Jungle Scout Review: The Best Extension for Amazon FBA?

By WebMarketKings

June 23, 2019


Don’t you know Jungle Scout? This is an extension that allows you to search for products on Aliexpress and Amazon. This application is often used for Amazon, whether with established salespeople or beginners. Indeed, it makes it possible to find profitable items to put them on sale quickly on the online store.

But does this tool allow you to effectively maximize your e-commerce and dropshipping sales? This is what we will discover through this article.

What is JungleScout and the Google Chrome extension used for?

JungleScout is a tool for searching for products on Amazon or Aliexpress. It determines items with sales potential to add them to your Shopify dropshipped shop. It is very useful for tracking product sales on a daily or monthly basis while providing customer feedback and various evaluations.

These features allow you to identify products with potential and seize the right opportunities! But it does not stop there, it allows you to monitor the competitors’ product list with sales and different fluctuations to get an overview of what works best.

Jungle Scout, l

On the other hand, Jungle Scout can be used in two different ways: from the web application and the Chrome extension.

The chrome Jungle Scout extension is the version downloaded on the browser. It allows you to benefit from the features by searching for products much faster. But you can also measure the competitiveness of the product by taking into account different measures. In the future you will have an estimate of sales, prices, average rating and other information to help you select your future products.

The use of Jungle Scout

Before using your Jungle Scout tool, you should identify your niche and go to a range of products with useful criteria to get a good search for your future products.

Once this first step is completed, you can use the Jungle Scout Chrome extension from your browser. All you have to do is launch your search by indicating your parameters to refine the search. You will then have the sales data for the products selected from your search (number of evaluations, sales, prices).

On the other hand, the web application offers more details than the extension, so you can refine your search by taking into account different criteria for better results. For example, you can specify a price range, a source, a weight, a minimum number of sales, etc., there are many choices. This filtering capacity therefore has many advantages and this will be highly appreciated by BAF vendors, for example. But that’s not all, the web application also offers new opportunities for product niches. You will therefore have innovative ideas while respecting your chosen range.

In addition, if you are a seller on Amazon, with a free or paid version of Jungle Scout, you can take advantage of an effective tool to see the level of competition of an item and sales at the monthly level.

Jungle Scout : application web ou extension chrome

What are the free resources with Jungle Scout?

  • Estimate sales: this system is free of charge, it allows you to see an accurate monthly sales estimate for an Amazon product. To access this, enter the sales rank in the product list.
  • Webinars: Jungle Scout has very effective webinars to answer your questions as an Amazon seller. This will allow you to have information on certain situations by answering your related questions while receiving professional support.
  • Genius Series: Every Amazon salesperson has challenges to overcome, so Jungle Scout has put in place practical content to help users.
  • Case study: this tool allows you to track all the details of the product since its launch. The goal of this process is to reach $1 million at the corporate level while highlighting each step of the process. This system can be a very good motivation!
  • The collaborative product system: the Jungle Stix tool offers many details and the benefits of this product are donated to the association médecins sans frontières!

Discover the JungleScout product base

  • Categories: you can select filtered categories for better results. This allows you to select a specific category to search for a particular category of articles. If you are just starting out in sales, you will certainly want to avoid certain categories such as electronics for example. Indeed, the parts for sale are more fragile and this can cause problems when starting to sell. You can also remove the grocery and gourmet food category to direct your search properly. It is therefore very useful to have the ability to select or deselect categories to make an effective search.
  • Filters: they are essential to refine your search on you have precise criteria such as the selling price, comments, weight, etc. These different settings are recommended to obtain products that meet your needs.
  • Price: it is important to conduct your research taking into account the purchase price. Most of the time, the research is done with articles ranging from $18 to $50 maximum. However, it is important to know that by selecting items at a low price, you will find it difficult to earn money, as selling costs on Amazon will significantly reduce your margin. On the other hand, when selling an expensive item, its purchase will be just as expensive, so you have to find a balance.
  • The importance of rank: rank and turnover are important information to estimate. When it comes to online sales, it is said that you have to be between 8,000 and 10,000 for a good sale. If you look at sales, you should be careful for items sold at least 3 times a day. It is therefore necessary to focus on products with a monthly sales of 300.

Jungle Scout : utilisation et fonctionnalités

  • Criticisms: they should not be ignored. For example, an article with less than 100 comments can be a rival product quite easily, although very often articles with less than 50 reviews are preferred. On the other hand, an article with many comments can be competitive, but it will be difficult to get people to talk about it on Amazon.
  • Rating: a low rating can allow you to offer a better product than your competitors. But care must be taken to filter products with good sales and a low rating to find a profitable item.
  • Weight: this is especially important for new sellers embarking on private labelling. Products should be selected at less than 2 pounds to reduce shipping costs as much as possible. Indeed, if you choose a product with high shipping costs, you will considerably reduce profit margins.
  • The level: it is possible to display items of standard size, oversized or even both. Oversized items are more expensive to ship, but also more difficult, so it is possible to uncheck the option for easier searching.
  • The seller: you can choose whether or not to include Amazon (as a seller) by selecting this part or not. It is not uncommon for a seller not to want to compete directly with Amazon, so it is possible to eliminate the corresponding items.
  • Keywords: they will allow you to search for your articles with more precision or to choose which elements you want to exclude from your results. This option is very important so don’t forget it.

Jungle Scout, for what price?

There are 3 different packages for the Jungle Scout application without coupons: start-up package, standard, business. They include essential features such as the product database, product tracking, but also the hunter niche.

Feel free to discover more about these 3 packages:

Jungle Scout web app, Start-up version – $29 / month or $39 / month (if invoiced monthly) :

  • Includes product and tracking database
  • Competitor monitoring system
  • Access to sales history and ranking
  • Domestic market, international market
  • Access to various filters to narrow down searches
  • Access to a user
  • Possibility of tracking for 40 products

Jungle Scout à quel prix ?

The standard Jungle Scout web app package – $49 / month or $69 / month (if invoiced monthly):

  • Everything from the start-up pack
  • Niche search tool
  • Access for 2 users
  • Possibility of tracking for 80 products

But that’s not all, by paying $69 or $99 per month, you can have access for 5 users and follow-up on 150 products.

What opinion about Jungle Scout?

Amazon is too large for the database to cover everything. However, it contains a large number of elements to suggest many ideas, but it is better to do some research on Amazon beforehand. Once you have selected products, you can add them to the tracker to get the necessary information after a few days.

It is therefore important not to rely on the database to select new items for your online store. You will find new opportunities by also doing your own research.

Estimating margins is also risky on some products, but if you find an interesting item, add it to the tracking to collect information. On the other hand, if you are looking to sell books, this tool will not be useful to you. It will not help you to sell new or used books or even to launch your own book.

But Jungle Scout remains a very good tool to do a competitive search by selling your products on Amazon.

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