GotoWebinar Review: Our In-Depth Test of the Webinar Software

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July 7, 2019


Today, more and more companies are choosing webinars over web conferencing.

These two terms are often confused, but they are two very different concepts. As its name suggests, web conferencing is a digital conference, but webinar is a more advanced solution to digital conferencing. The webinar or webinar allows two or more participants to share, exchange, sell and deepen their knowledge.

To organize a webinar, simply go to a specialized platform. In the category of webinar sites, GoToWebinar is well known. It is often presented as a complete and effective solution. GoToWebinar has several features, including survey execution, a chat tool for questions and answers and document management.

If you are starting an activity and your prospects and customers are far from home or even in another country, you can test GoToWebinar for your online conferences.

In fact, to make sure it’s right for you, you can take the free 7-day trial version of GoToWebinar. Before you take this webinar tool and get familiar with it, here’s what you need to know.


Gotowebinar : l

Presentation of GotoWebinar

Unlike other online seminar tools, GoToWebinar is most suitable for seminar presentations and gatherings.

With this tool, participants will be able to hear everything that is said and answer via a single device. If you have a meeting with a customer abroad, you do not have to wear an individual headset. The conference and exchanges can take place in a natural way, as if the client were with you around a table.

With GoToWebinar, meeting with your customers and prospects will be child’s play. It can accommodate up to 1000 people and each participant will be able to participate in a conversational way.

While this webinar solution is in high demand by novice entrepreneurs, those who do business online also appreciate it.

This online conference program can be installed on a machine running Windows, Mac OS or Linux. There is also a version for Android and iOS mobile devices, iPhone and iPad. The GoToWebinar program is available in French, English, German and Spanish.

How Go to Webinar works

La vidéoconférence avec Gotowebinar, comment ça marche ?

To use GoToWebinar, you will need to download software, but if you don’t want to disturb your customers and prospects with this download, it can work very well with GoToWebcast for streaming without downloading.

To organize a live web conference, the organizer must send invitations to the participants concerned. This invitation can be sent even before the conference starts. To respond to the invitation, an Internet user will only have to validate certain elements and this acceptance does not present any interference or obstacle.

With GoToWebinar, you can make a simple audio call, but if the connection is better for the organizer and the participants, you can make a video conference. When the conference starts, the organizer will even be able to share a screen.

This will allow participants to see what is happening on the organizer’s screen. This screen sharing feature is very useful if you need to convince your prospects about your product.

If you have an employee in another country and you need to install your work tools, you do not have to travel to him/her. It is possible to take control of the person’s computer if the person gives permission. It should be remembered, however, that only the presenter will be able to take over this control.

If during this videoconference, one of your customers is missing, don’t panic, GoToWebinar has a recording function. No matter how long your presentation lasts, you can record it and it will be this recording that you will launch when the absent person is available. You will then be sure that you have said the same thing to all your customers.

With GoToWebinar, you will have a tool that will allow you to track a session you have launched.

In other words, if after a conference “price negotiation with a supplier”, participants want to make a comment on everything that has been said, they can leave their comments, opinions and conclusions. This”?comments” field is open to all participants and everyone will be able to read and write comments.

From the GoToWebinar dashboard, you can have a report of all your conferences. You can even download it as an Excel or CSV file.

Les avantages et inconvénients de l


When choosing a tool to organize a webinar, you should see the number of participants allowed. With GoToWebinar, you have nothing to worry about, as the number of participants is set at 1000 people. You can have a single web conference for all your prospects.

This recording feature allows you to organize a webinar in a time zone with a time difference of a few hours from your own and have an automated version run whenever you want. For this execution, you don’t have much to do. For a busy executive, these small details are a real time saver.

When choosing a webinar solution, it is important to see the security of the tool. GoToWebinar is secure and you are guaranteed that the conferences you organize will be private. Only you and your guests have access. Several encryption systems are integrated in GoToWebinar.

Whether it is for an audio or video conference call, if the quality of the connection is good for all participants, you will have a very clear video with a very good quality soundtrack.


There is no perfect webinar and it is especially in the use that you will find the small anomalies. When you get into the conference, it’s frustrating to face it. GoToWebinar includes some anomalies, but you will be able to solve them quickly.

The use of this online conferencing tool is not very complex, but to be able to activate it, you will need a good internet connection.

These webinars often offer customization options. As for the GoToWebinar in particular, the customization options are not that extensive. They are limited to the inscription of the logo on the email.

Gotowebinar, l

For its non-professional version, you will not have the pre-registration function. In this case, if you plan to record a webinar in a few days, it is imperative to register the version several days in advance.

To avoid this prerecording and execution problem, you can still create a standard webinar and replace it with a recorded tape once it is created.

When you are in a conference, you always want to share files with participants. GoToWebinar does not have file sharing functionality.

As for its price, it is more expensive compared to other webinar solutions. However, with the features it offers, we can say that GoToWebinar offers good value for money.

Even if the functionalities of this tool seem very complete to you, the conditions of use are more complex. You will only be able to organize your conference online at a specific time. The meeting will not be able to take place instantly and those who will be behind their screens will have to register in order to participate. Without this registration, you will not be able to join the conference.

You must also have a browser on your computer that is compatible with GoToWebinar.

It will only work on a few types of browsers, including the most recent version of a web browser. To access a web conference via GoToWabinar, you need a WiFi connection if you are on a mobile device.

YouTube video

Verdict: Good plan or scam?

Those who use this webinar tool seem satisfied and each year, the number of GoToWebinar users continues to increase.

If you are looking for a webinar solution, you can choose it. He can accompany you, whether for a marketing meeting, a training web conference or simply to be able to communicate with the members of your structure. For its handling, you don’t need to be an expert in computer science, because it is very easy to use.

If you are convinced by this online conferencing tool, it is advisable to take the trial version before purchasing it. Even if GoToWebinar has some disadvantages, these may not be relevant to you.

By using it, you will also be able to see the other alternatives to be able to bypass these few handicaps it presents. You will also be able to see the GoToWebinar formula that is best suited to your business. It may be that for your meetings, the professional version is the most suitable.

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