How to Get a Refund for the Lily Chinese Speaker (Indiegogo Scam)

By Web Market Kings

October 29, 2020


Good news? If you have read our latest story about the crowdfunding campaign of Maybe’s Lily, then you must probably be one of its 8.000 disgruntled backers.

Aside for the 2-month-late update, it seems that more and more backers are starting to receive refunds, as reported by various buyers:

John M.:

It’s true, search #maybelilyscam on Twitter and you will see that 37 people from my count have received refunds since July. There were 8,748 backers before the app announcement and now we’re down to 8,711 backers as of yesterday afternoon. People have also confirmed that they have received refunds on Maybe’s Facebook page in the comments section of their most recent post. I cannot confirm if the refunds were issued by Indiegogo or Maybe however.

Philippe B.:

Apparently people are getting refunded.
27/10 – 8715 backers
28/10 – 8711 backers
Search for the hash tag #maybelilyscam on twitter for more info.

One of them reached out to WebMarketKings a few days ago to let us know that he finally got a full refund for his order.

In the post below, he was kind enough to tell us exactly what happened and how you too can try to get a refund using his technique.

Message from our reader


Will here. So basically this morning I received this email from Indiegogo:

Your transaction has been refunded

Hi Will,

Your transaction to Lily: The 1st smart speaker that teaches Chinese on Indiegogo has been refunded.

You requested this refund from the campaign owner directly, and the refund was processed through Indiegogo. You’ll no longer receive any perks associated with this transaction. Please contact the campaign owner if you have further questions about why the refund was issued.

What’s next?

Refunds are issued back to the credit or debit card used to make the contribution. It may take three to five business days to process for US issued cards, and up to ten business days for international credit cards.

At first I was quite shocked to read this email, so I rushed to Lily’s crowdfunding page on Indiegogo to see if the campaign was fully canceled or not.

Then by reading the comments I quickly realized that ONLY my order was refunded. That’s cool for me I guess, not complaining, but that’s not what I want for other backers!

So I went to share the news in the Comments page of Indiegogo and discovered that since I have been refunded, I am no longer a backer, so I cannot comment anymore!

That’s when I understood WHY I’ve been refunded and not others: they didn’t like my messages and want to censor the loudest/most annoying voices.

Well, too bad for them, I’m still here.

Here are the comments that I posted during the campaign (no longer visible):

25 days before being refunded/censored (14 likes – 2 dislikes):

Alexis Pons & Jie Meng-Gérard should be called out, exposed and shamed. They might be remorseless scammers, but we can prevent this from happening again, by making sure this crowdfunding fraud RUINS their reputation forever!
NAME & SHAME Alexis Pons and Jie Meng-Gérard!
If you have a site or social profiles, please consider writing a post explaining your experience and be sure to name these scammers.
Remember: they don’t give a sh*t about us. So it’s time to FIGHT BACK!
Doing my part anyway 😉

2 days before being refunded/censored (7 + 8 likes):

Very interesting bit from :
“Alexis Pons is heavily involved in Slide N Joy, also known as Le Slide, another crowdfunding scam and business failure (funded in 2015 and still yet to be delivered).)”
After 2015, galvanized by the success of his 1st crowdfunding campaign, he reached out to Jie to help him fund his project. The issue: Alexis is a FAILURE and everything he touches apparently turns to sh*t as he couldn’t deliver any funded product!


Look at this mess:
Then look at this:
“Alexis | Associate – Manager – Supply”
LOL, this guy is a JOKE. As the supply manager, it takes him 5+ years to deliver a product that he promised would be shipped in December 2015. Alexis Pons is a professional scammer. For everything else, he’s just an amateur and a POS.

So what happened? I suspect that’s the official company policy to refund people in order to censor them. (CCP-inspired customer service, much, Jie? Alexis?)

What that means for backers:

  • They’re reading every single one of your messages BUT they don’t reply
  • They’re scared as fuck about the mess it has become SO they censor us
  • They’re cowards who can’t solve issues like real men SO they’re hiding
  • They want to silence us BUT we can fight back

Right, Alexis and Jie? It’s so much easier to fund a campaign than to actually deal with its consequences like grown ups.

How to get my refund?

Now that you know all this, I suggest you do what worked for me.

First, copy and paste in the comments tab the 2 comments that got me refunded (the last 2). These were too much to handle for them, so a few backers might be able to get the treatment as I did by using the same messages. Maybe consider tweaking them a bit to better fit your style?

Then, once backers are spamming this all over the Comments tab, they might start to realize something and stop giving refunds for this. At this point, it’s all about using this technique in creative ways (see my first comment): CALL THEM OUT.

They can’t handle confrontation and they’re scared. They don’t give a sh*t about Lily, Maybe and the backers. All they care about is themselves. Alexis Pons set his Instagram account to private a few days after the original post from WebMarketKings.

Don’t put pressure on the business. Maybe and Lily are and have always been empty shells. Put pressure on Jie and Alexis, the founders.

Quick Disclaimer

I’m not encouraging harassing anyone here. I’m not encouraging bad behaviours towards individuals, no matter who they are. I’m here only to suggest publicly holding responsible Jie Meng Gerard and Alexis Pons for this, as entrepreneurs that have received funds from the investors that we are. We can respect individuals while vigorously attacking the entrepreneurs they represent.

Yes, my comments have been pretty insulting and disrespectful, however:

  • I’m only attacking their management of the campaign(s), not the individuals
  • Given the current situation, reactions (or lack of) and revelations, being a bit aggressive doesn’t sound so disproportionate to me

Then it’s up to you to set the limit for yourself.

Final Words

Obviously, I cannot guarantee that you will get a refund from doing this. But it’s worth trying in my opinion.

Then, if it works please leave a comment in the section below so that people can know!

I might be done with this crowdfunding campaign, but I am now a Maybe HATER for life, so you can always count on my support!

Also, I’d like to thank for giving me the opportunity to share my story, and for reporting about this scam. Mainstream tech & biz websites love to talk about how fast crowdfunding campaigns got funded (Forbes, Mashable, Gizmodo, etc.) but never talk about the endless fights, the scams and the lies coming after…

Anyway, don’t give up, they won’t win so easily 🙂



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