KWFinder Review: The Best SEO Tool to Find Profitable Niches?

By WebMarketKings

July 20, 2019


Have you ever heard of KWFinder? Not really, I guess.

It is however one of the best SEO tools available in the SEO field like Google’s Keyword Planner Tool.

When you take a closer look, you will notice that Google’s Keyword Planner Tool has an unbeatable flaw: it no longer displays the number of searches performed during the month.

On a daily basis, a single word can be searched precisely (precise average search volume).

However, there are tools available to determine the exact figures of the search volume or simply to perform the searches. Among its tools, we have SEMRush, Yooda, Moz, SEObserver, KWFinder and many others.

For this article, only KWFinder interests us here.

Widely used in the SEO field, KWFinder, using tools such as Majestic and Moz, allows you to know the number of monthly searches performed around a keyword or know the related words or the difficulty to ranker related to the keyword.

Created and launched in 2014, KWFinder has since undergone several improvements, making it more and more efficient.

Its features can allow you to:

  • Know for a keyword, the number of monthly searches and possible variations
  • Have an idea of the difficulties related to positioning in a niche
  • Detect the metrics and compare them if necessary
  • Analyze in all languages are taken into account


Do you want to know the statistics related to a keyword for a given year? KWFinder is your partner.

It offers you several other more interesting features: SEO and social metrics of the first results, the difficulty related to positioning on a scale of 100, the level of competition in paid results and many others.

For all its features, KWFinder is available at an affordable cost to everyone.

For my part, I have chosen the most basic offer that allows me to do exactly what I want.

Outside of SEO, KWFinder helps you find out which niche ideas or articles could be beneficial to you.

You can also have a list of words (semantic universe) that you can focus on when writing.

KWFinder, even with the same features as SECockpit and Long Tail Pro, is less expensive than the competition.

Having a subscription for KWFinder gives you access to another tool: SERPChecker. Visibility on the search results of a keyword is then easier.

The SERPChecker tool that is at your disposal allows you to have advanced search results whether on PC or smartphone.

In the results provided by this tool, you can have information such as: the URL of the page, the number of backlinks, Facebook or Google+ shares..

Among the tabs available in this tool, “Snapshot” allows you to have an idea of the SERP according to a given language without searching on Google, and much more with the tab “Load more results”.

For the proposed budget, you no longer have any pretext not to opt for KWFinder. You will not be disappointed at all.

Click here to discover KWFinder for free

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