Oberlo Review: My Opinion on the Essential Dropshipping Tool for Shopify

By WebMarketKings

August 4, 2019


The figures speak for themselves: year after year, Internet commerce continues to break records and reach new heights.

All the statistics from all over the world point in the same direction and tend to attest to the very good health of a booming economic sector, regardless of the continent studied.

Indeed, whether we look at the situation in Europe as well as the United States or South America and Asia, online commerce is constantly exploding and meeting the different expectations of connected customers all over the world.

The large commercial sites have multiplied, all in line with Amazon and other giants in the sector, with the firm desire to win the hearts and wallets of customers all over the world.

To simplify this, many companies in the field of digital technology want to develop solutions for e-commerce companies.

Among these different solutions, Oberlo has recently been on the rise. A solution now in use at Aliexpress, for example, Amazon’s main Chinese competitor.

What is this famous Oberlo that everyone talks about?

What exactly is this dropshipping solution that has convinced more and more companies in recent weeks and months?

What exactly is dropshipping? How can such a solution benefit your company?

All the answers to these questions and much more in the following lines and nowhere else. Oberlo, a solution for all companies not to be missed!

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oberlo dropshipping

Presentation of Oberlo

Let’s go back a little bit in history to understand where the Oberlo tool comes from: the result of the hard work of an American company, Oberlo is an application that can claim to have revolutionized the way we work by using dropshipping.

Before the arrival on the market of this digital solution, it was indeed not easy to manage the transfer of a product to an e-commerce site.

It was then necessary to proceed manually, product by product, which extended the delivery and execution time of the order.

With Oberlo, all these problems are nothing more than distant memories.

How Oberlo works

Indeed, Oberlo is a tool that will allow all companies in the e-commerce sector to reduce to a minimum the time required to add additional products to their online store, but also to facilitate dropshipping management in every way with the help of the supplier(s) of their choice.

A practical tool, designed by and for companies, that will allow them to automatically sell all the products they want and that are available for sale on the Aliexpress platform.

Note, however, that the Oberlo application only works exclusively with Shopify, as many companies are already on this system.

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Why choose Oberlo?

To understand the full value of the Oberlo tool, it is first important to understand exactly what dropshipping is all about.

Far from being just a trend in the online business market, it is a real business movement in which many companies are enrolling in order to seize every possible and imaginable opportunity.

All the things to know in the rest of this part.

Finally, the concept of dropshipping is quite simple to understand and assimilate. This concept directly encompasses three distinct stakeholders: the customer first, then the reseller and finally the supplier.

In the context of a completely classic online purchase, it is necessary for the customer to first go through a specific online store (or e-commerce site) in order to place the order of his choice.

The importance of dropshipping is reflected in this precise point: to meet the maximum expectations and allow all customers to buy the product they want, this commercial management technique makes it possible to offer for sale online products that are not really in the company’s stock.

In this operational model embodied by dropshipping, the online reseller does not have the product desired by the customer in his stock.

As soon as an order is placed and placed on the Internet, the item in question is directly acquired by the reseller from his supplier, the same supplier who will be in charge of the final delivery to the buyer’s home.

Now that the notion of dropshipping is clear in your head, there is only one thing left to learn: the Oberlo tool allows you to enjoy all the advantages of dropshipping with a professional solution, designed specifically for companies in the e-commerce sector.



Saving time, using the product base provided by the most reputable platform in the field, being able to meet all customer expectations as quickly as possible and providing them with the products they want..

Clearly, the benefits of the Oberlo tool are many, diverse and varied and most of them are only discovered over time.

With the help of such a tool, you will be able to improve your company’s performance with certainty, and this directly in the short term.


To be as complete as possible, it is difficult not to address the case of the main black spot of the Oberlo tool.

Indeed, this tool is not perfect and requires a significant implementation time so that it can be perfectly adapted to your company’s activity.

A start-up time that can be made up for very quickly afterwards and as soon as your company’s shop is functional and ready to respond to the various orders. An evil for a good, shall we say.

oberlo shopify

Verdict on the case

The great strength of dropshipping lies precisely in the fact that the reseller is not obliged to have all the products he offers in stock online.

Oberlo has understood this and offers a perfect tool to optimize a dropshipping process within any company, regardless of its size.

By using an additional ordering step by purchasing the object desired by the customer from its supplier, the reseller immediately becomes a service provider who is in charge of the final sale of the product.

What is generally referred to as the supply chain therefore remains entirely the responsibility of the supplier, and this does not affect the speed of execution and delivery of the product desired by the customer.

Through this, the reseller can focus all his attention on the sale by offering great flexibility to his customers and a stock managed largely by the supplier who will be in charge of the final delivery of the purchased item to the customer’s home.

The only difficulty inherent in this method is therefore the absolute need to find trusted suppliers who can manage the second part of the supply chain as quickly and in the best possible way.

For all these reasons, and many others, Oberlo is the ideal solution, the perfect solution for all entrepreneurs wishing to develop their business activity using dropshipping.

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