Printful Review: My Opinion on the Print-on-Demand Service (POD)

By WebMarketKings

July 4, 2019


You’ve probably heard of Prinful before. This is a site for “print on demand”, or more precisely, printing on demand.

This technique is often used for dropshipping on platforms such as Shopify for example or WordPress. This system allows personalized items to be sent to customers with a nearby design (in Europe for example). This has a strong influence on quality and delivery times, which are considerably reduced.

So here is my opinion on Printful, the application, and the print on demand service.

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Présentation de Printful, le service de livraison

Presentation of Printful

Printful is a delivery service with a direct system. It can be easily integrated into e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Storenvy or Tictail for example. It is a service for small and medium-sized shops with online sales. Prinful allows them to sell printed products while being personalized. You can have posters, canvases, t-shirts, muges, etc.

But that’s not all, this service takes care of the execution and shipping, which is very interesting. From there, online retailers have the ability to outsource each execution process, but also shipping.

As far as customers are concerned, they can use Printful’s services in different ways, here are the 4 alternatives:

  • Printful can be integrated into the online platform
  • It is possible to place manual commands
  • Use can be made from an open API
  • An intermediary such as Shipstation or Ecwid can be used to connect a platform.

One of Prinful’s biggest advantages is the ability to integrate into a platform like Shopify, which is its big strength! Just like being able to print on demand with many objects.

Printful, les avantages et caractéristiques

What is the interest of print on demand?

You are probably wondering what is the point of print when you ask yourself if you already know dropshipping well. It is important to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages before you start.

Here are some of the disadvantages of Print on Demand:

  • You must create an attractive visual or find a professional who can offer you good designs.
  • The margins are not large, so it is necessary to calculate the customer’s acquisition cost.
  • It is prohibited to reuse known names, brands and films unless you have the licensing rights.

But these problems have accessible solutions, provided that you take the time to think about them.

On the other hand, there are many advantages:

  • The products are differentiated by the visual
  • Customized brand and packaging
  • Fast delivery time
  • Quality products
  • You can have a shop exclusively POD and increase your average basket quickly
  • We can create a partnership with artists

It is true that the acquisition cost can quickly become high, but a POD store can bring in a lot of money if you choose your niche carefully and optimize your SEO!

It is also a good way to differentiate yourself from businesses working with Aliexpress, as the quality is much higher. This solution makes it easier to convert customers. For example, you can start by setting up a partnership with an influencer to make your designs known!

Printful’s advantages for on-demand printing

Printful has a very practical system, because it avoids complicated steps, such as finding a printer for example. This service proposes to facilitate tasks from these elements:

  • Manual orders are not mandatory, each order is sent directly to the printer for execution.
  • The shipping notification is automatically generated with a tracking number
  • The tax rate is calculated automatically while the shipping rate is calculated by the carrier.

With regard to print on demand, here are some details showing how it is similar to dropshipping:

  • There are no fees (initial or monthly), payment is made upon arrival of the order.
  • Stock is not necessary, and no equipment should be purchased for printing
  • The minimum order is not necessary.

This system allows you to generate revenue without managing the product directly or planning an investment in printing equipment. So we have a very practical solution here.

But Printful also stands out by offering a number of tools to support salespeople:

  • You can easily generate free mock-ups and products
  • You can request a perfecting of your design through the internal designers (from the design department)
  • You can get pictures of your products ready for use for your shop
  • Your inventory is stored directly in their stocks for ease of use

Les solutions d'impression proposées par Printful

What can you print with Printful?

It is possible to print on many media via Printful thanks to the print on demand system. You can use phone shells, sneakers, snikers, posters, t-shirts, cups, etc.

The product selection is wide and you can ask for new products if necessary. However, there are already many proposals. Here is an example of a Printful catalogue:

  • The basics: t-shirts, hoodie, sock
  • Clothing: leggings, dress, skirt, shorts, bra, swimsuit
  • Accessories: phone case, backpack, handbag
  • Art: poster, canvas, framed poster
  • Embroidery: cap, hat, t-shirt, polo shirts
  • Decoration: cup, pillow, towel, apron

You will therefore have no difficulty in finding the support you prefer to set up an attractive design and launch yourself into this sales system. It should also be remembered that the service is white label. As there is no printable marking by a supplier, the product will appear to come from you. It is also possible to customize the message accompanying your product during shipping. You can also set up your own brand sticker without adding any additional costs. You can easily create your brand in a few clicks with this method.

What to expect? (Quality, deadline, printing location)

Everything is printed internally with Printful, orders are sent within 3 working days from the receipt of the order. The product is subject to quality control before being shipped directly to the customer.

As customers are absolutely everywhere, Printul has set up 3 order centres in North America and one in Europe. This allows you to deliver products made in USA and made in EU!

L'intérêt du print on-demand

Click here to discover Printful and its products!

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