Instaboss Review: The Tool to Fully Automate your Instagram?


You are new to the web and want to earn money through social networks. You want to follow the same path as all instagramers who earn their living by publishing their photos. Today, there are many ways to generate profits with Instagram, once you have found what will make you money, you need to develop […]

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Dashlane Review: The Best Password Manager Put to the Test

Hacking into web accounts is facilitated by the low level of password security of most Internet users. In order to remember your password, you put dates such as birth dates, wedding dates, or even your child’s first name, or even your lover’s first name. Worse still, you may use the same password for all the […]

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Aweber Review: Testing the Marketers’ Favorite Autoresponder


Aweber is a widely used autoresponder and particularly appreciated by web marketing professionals. However, an important nuance remains to be made. It is more popular in the English-speaking market than in the French-speaking market. This is due to the fact that it does not support accents and is not translated. This is rather unfortunate, because […]

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Thrive Themes Review: The Best Themes and WordPress Plugins?


Formerly 100% focused on WordPress themes, ThriveThemes is now a company that offers very good tools of all kinds to help you increase your revenue through your WP site. With ThriveThemes, you have the option of subscribing to an annual subscription that gives you full access to the available themes and extensions or just making […]

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Steve Jobs’ Best 10 Tips for Success in Entrepreneurship

steve jobs

In this article we will see Steve JOBS’s 10 tips for success. These tips are taken from an interview and seminar that Steve JOBS gave. They will be highly useful in the quest for your success. Who was Steve Jobs? Steve Jobs is the co-founder of Apple, a pioneering personal computer company that is enjoying […]

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KWFinder Review: The Best SEO Tool to Find Profitable Niches?


Have you ever heard of KWFinder? Not really, I guess. It is however one of the best SEO tools available in the SEO field like Google’s Keyword Planner Tool. When you take a closer look, you will notice that Google’s Keyword Planner Tool has an unbeatable flaw: it no longer displays the number of searches […]

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Zoom Review: My Opinion on the Video Conferencing Solution

zoom us

In the digital age, several tools are emerging every day to facilitate everyday communication. While some are exclusively employed in a personal capacity, others are oriented towards professional use such as, a simple software for videoconferencing and much more. Named “Consumer Choice 2018” by Gartner Peel Insights, Zoom Video Communications is attracting more and […]

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Tubebuddy Review: My Opinion on the All-in-1 Marketing Tool for Youtube

youtube seo

Companies systematically use social networks to convey their image and communicate easily with their partners and prospects. Youtube, the first video hosting site on the Net, has become the site of a fierce battle between companies, videographers or youtubeurs who must constantly increase their ingenuity to stand out from the competition. Their main objective is […]

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The 7 Best WordPress Themes for Infopreneurs and Entrepreneurs


In the design of a blog or website, content and design are the law. As an infopreneur or webmarketeer, the web offers you an unrivalled showcase. But for your internet platform to have a real impact, quality is essential, both in its realization and in its animation. If you are new to the field, it […]

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