How to Make a Full Living from your Blog Starting from Zero?

By WebMarketKings

June 17, 2019


In this article we will see how you can succeed with your blog without necessarily investing hundreds of euros and make it profitable with your own work and motivation.

Take measured risks

To succeed with your blog, you can find various solutions to free up time in order to focus entirely on it.

The first solution is not the most ethical, but it deserves a little attention.

Indeed, taking advantage of unemployment to start a business can be a good alternative when you have just been laid off or simply after a conventional break-up.

It can be interesting to take advantage of this period to try to set up a business to make a living from your passion.

The second solution is to have more time through part-time work.

Indeed, if your employer agrees to give you more free time (obviously at the expense of your salary), you will keep the security of your job while developing your blog with more time.

Finally, the third solution is to keep your job at 35 hours and continue to develop your blog next door.

So don’t take the risk of giving up everything to focus on creating your business. Be “safe” and make things grow little by little.

Create a cost-effective system

Find a blog niche

Finding your blog niche is fundamental to succeeding with your blog. Indeed, it is thanks to this niche that you will be able to monetize your blog.

The creation of generalist sites will make you lose in the mass because often the tenors are on top and have an indelible place.

Moreover, with a generalist site you will get lost in your information and your audience will not be qualified and therefore you will not sell or almost nothing.

In a niche market you will certainly have a much smaller but well targeted audience that will be qualified and likely to buy your products.

The fact that there is competition is not a problem in itself because it will mean that the market generates turnover that you will also be able to take from yourself.

Be careful though, a niche that has no competition is not necessarily the best idea.

Indeed, if there is no one it is because some have already tried and failed because no audience or low audience does not buy.

Finally, it is important to create your blog in a timeless niche, i.e. your articles are valid in 1 year, 5 years or even 20 years.

This will allow you to maximize the value of the content created and the sale of your products.

vivre blog

Create your blog

First, the goal is to create a blog with WordPress. Indeed today this tool is considered as one of the best on the market.

Easy to use and optimized for Google, it will be the best ally in your blogging adventure.

Then you will have to choose your blog hosting platform. Indeed, the web host is the company that owns the servers where the information related to your website is stored.

Generally, in addition to selling space on servers, web hosts also offer server management, computer support, antivirus and website backup services.

Personally, I use OVH which costs me less than 50 euros per year using the Personal formula.

Invest time to succeed with your blog!

To succeed with your blog without much initial input, you have to “sacrifice” another essential variable: time.

Indeed, you can’t have everything. Creating a blog is a long-distance race. At the beginning it takes a lot of time to optimize it and implement strategies to develop it.

However, once the machine is started, it will just have to be powered.

The most motivated people will of course continue to invest their time on it and optimize it even more if the niche allows it and thus boost their blog in order to make it even more influential.

In addition, if you do not have any knowledge or particular expertise in a field, you will have to train every day to be able to claim the expertise.

Some people invest money in a business in order to become independent, such as in real estate or company formation.

On the contrary, others do not take financial risks but invest their time!

Develop your brand image

Personal branding

Personal branding is the use of communication to our advantage in order to stand out from a competitive environment.

Indeed, the fact of communicating about oneself puts us in the spotlight and allows us to convince people of our value.

The objective is to put oneself forward (although linked by one’s theme) in order to tell one’s story, experiences, successes or even failures and how they have been overcome.

Branding contributions

Companies (such as the leader in the soda industry, to name but a few) are known all over the world simply by their logos or even their slogans.

Quite simply because they have developed branding through advertising in particular.

Well, as a person, our goal is to make ourselves and our platform (blog for example) known in order to build a relationship of trust with our audience and for them to identify with us.

Indeed, it will be easier for the audience to come back to your site because they already know you rather than going to see what is happening elsewhere without even knowing the author.

An “About” page is working in this direction. Indeed, you are told a tiny part of a story so that you know who you are talking to. The rest of the story is told as the content is published.

Inspired by the competition

Competitive intelligence is essential to success.

The goal is to use what is already working and adapt it to our own business. Indeed, it is very difficult to reinvent something new.

On the other hand, it is easier to be inspired by a system that works and to bring our personal touch, our personal branding in order to create the difference and thus create a place on the market or even why not become one of the leaders in its market.

gagner sa vie avec blog

Create an email marketing system

Creating an email marketing system is the heart of living on your blog.

Indeed, the goal is to bring and create an audience around your blog, but the most important thing is to capture emails in order to launch a process of selling your products.

Offer a free product or training hour, for example in exchange for an email address. The goal will be once to have collected the email address to give your product or training time.

For example, you can do this very easily with the software.

But then if the prospect wants to go further, offer him another paid product this time or the complete paid training.

Email marketing is a powerful tool since you will already reach qualified people, interested in your content that may be interested in buying your products. Moreover, it is often inexpensive.

Mailchimp is another free tool for up to 2000 subscribers that will allow you to create your newsletter, send automatic emails and create lists.

Sell products or affiliate

To make a living from your blog, you obviously need to have something to sell. Creating your own product is ideal because you will promote your creation and you will not be dependent on anyone.

When you create your product you will develop a loyal customer base that will buy new complementary products on your blog.

To do this, do something qualitative. In addition, you will set the price of your product and update it as you see fit.

If you do not have products or are afraid that you do not have enough experience or expertise to sell your own product, use the affiliation and sell the products of people who already have some experience in the field and whose training is complete.

Creating your own product or selling others’ product does not require money.

It certainly takes time and create a quality product to build customer loyalty and attract new prospects, but the manufacturing cost is close to 0.


Obviously if you want to succeed with your blog you will have to pay. Or… I’d rather say “invest” to get money back.

Ideally, you should reinvest at least a third of the money generated by your blog.

You can start optimizing your blog by buying paid plugins or start advertising with Facebook or Google for example.

The goal is to develop and grow your business only with the profits generated.

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