How to Make Money as an Affiliate on the Internet?

By WebMarketKings

June 19, 2019


Through this article we will see that earning money with affiliation is an excellent compromise between those who do not wish to manage after-sales service or those who simply do not have any tangible or intangible products to sell.

Indeed, affiliation is a form of advertising income.

You implement strategies to promote products sold by other individuals.

When an Internet user buys this product via your link, you will receive a commission.

We will therefore see through this article the different forms of monetization of your blog. Then we will look in a little more detail at the principle of affiliation. We will also see how to earn money with affiliation.

The different ways to monetize your website or blog

Google’s AdWords Advertising

Advertising is the easiest way to earn money with your blog in particular. On the other hand, it is probably the least profitable. Indeed, Google’s remuneration varies from 0.05€ to 0.50€ depending on the sector.

The principle is simple. You book places on your blog for example (sidebar, menu…) where you will put your ads after you have registered on Google’s advertising network. When your blog visitors click on these ads, you will earn money.

Let’s take an example. You have 5,000 visitors per day on your blog. 4% of visitors will click on your ads paid at 0.25€. That is 200 clicks per day at 0.25€. You will earn 50 euros a day. That’s very nice.

But to have 5 000 visitors and to have found an advertisement that pays 0.25€ per click I wish you good luck!

argent affiliation

Writing sponsored articles can be a great way to generate income.

Here again, you need to have a certain notoriety and influence to be able to offer a brand’s products.

There are different ways to promote with sponsored articles.

The first is to publish an article already pre-established by the brand. It will simply be enough to publish the article in question.

The disadvantage is that your readers would not recognize you. Indeed on your blog you have captured your audience by the way you write and transmit messages.

The second is that the brand offers you to test a product. Following this test you will simply write an article on your position towards it.

Finally, a brand may simply offer to write an article for it for a fee.

Sell your information products

One of the most profitable techniques to monetize your blog or a Facebook page for example. It is the creation of your own information products and selling them.

Indeed, the creation of information products will generate almost no costs except time.

Once created, this product can be sold several times since it is in digital format and can therefore be copied infinitely.

In addition, you will have complete control over the setting of the price of your product. On the other hand, you will have to take care of the after-sales service part and make sure to update your information product.

The affiliation

Principle of affiliation

Internet affiliation is a marketing technique that allows an advertiser website to promote its products or services by offering remuneration to other publisher websites in exchange for sales, registrations or traffic.

Let’s take an example with the Amazon platform (a pioneer on the subject).

The advertiser that is Amazon in this example, sells books on its platform, among other things.

The content editor (like you) will take care of promoting Amazon books via his website or blog through links or banners.

For each book sold, the publisher will therefore receive a commission on the total price of the book.

The different forms of affiliation

By sale:

This is the most well-known principle. When an Internet user goes through your link and buys a product. You will receive a percentage on the sale of the product. In general, the percentages vary from 1 to 20%.

On the other hand, some platforms (which we will see later in this article) offer a commission rate of up to 70%.

Let us take a concrete example. I am writing an article on Robert KIYOSAKI’s book: Rich father, poor father. At the end of the article, I suggest you buy this book on Amazon.

Once you have clicked on the link and purchased the product I will receive 5% of the sale amount. That is 1€.

That’s not all, because with Amazon if you still buy products within 24 hours, I will also receive commissions on your purchases.

Imagine that after buying the book I recommended, you decided to buy a new state-of-the-art television set for your living room at €499.

In addition to the 1€ from the book I received, I will also get 4.99€ (1% commission) for the purchase of your TV set.

This technique can become interesting if you make mass recommendations.

By lead :

Instead of paying you for a sale, the affiliator will pay you a fixed amount (usually a few euros maximum) each time you allow someone to register on his site or fill out a form.

This type of remuneration can even be combined with remuneration per sale: if the Internet user registers and becomes a prospect, you earn a fixed amount, if he buys a product or service, you earn an additional percentage.

Per click:

Here, you will be paid when a user clicks on the link you have highlighted. There is no need to sell the product here. The technique is therefore very simple.

On the other hand, it is not very remunerative. Unless you have a lot of traffic on your blog or website.

Per view:

The principle is the same as pay per click. In this case, a remuneration will be paid simply for the view of the advertisement you have put forward.

Once again, to earn a few hundred euros a month or even a year, you will need a lot of traffic.

Tips to earn money with affiliate membership

Unfortunately, if we rely only on Amazon to do affiliate work, it will be a long and arduous journey to get decent benefits from it.

Indeed, Amazon’s commissions are relatively low (up to 10%).

On the other hand, some affiliate platforms can pay up to 70% on each product sold. It is from these platforms that affiliation becomes an interesting practice.

Finally, it is possible to affiliate without using platforms.

This may seem a little riskier since the role of platforms is to arbitrate and control that transactions go as planned.

devenir affilie

Affiliate platforms

Here is one of the three platforms that can be interesting to start and earn money with affiliate:

Amazon: You find a thousand articles (books, electronics, cosmetics etc…) on this platform the commissions are not very high. The advantage of this platform is the diversity of products but not very profitable on cheap products.

1TPE: It is THE best French affiliation platform well known in the field of digital product sales. Commissions can reach up to 70% of the selling price.

Clickbank: Platform that offers many products (Ebooks, Training…) French and foreign so many choices. The commissions are varied but remain interesting.

Methods to earn money with affiliation

The advice to be applied

  • Use affiliate product sales: this is the method that will allow you to earn the most money with affiliate. Indeed, you must implement sales strategies. Let your readers click on the link and buy. But the return in terms of earnings is really interesting and more profitable than waiting for thousands of visitors to get a few tens of euros per month.
  • Target your readers: it is not enough to place a few random ads to sell your products. Imagine that you have a blog on fishing and that you sell through the affiliation the latest Smartphone. Not very logical. On the other hand, offer the best fishing rods or accessories related to this activity will undoubtedly increase your conversion rates!
  • Don’t try to sell at any price: too many sales kill the sale. Indeed, if you only offer to sell products in affiliation but behind you have no content and value to give to your readers. There is a good chance that this will drive them away. So avoid placing tons of products in affiliation anywhere. Instead, place them subtly in the middle of an article after describing the product, for example.
  • Combine a self-answering system: email marketing is an ultra-powerful tool. You can use it to promote affiliate products. Again, don’t forget the content before offering the products in affiliation.
  • Do not offer only one product: in fact, in trade it is essential to have various products to sell. Either to sell several products during the first purchase. Or, to have another product to offer when the customer returns. So, think about the needs of your readers and also about saisonnalité《

The supports to be used

The blog

The use of a blog is a powerful way to generate revenue through affiliation. Indeed, once the articles are created, Google (if your SEO is optimal) will take care of bringing you traffic naturally and automatically on your blog.

This way, you will be able to sell your products automatically and passively.

Social networks

Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or even Snapchat are good ways to promote affiliate products.

The only flaw in social networks is that posts are rather ephemeral. A video snapchat will be present 24 hours.

A Facebook post will be in the abyss after a few days. Nevertheless, they remain powerful tools for selling in affiliation. But will require sustained work.


Like the blog, Youtube is a great way to sell affiliate products. And also automatically.

Once the video is created and well referenced it will be seen several hundred times or even thousands of times depending on its potential. Enough to sell some products in affiliation.

The auto answering machine

Capturing emails and using an auto-responder can be one of the most effective ways to promote products.

Indeed, use social networks, blog and Youtube to attract the most traffic to the answering machine.

Once the emails are captured, it will be enough to set up an email sequence that will work in total automation and thus ensure sales day and night!

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