Try Jeffrey? Review of the Tool to Boost Your Instagram Account

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August 5, 2019


Today, Instagram is an essential social network for its business, whatever it may be. Getting a large community is often a priority when starting a project. Many solutions exist to make your community grow on Instagram.

In this article, we will analyze the Jeffrey tool. After a presentation by Jeffrey, we will explain how he works and his interest. After outlining the advantages and disadvantages, we will answer the question “Is Jeffrey the right tool to boost the growth of his Instagram account?

Jeffrey, what is it?

Under this little name is a tool to increase the audience of your Instagram account. In short, this tool is used to gain followers and commitment. It allows you to display a more consistent account and therefore more respectable in appearance. Jeffrey is a paid offer, which guarantees a minimum number of followers won per month. Adapted to brands, companies or influencers, Try Jeffrey is a service offering three price plans from €19.99 per month to €49.99 per month, depending on customer expectations.

Tryjeffrey, un outil pour booster efficacement votre compte instagram

Jeffrey offers 3 days of free trials, to discover the service before choosing to switch to the adapted paid plan. In addition to the gain of followers, Try Jeffrey allows you to define a private greeting message sent automatically to your new followers, useful to present your product for example. A tracking dashboard is available in your customer area. In short, Try Jeffrey is a complete tool dedicated to your growth.

How Jeffrey works

Jeffrey implements a number of techniques to increase your Instagram audience organically. Registration is simple and guided. The service starts by giving simple advice to optimize your Instagram account: how to write an engaging bio, how to settle your account, etc.

You are then asked to fill in targets. These targets correspond to Instagram accounts with an audience similar to the one you want to reach. This is probably the most crucial point. To fully exploit Jeffrey, you must carefully choose your targets. Your competitors should ideally have a minimum of 50k followers.

Automatic use of the follow/unfollow technique

Thereafter, Jeffrey will practice follow/unfollow on the accounts subscribed to your targets. With likes, it will then attract the attention of the targeted people, who will more easily notice your account and subscribe to it. People are then unfollowed after a few days. Don’t worry, however, Jeffrey will not unsubscribe you from the people you have chosen to follow yourself. It only acts on followers won through it.

Try Jeffrey, la technique du follow/unfollow

Try Jeffrey: guaranteed performance

Jeffrey’s particularity is his commitment to results. Depending on the plan you choose, you are guaranteed to see your Instagram account grow from 500 to 1500 subscribers per month. Through its follow/unfollow mechanism on a defined target audience, it guarantees the contribution of real active followers, and increases your commitment.

Jeffrey is particularly useful for a launch, as he quickly achieves encouraging results. However, it is also suitable for an established brand that wants to continue to grow gradually.

However, it should be noted that Jeffrey does not allow follow/unfollow accounts to be targeted according to any criteria. It is therefore not possible, for example, to target only French accounts.

The advantages of the solution

Jeffrey is a professional solution, very easy to use. All it takes is a few clicks and the registration is done. Try Jeffrey guides you through your subscription and gives you many tips to improve your instagram account. The three days of free trials allow you to measure the effectiveness of the solution yourself, without any commitment.

Jeffrey offers solutions for both small and large businesses, with relatively competitive prices in the market. It allows you to grow your account on a regular (and therefore smoothly) basis. Natural progression allows you to improve your brand or product image while reaching new potential customers.

Solution professionnelle et progression naturelle de votre compte Instagram

A good strategy to get started on Instagram

Jeffrey allows you to increase your number of Instagram followers in a guaranteed way. With this tool, it is much easier to reach the 10,000 threshold, for example, allowing links to be inserted in stories. It also allows you to continue to grow your account in the future.

The followers obtained are real accounts, which follow your competitors. It is therefore potentially your core target. In addition, the gradual increase in load seems natural. Adding additional features such as a full dashboard on your audience allows you to better understand your Instagram followers.
Finally, the progressive rates are relatively affordable, and the offer is non-binding.

The disadvantages of the solution

Jeffrey practices what is called follow/unfollow, and automatic likes. He will therefore randomly liken photos posted by people following your competitors. It is therefore quite simple to see that you use this type of service for your followers, which can cause you an image problem.

In addition, the effectiveness and authenticity of the followers acquired will depend greatly on how accurately you target your competitors. Poor profiling will give you an inappropriate audience. It is therefore not a tool to do all the work: upstream research is absolutely necessary. However, despite this research, the absence of Try Jeffrey targeting will necessarily lead to a certain number of followers that will not correspond to your target (language, country, age too far from your target for example).

Souscrire à la solution Instagram, Try Jeffrey

Another point to take into account is that in case of bad calibration, your followers will leave as they go along. It is therefore necessary to continue to subscribe to Try Jeffrey to maintain your account.

Finally, it is important to be aware that this type of tool remains in the grey area of Instagram. These are practices that the American brand regularly tries to combat.

Try Jeffrey? Our verdict

Jeffrey is a serious solution, which makes it very easy to make your Instagram account look like one. Easy to handle and secure, it offers a guaranteed result. The steady progress allows to keep a good brand image and not to be suspected of buying followers.

However, the lack of targeting and the use of aggressive techniques such as follow/unfollow necessarily lead to an audience that is partly unsuitable.

Jeffrey must therefore be considered as a complement to an established Instagram strategy and not as the only growth channel on this social network. It cannot exempt you from the search for organic growth to develop your brand. This is a boost move, but an effective boost move.

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