Jarvee Review: My Opinion on the Best Social Network Automation Tool

By WebMarketKings

July 5, 2019


Whether you are a company, a self-entrepreneur or a private individual, we all want to have a better control of our social networks and manage them without great difficulty.

So, Jarvee is a tool that ensures the automatic planning and management of our social networks.

Jarvee is making great strides on all major social networks, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

It is an extraordinary software, which helps to keep an eye on all the content of these social networks. Jarvee’s performance extends well beyond programming.

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Multi-platform automation with Jarvee

Surveys have shown that organic growth can be driven by automation. Despite their respective specificities, all social networks have one thing in common: users and their profitable attention.

Which are constantly increasing and which do not miss any opportunity to be displayed on these networks through their publication, comments, hashtags, number of followers, etc.. This is a great asset for Jarvee.

In the perspective of becoming more humane to attract more people, Jarvee makes itself available to its user, to automatically manage its account.

Updating your fan page, contacting customers or suppliers are just some of the actions that Jarvee can take.

Jarvee helps its user save as much time as possible, so that they can focus on something else. He therefore works in the place of his user.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn are all social networks that you can manage with Jarvee. With Jarvee, you can:

  • Manage all your accounts in a single tab in complete security.
  • Plan in a very simple way the automatic update of your publications on all your accounts.
  • Increase your audience on all your social networks (number of subscribers, number of views, etc.)
  • Obtain, in a few clicks, the statistics relating to your editorial web strategy
  • Manage your advertising campaigns safely on Facebook Ads and others

Jarvee is simply the best software to plan and manage your time every day in the best possible way.

Jarvee’s price offers

  • Starter package: $19.95/month for the management of 10 social network accounts.
  • Pro package: $49.95/month for the management of no less than 70 accounts.
  • Premium package: $69.95/month for the industrial automation of your accounts or those of your customers.

Jarvee offers you a 5-day trial without registration or commitment. After this period you will probably adopt it.

Compared to a professional team for the management of your social networks, Jarvee’s offers are cheaper for a better quality work.

With these offers you benefit from content planning, specific targeting options to reach your users easily.

All accounts have premium support. You also have a customer service department at your disposal at all times for all your needs.

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The Jarvee Rules

There is nothing illegal about using Jarvee. However, you must use your real accounts. Fakes accounts are prohibited, you may be banned.

After setting up your account you can go to a specialized site to get proxies.

With 5 euros you have the opportunity to get 10 blank and usable proxies over time. It should be noted that Instagram only allows the creation of 10 accounts per Internet address.

It is therefore imperative not to exceed this limit, for fear of being banned.

Cancellation or refund on Jarvee

If you wish to cancel your subscription or commitment to Jarvee, you can contact customer service to be satisfied or simply cancel your PayPal subscription.

Our advice

When you are a self-employed entrepreneur or an individual working on your own account, developing your company or business requires a considerable amount of time.

Fortunately, tools like Jarvee are there to make it easier for us and to ensure good time management.

Nevertheless, the use of these tools requires a number of rules and mistakes to avoid.

  • Avoid connecting to multiple different IP addresses
  • Abuse Jarvee and other bots features
  • Uncontrolled use of external links in the biography
  • Automate more than 10 accounts on the same IP address

However, it is advisable to:

  • Disable Jarvee from midnight to 11am to post on other devices
  • Start by authorizing your accounts after at least 7 days of seniority

As soon as your business or company starts to grow and reaches a certain level of profitability, it is also advisable to hire people to help you with your tasks.

Automation is good, but the human touch always brings added value.

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Don’t miss out on Jarvee the best software on the web to automate your social networks and lead acquisitions to 99.9%.

With rates starting at only $20 per month, you have no excuse to miss this exceptional tool. Just this on Instagram, you can easily obtain a ROI of more than 1000%!

So, take advantage of the free trial below and get started before the prices increase.

Click here to Discover Jarvee Free For 5 Days!

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