How to Safely Host the Videos of Your Online Courses?

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June 30, 2019


You have certainly already been confronted with the problem of training.

Whether training is only part of a more secondary field of activity or you are exclusively dedicated to this mission, you probably know that a single real session requires significant logistics.

It takes time and energy. It is necessary to organize, plan, sometimes book a place, carry out mailing operations to invite trainees, etc.

To make it easier for both trainers and trainees, one of the solutions is online video hosting.

This option allows you to do your training at a distance. To do this, simply send the link to your video to your collaborators.

Each individual concerned will then be able to consult the media on their PC, at the office or at home.

If you are wondering about the process and the options available to you, we present here five possibilities to host your training videos.

1. Your online video hosting

Les solutions d

Among the video hosting solutions, there is the possibility of personal hosting on your own website.

The advantage of this solution is that you are the only master on board.

You choose the videos you publish yourself. And these videos are not likely to be parasitized by ads or distracting links.

As for visitors – in this case trainees who are supposed to be focused on what they are watching – they are not tempted to watch videos other than yours.

In addition, if you choose this solution, your training video will be part of a global web environment.

In addition to videos, you can publish notes, syntheses and links to reference works on your own website.

You can also report important dates, forums, etc. Having your own platform offers a real work tool, a virtual coworking space.

On the other hand, you should know that if you have your own site, the time to upload videos will be longer than on an externally managed platform.

In addition, if you upload documents other than videos, they will slow down your entire site. Finally, personal hosting represents a considerable cost. The more your multimedia skills are reduced, the more expensive this formula will be.

However, if you use an all-in-one solution to host your online training, such as, then hosting your videos is included in your subscription!

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2. Hosting videos on Youtube

Youtube, l

YouTube is the leading online video hosting site in the world. This internationally renowned platform has several advantages.

On the viewer side, subscribing to a YouTube channel is completely free. In addition, subscribing to Youtube is easy, since it is just a click away. A You Tube video loads quickly.

On the diffuser side, it has several options. He can broadcast his video live. He can also record the media and make it available to subscribers whenever he wishes.

Moreover, if you have marketing objectives, you should know that a video published on Youtube has a good ranking on search engines.

By choosing this platform, you optimize the chances that your video will be seen by other Internet users than just the trainees.

On the other hand, Youtube does not only have qualities. Indeed, before being a professional tool, this site is above all known for the multitude of videos it contains and for the free entertainment it represents.

Leading your employees on such a platform is also risking losing them because of the distraction. Youtube will offer them videos other than yours.

Some of these videos will have nothing to do with your training, or even your professional field. They can be fun, lighter videos.

In addition, YouTube ads act as real parasites. Finally, through this hosting, you will have little control over your video.

3. Host your training video on Vimeo

Vimeo : plateforme d

Another external hosting solution for your training video is called Vimeo.

Once again, this is an American site. On the other hand, this platform gives pride of place to the professional dimension.

Vimeo guarantees that your video will not contain any ads. This site secures your training videos. It also allows you to invite collaborators to participate in your audiovisual projects.

There is a free formula to try this online hosting. But if you want to broadcast a certain amount of videos over the long term, you have to subscribe to Vimeo.

Subscription prices range from 6 to 70 euros per month. Knowing that for 6€, the storage space and use are very limited.

Hosting videos on Vimeo becomes interesting from 40 euros monthly.

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4. Hosting videos on Wistia

Outils d

The Wistia hosting platform is very expensive since, for a pro subscription, you have to pay more than 80€ per month.

Nevertheless, this host offers many advantages, including the ability to analyze the behavior of your viewers.

During a real training session, you know who is attending and who is not. You can easily identify trainees who are yawning and those who are pianoting on their smartphones.

In virtual mode, it is more complicated to know who has followed the training and who has done it diligently.

Thanks to a specific tool, Wistia tells you which parts of your video are being watched and which parts are being evaded by viewers.

This way, you can grasp the weaknesses of your training in order to improve it and attract more attention from your trainees the next time. Wistia also offers the possibility of creating forms.

If you wish, you can require trainees to complete these forms in order to access your training video.

In this way, you have proof that a particular employee has followed the proposed training.

This is a little reminiscent of the principle of the attendance list. Finally, on Wistia you can add calls to action as well as various links.

These options are not negligible when the training is for marketing purposes.

5. Video hosting on Vooplayer (recommended)


The vooPlayer hosting site is a fairly simple and secure solution. Creating an account is free and there is a test version that is also free.

On the other hand, if you choose this solution and want to register for Vooplayer, then you should expect no less than 40€ per month.

The functioning of vooPlayer is relatively basic, so it is accessible to the greatest number of people.

First, you record your training video (or you can upload it via another hosting site like Youtube). Then, vooPlayer offers you to customize your video.

You can thus make it more attractive, more dynamic. Finally, you publish your creation either on Vooplayer, on a social network of your choice, or on your own website.

Like Wistia, vooPlayer analyzes your video and its audience to help you optimize your online training sessions.

However, vooplayer is not perfect either. In particular, there is a certain slowness.

Therefore, this online hosting site is recommended if your training video is not intended to be widely distributed.

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Now you know 5 solutions to host your online training videos.

You know what the overall advantages and disadvantages of each of them are. You will also have understood that all these solutions are not free, with the exception of YouTube.

For the final verdict, it is up to you to choose your solution according to your needs.

If your core business is training and you need to provide services in this specific sector, then you need a fast and efficient site that can analyze your performance.

On the other hand, if your goal is to deliver your training to only a few employees from time to time, then you don’t need a very sophisticated tool.

Finally, if your approach is part of an overall professional strategy, creating your own website is the best option.

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