing helps you discover what works for your specific audience, and what doesn’t.

You take out the guesswork in your content creating process, while Gifing provides you with numerous video content to run multiple tests.

Since Gifing claims to boost your engagement rate, you are in good hands.

Supports HD resolution

If you are not already implementing video content in your marketing campaigns, now is a good time to start.

And if you already have a good grip on what visual content works with your audience – maximize your efforts. Make it better. And stay ahead of your competition.

For this, you’ll need crisp, clear quality videos.

This is where we think Gifing does an exceptional job. Not only do you have access to many creative types of video contents, Gifing carries out strict quality control of the content that gets onto their website.

Take a look.

You have access to crisp clear, HD resolution videos that your audience will love. An impressive feature with the visual content on the website is the crispy clarity of each visual material.

gifing giphy

Social sharing

Experts tell us that 65% of website visitors are visual learners. Once visitors get on your web page, you have to keep them there.

You need to grab your visitors’ attention. Since the majority of your website visitors are visually inclined, you should be looking to implement visual content to capture your audiences’ precious attention.

More than that, visual your content, has a greater chance of standing out for the sea of web content.

However, when it comes to gaining social shares, regularly publishing high-quality content gives a leg up.

Gifing can ease up the process for you, and make you help you make your content go viral every time you publish.

With thousands of visual content loaded on the website, you will find more than enough creative content to boost your engagement.

Content management

To get your message across to your audience, you need to stay persistent with your content. You must also be consistent.

The rule of 7 shows that your audience may need to get in contact with you several times before taking action.

Not to worry, this is for the best.

Let me explain.

The more times your audiences get a positive contact with you, the higher the chances of them taking the desired action.

With more than 850 million new blog posts published each month, which roughly translates to 10 billion posts a year, you need to establish a content management system.

Gifing does a good job of helping you engage your audience with quality, engaging, and customizable content. At the same time, helping your rank for unique and SEO-friendly content.


How does Gifing work?

Getting started with Gifing is simple.

Follow these quick steps to go from the sign up to editing and downloading your gif on;

  • Click on sign up to create your account – you can either sign up with your Facebook or your email address
  • Once you log into the website, you have access to thousands of creative video materials from multiple creators to choose from.
  • Choose your pricing plan – Yearly or monthly
  • Choose a video clip or gif you want and download a gif.

Voila! – you have your copyright-free video clip or clip.

Price and plans

Getting crisp clear video clips and gifs for your content, no doubt, comes at a cost.

We’ll break it down.

Monthly plan

With Gifing’s monthly plan, you have 3 different subscription plans;

Free $0

Business $49

Elite $199

Yearly plan

Gifing offers 3 subscriptions, the same as the monthly subscription.

However, with the yearly subscription plan, you can save up to 50% of your money.

Free $0

Business $29/monthly, $348/yearly

Elite $99/monthly, $1188/ yearly

Here’s what you get on the different subscription plans:

Free: allows 1 user, Unlimited meme creation, story, square, portrait.

Business: allows 1 user, Unlimited meme creation, story, square, portrait, 30 downloads per month, HD, commercial license, Private mode.

Elite: allows 3 users, Unlimited meme creation, story, square, portrait, 100 downloads per month, HD, commercial license, private mode, reseller agency license.

royalty free gifs

Why should you pick Gifing?

As we’ve discussed, video content is currently taking center stage in content marketing. There is no shortage of copyright-free video clips and gifs.

With the bigger fishes and more established stock photo and video content platforms like Shutterstock, iStock, Envato, Fotolia, Pexels, the question becomes – why should you pick Gifing as your source of visual content?

Here are some reasons we think Gifing stands out from its competition;

First things first, Gifing offers creatives huge incentives to produce premium video content. Content creators and digital marketers also earn huge payouts for promoting its service with its mind-blowing affiliate commissions.

As a creative, you already have a great reason to work with Gifing.

Other than helping creatives earn commissions and establish a source of passive income, here are 3 reasons to use Gifing;

  • Gifing offers content creators a cache of quality materials for boosting your engagement rate and converting your audience to fans of your product and services.
  • Gifing delivers exclusive, quality video clips and gifs – delivered in HD formats: Square, Story, and Horizontal.
  • Gifing offers you original, royalty-free video content – optimized for different social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok.

Now that you know what to expect from Gifing, what makes this service more unique than its competitors?

Here’s a big difference;

Gifing buys the content created by content creators on its website. It sells and gives back a large chunk of the revenue to its affiliates who aid the sale.

While there are different business models the business, its competitors mostly operate a platform where content creators advertise their video content. Here, they earn a fraction of the profit – once the users of the platform buy their video content.

For content creators, outrightly selling your content is a great deal.

The time spent in marketing your content on these platforms can be channeled to improving the quality of your content.

And this is where Gifing stands out from its competitors.

How does Gifing work?

We’ve covered everything about Gifing as a service in this Gifing review. If you are a digital marketer or content creator, with Gifing, you have hit a goldmine of visual content that helps you engage with your audience, enhance your marketing campaign, and sell your products and services.

Here’s a recap on how Gifing works;

Sign up and log onto the website, you have access to thousands of video clips and gifs.

  • Select a video clip or gif.
  • Choose your format and edit video
  • And download your video

gifing royalty free


  • Access to video materials for increasing your engagement and boosting your web conversions.
  • Earn a passive income from promoting Gifing.
  • Receive tutorials and support materials on video content marketing to up your game.
  • Access to live conferences, events, support groups, and multiple bonuses.
  • You get copyright-free videos. You can customize the video content and resell.
  • Gifing offers its affiliate programs with one of the highest payouts in the market.
  • Gifing video content helps you think outside the box in your marketing effort.


  • Since the service is relatively new, there’s little diversity on the websites’ video content.


Gifing offers a great opportunity to content marketers, digital agencies, and anyone looking to infuse video content to boost their marketing efforts.

The video content quality on Gifing is a standout feature as they come in different HD formats and are optimized for all social media platforms.

More than this, as a content marketer, you stand a chance to earn passive income from promoting Gifing. This can mean monthly lifetime passive income or full-time main income.

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