LeadPages Review: What is this Landing Pages Creator still worth it?

By WebMarketKings

June 13, 2019


You are tempted by LeadPages, but you are still hesitating? I give you my opinion on the service and everything you need to know before you make your decision in this complete test in French.

I hesitated for a long time before subscribing to LeadPages™.

I’ve never liked taking subscriptions, because it’s the best way to get plucked. I already use OptimizePress, which has the advantage of being payable in one go. I also use AWeber, which costs me $30 a month, but is really essential. But LeadPages is, at first sight, neither payable in one go nor indispensable. That’s why I waited so long to subscribe.

When I looked for more information on LeadPages, I couldn’t find any resources in French. That’s why I’m doing this article. Its purpose is to help you make the right decision. I’m not going to advertise LeadPages to you, or say it’s lame. I will simply give you the “pros” and “cons”, and especially tell you in which case I recommend this purchase and in which case I do not recommend it.

If you have any questions, I’m here to answer them. Just leave a comment at the bottom of this article 🙂

Note: LeadPages receives frequent updates. This article will be updated regularly to take them into account.

What is LeadPages used for?

Leadpages, la plateforme de génération de Leads

LeadPages defines itself as a lead generation platform and a capture page generator. Basically, it is an online tool to help you generate more subscribers to your mailing list.

In fact, the online service offers several distinct functions:

  • LeadPages, the email capture page generator (or landing pages / squeeze pages), with its many templates
  • LeadBoxes, the button or link generator that pops up an email capture form
  • LeadLinks, a way to subscribe someone directly to a mailing list by a simple click on a link inside an email

LeadPages is aimed at web marketers who are looking to expand their mailing lists. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that, as a New Blogger, the mailing list is the key to selling.

If I had to compare my business to a store, my blog would be the showcase, the mailing list the displays, and my sales pages the cash register. Imagine having a store without displays, which would force customers to go to the checkout as they enter the store. It would not work. For a blog, it’s the same thing. It is very difficult to sell products if you have not first secured the reader’s loyalty by offering to touch the products and immerse yourself in your content.

The mailing list is your list of prospects. This is the one you will solicit the day you launch your product. It is more important than your blog and everything you have created so far. It is therefore essential to optimize your conversion rate, i.e. the rate of people who subscribe to your mailing list on all your visitors.

Important : LeadPages is not an autoresponder. It does not store email addresses, but simply allows you to create capture forms. It is therefore used in addition to AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse..

LeadPages is therefore aimed at marketers who have understood the importance of the mailing list and are looking to optimize their conversion rate. But is it really effective?

Let’s look at the different functions of LeadPages one by one.

Les différentes fonctions de LeadPages

LeadPages: The capture page generator

The service name is also the name of its main function: generating capture pages, also called landing pages, or squeeze pages. Here is how it looks on your customer interface:

The first thing to do is to choose a template. You cannot start from scratch, nor create a new template, unless you are an experienced coder. Note that one of the features highlighted by LeadPages is the ability to classify capture pages by conversion rate. I don’t know exactly how it works, but I think LeadPages analyzes its customers’ conversion rates for each landing page and uses this data. That’s very clever:

Once you have chosen your template, you will be able to modify it very easily:

And that’s when we get to the limits of the system. Editing landing pages is very easy, too easy. Simply click on the design or text elements to edit it, or hide it. There you go. That’s about all you can do. No possibility to modify the layout of the sections, or to add one. Do you have an extra line of text to write? No way. No way. You want to add your logo in the header? No way. No way.

I didn’t believe it, so I asked a customer service person in a live chat. Here is what she said to me:

Impossible for the moment to create new sections with LeadPages. I have 2 possibilities: Choose a template with many elements and hide all those I don’t want to see, or export the page in HTML and put your hands in the sludge.

I then indicated that this would be a good thing to add to the publisher, and I was told that they were planning to make their publisher more flexible in the future. Given the frequency of updates, we can hope that this will be done quickly, and that we will have the same flexibility as with OptimizePress.

For me, this lack of opportunity is a big problem. I hope that this will be corrected quickly. I will then update this article with the new features.

Because of this, I could never finally use the LeadPages function. I need to be able to customize my squeeze pages as I want, not take the one that works in the United States and replace a few words. But the following function alone is so successful that LeadPages is worth it for her alone..

LeadBoxes : The button that does everything, everywhere

Leadboxes, le bouton tout-en-un

LeadBoxes is in my opinion the biggest success of LeadPages. The technology is advanced, yet so simple and quick to use. LeadBoxes allows you to create popups with capture forms that only open when you click on a button, text link or image. And it works anywhere!

On this page, you have a list of your LeadBoxes. You can classify them by conversion rate and immediately see which ones convert the most. Click on “Create new LeadBox” to start. You’ll see, it’s very fast.

Creating a LeadBox is as simple as creating a LeadPage. Simply click on the element to modify it. Don’t forget to click on “Okay” before moving on to the next one, then click on Save. If I had seen this before, I wouldn’t have looked like a jerk in front of the customer service lady 😉

When you create a new LeadBox, you have a default English form. To avoid translating everything every time, I advise you to simply duplicate your already created forms, then change what needs to be changed.

From this window, you can create split tests (only for the Pro version) with a few clicks. Simply click on “AB test” and “Add new variation”, then modify what you want.

It’s really very simple.

Once the LeadBox is created, you have several publishing options:

In Standard LeadBox, you will simply create a link that will open the popup. It can be a text link, a button or an image. Here, I have chosen an image in which I have integrated a button. That’s what I put at the end of my articles. I just have to copy and paste the HTML code that has been generated where I want, and the image appears. Once the image is published, anyone who clicks on it will be offered a capture form. Simple, ingenious, and much faster to set up than an AWeber form.

LeadPages statistics show that the 2-step registration, which consists of displaying a button that opens the registration form as a popup, achieves a 30% higher conversion rate than a traditional one-step form.

AB test VS Add New Variation

From the publication window, you also have the possibility to create a popup that will appear after a certain time on the pages of your choice. You can also create a LeadBox Exit, which will display the LeadBox when the visitor hovers his mouse over the close button of the browser. I haven’t had a chance to test these functions yet, but it doesn’t cost anything to test them.

And the must of the must is that you can insert LeadBoxes anywhere, on your site or even in guest articles. LeadBoxes are hosted by LeadPages, which gives you the possibility, for example, to put, in the short part where you present yourself in your guest articles, a link that opens a LeadBox.

Example: Article written by Frankie Vincent, famous author of the guide to survival in unknown territory, which you can download here[LINK TO THE LEADBOX].

But that’s not all.

You are free to click on this button to test LeadPages through my affiliate link and enjoy the first month satisfied or refunded:

The great functionality of LeadBoxes

Unlike the LeadPages function, LeadBoxes is very flexible and allows you to do things that no one else does, and that it is very complicated to do with AWeber.

There is a feature that I love and that makes LeadPages really indispensable for me. It’s called Lead Magnet Delivery.

Here’s how it works:

Lead Magnet Delivery is used to send downloadable content (PDF file, ebook, video, podcast…) to anyone who subscribes to your list via a particular form. Simply upload your files to the Lead Magnet Delivery tab of My Account and, with just one click, you can choose whether or not to send a file to subscribers of any LeadBox or LeadPage. The file will not be sent by your autoresponder but directly by LeadPages. The advantage is enormous: you can send different contents to subscribers on the same list!

Les fonctionnalités de LeadBoxes

Thanks to this you can, very easily, integrate a new hyper-efficient capture system on your blog: the content in 2 parts. The principle is simple: publish a new article or video, and at the end of the article, insert a LeadBox that gives access to the second part of the article.

Lead Magnet Delivery therefore takes care of sending the download link to subscribers without having to create a new list on AWeber. Better than that, it also sends the link to people who are already on the list.

In any case, if someone registers for a form in which you have added a Lead Magnet, here is what they will receive:

This feature is really great because it saves a lot of time compared to other options to do the same thing. If you use Lead Magnet Delivery with a 2-part content strategy, you will really boost your conversion rate, without tearing your hair out with complicated systems.

LeadLinks: Get subscribers without even asking for their email!

LeadLinks is a very innovative feature of LeadPages, but you will not use it much. The principle is as follows: use the data contained in the mailing lists to facilitate people’s registration on another mailing list. In practice, LeadLinks can be used, for example, to facilitate the registration of your prospects for your online conferences, waiting lists or seminars. All you have to do is send them an email with a link. With one click, they can subscribe to another list without having to give their information again.

As you have understood, LeadLinks will not bring you new subscribers, but will simply facilitate the re-registration procedure for subscribers already present on your mailing-list.

But there is one big downside: LeadLinks is not compatible with AWeber, since the function goes against the autoresponder’s operating conditions. Too bad.

That’s it, I’ve introduced you to the main functions of LeadPages. It is the only online service I know of that does so much in such a simple way for the user, and at the same time, it is still far from perfect. But is that what you need?

LeadLink, l'option de réinscrition sur LeadPages

Is LeadPages right for you?

The question is not really whether LeadPages is a good service or not. Depending on your needs, it could change everything in your business, or, on the contrary, be useless. I will help you make the right choice.
Let’s start by listing the positive and negative points

The positive points:

  • Extremely easy to use: accessible, beautiful, pleasant, and intuitive
  • Ability to classify templates by conversion rate
  • LeadBoxes: Quick to create, split-test, integration anywhere, best conversion rate, very flexible
  • Lead Magnet Delivery functionality, which can easily allow you to set up content in 2 parts and boost your conversion rate
  • Detailed statistics, and the ability to rank LeadPages and LeadBoxes by conversion rate, and identify what works best
  • The right idea (but not revolutionary): LeadLinks
  • Unlimited number of LeadPages, LeadBoxes and LeadLinks for all
  • First month satisfied or refunded
  • Excellent customer service (even if live chat is reserved for professional accounts and American schedules)
  • Very frequent updates

The negative points:

  • The price that can be dissuasive ($37/month – $67/month – $97/month – possibility to pay for 1 or 2 years)
  • The dependency that this causes (LeadPages hosts your content, if you decide to stop, you lose everything)
  • LeadPages that lack flexibility and customization options
  • Some frequent bugs
  • Not very reliable statistics (in my case)
  • The incompatibility of LeadLinks with AWeber

LeadPages is for you if:

  • You are already a customer of an autoresponder supported by LeadPages (the list is here)
  • You are a webmarketer and your mailing list is your most valuable asset
  • You don’t like wasting time with complicated techniques and systems
  • You want to test new strategies for your online business

LeadPages is not for you if:

  • Your business is not yet profitable enough to pay for the subscription
  • You do not yet have a mailing list or autoresponder
  • You use other tools that fully satisfy you and you do not feel the need to try a new one

LeadPages : version standard ou version pro

My personal opinion

For me, LeadPages has become an indispensable tool. I’ve been testing a lot of things for a long time to increase my conversion rate, but the other solutions are not great. AWeber is very good for managing lists but the functions related to capture forms are outdated. OptimzePress is great for creating squeeze pages but it is slow and does not offer tools to view statistics. I tried to set up the content in 2 parts, but it took me hours and hours to build a system for AWeber that worked every other time.

Finally, I tried LeadPages which gives me everything I need, with the LeadBoxes feature which is absolutely brilliant, and which allows me to offer content in two parts in just a few clicks thanks to the Lead Magnet Delivery feature.

I’m still waiting for one more thing from LeadPages, it’s that they completely review the function that allows you to create capture pages, allowing you to create them in our own way, from scratch, as OptimizePress does very well.

Despite this, LeadPages is really an excellent online service that offers really innovative features (never seen before) and ridiculously easy to use. If I will continue to use it, it is mainly because it saves me a lot of time compared to what I used before. And also because I will be able to test new things on my blog, see what works best, and give you the best advice 🙂

One last thing

I would like to emphasize one point: do not subscribe to LeadPages if you think you will not make it profitable. If you are still a beginner, I advise you to use the traditional methods and the form provided by your autoresponder to get started. In any case, you can test LeadPages for one month and request a refund.

Important : If my article helped you make your choice, you can use my affiliate link to register for LeadPages. I’ll then get a commission, and it won’t change anything for you. It is a simple and unconstrained way to thank me for my work 🙂

LeadPages Standard or Pro?

The standard version is at 37$/month (29 euros) and the Pro version at 67€/month (53 euros). I do not recommend the Enterprise version, which only offers telephone support (in English) in addition, and an additional sub-account.

I chose the LeadPages Pro version, which offers me the possibility to export to HTML, do split-tests, use the LeadLinks feature, take advantage of the affiliate program, upload my own templates and have access to the excellent live chat for customer service. If you are not interested in these features, the Standard LeadPages version will be sufficient, and already allows you to use templates and LeadBoxes at will.

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