How to Sell Ebooks in a Few Clicks and Automate the Process?

By WebMarketKings

July 1, 2019

E-books, digital products: how to boost your sales?

The creation and sale of digital products must be the subject of a real strategy to be profitable. Do you want to market an e-book and sell it easily?

You will have to follow a number of steps and good practices to achieve this.

Tools dedicated to web entrepreneurs can also make it easier for you: find out everything you need to know to boost your sales of e-books and digital products.

Concevoir un e-book pour répondre aux attentes de la cible

Design your e-book according to your target audience’s expectations

The first key to success in selling e-books is the theme of your digital product. It must indeed arouse the interest of Internet users, or at least a part of them.

It is not necessarily a question of seducing the general public, but rather of identifying your target audience precisely to better understand their expectations and needs.

It is therefore by getting to know your potential readers that you will be able to write a relevant e-book, the advantages of which you will have no difficulty in emphasizing when selling it.

Protect your copyright

When you edit a digital product to put it online, you take several risks. And these are, most of the time, related to copyright and plagiarism.

On the web, plagiarism can take many forms.

You will therefore be able to find an extract from your e-book on a third-party blog, without mentioning the source, or the entirety of your digital product on a site that does not belong to you.

In addition, digital products can be downloaded illegally or even shared free of charge between Internet users.

To protect yourself against these risks of plagiarism and illegal downloading, several preventive solutions can be put in place.

But you will have to agree not to be able to control the entire distribution of your digital product: there is no need to panic if you find that it is being used for free.

Instead, you will benefit from taking advantage of these illegal shares and downloads.

The protection of your e-book begins as soon as it is laid out: insert your name and the URL of your website in the footer or in the margin.

Once your digital product is finalized, also consider applying for copyright online.

Finally, feel free to contact a blogger who publishes excerpts from your e-book, or a site that offers your product for free download.

Try to transform them into allies in your distribution strategy, by offering them a partnership or affiliate agreement to better promote your digital product.

Exigez un droit d'auteur sur vos produits numériques

Set an attractive and consistent price for your digital product

Your e-book is written and protected? You will now set its price, a particularly important element in marketing.

Indeed, this prize must reward your work for its true value while being perceived as fair by consumers. A real puzzle!

But then, at what price should you sell your e-book? First, conduct a competitive watch: what are the prices charged by your direct competitors for products similar to yours?

A platform like Amazon will give you a fairly accurate idea of the price at which e-books sell. In a second step, do not hesitate to test different prices with Internet users.

Are your digital product sales not taking off? Launch a major promotional campaign to ensure that it is not the price that deters your potential customers.

Finally, do not hesitate to ask people who have already bought your product: what did they think of the price? Does it seem appropriate and fair to them? This information can help you set the price of your next digital products: don’t miss it.

Select and activate sales channels adapted to your e-book

You now have a new digital product that is protected from plagiarism and to which you have given a prize. So all you have to do is sell it. But by what means?

The web offers you two main options for distributing your digital products.

The first is to design a dedicated sales support, which will usually take the form of a website.

While this solution pays off in the long term, it will still require a significant personal investment.

You will have to optimize your site for natural referencing, to ensure the visibility of your offer, but also to think about the conversion of Internet users into customers.

The second option is to distribute your digital products on specialized platforms, such as Amazon Kindle or Calaméo.

And in this case, it is the promotion of your e-books that you will have to devote yourself full-time to make the operation profitable.

In general, you will increase your chances of success by combining both methods.

They may even be complementary, provided they are integrated into a coherent promotion strategy.

E-book : entre prix et canaux de vente

Promote your e-book

You have activated different sales channels to distribute your digital product, and you have already taken a big step towards the success of your project.

However, this is not enough: to sell your products effectively, you will have to promote them to ensure their visibility to the target audience.

Indeed, competition is fierce on the Internet.

And, whatever the theme of your digital product, it is likely that there is already a similar online offer. In this context of increased competition, you must therefore make yourself visible, but also stand out.

However, several solutions can help you set up a real marketing strategy around your digital product.

Have you created a website to ensure the distribution of your e-book? You can also use it as a promotional tool, by publishing high value-added blog articles as regularly as possible.

Are you particularly comfortable with social networks? Develop a real community of Internet users around your e-book.

In addition, paid marketing solutions can guarantee the visibility of your digital product on social networks and search engines.

Feel free to use the targeting tools of Facebook Business or Google Ads to support the strategic steps of your project, such as the launch of your e-book for example.

Track the sales of your digital product

You have designed an original digital offer, and you have proposed it for sale on different digital media. Yes, but then what? It is likely that you are already monitoring the evolution of sales and profit since the launch of your digital product.

However, you will need to take a systematic approach to tracking sales.

Monitoring sales will prove useful in more than one way. First, it will allow you to adjust your marketing strategy in real time.

By having an overview of the sales achieved, you will be able to identify the most effective marketing levers by focusing on sales peaks: how were they reached?

Did you have a promotional or targeted advertising campaign in place?

In addition, sales tracking will allow you to calculate the ROI (return on investment) of your project: in relation to the time spent creating your digital product, how much does it earn you?

Does the result seem satisfactory to you? Should you adjust the price of your e-book to achieve your objectives?

Intégrez le prix dans votre stratégie de vente e-book

Choose the right tools to focus on the essentials: promote and sell

If the creation of a digital product requires time and a significant personal investment, it is the sales phase that will determine its chances of success.

You can produce the most complete and interesting e-book of your theme, but no one will buy it if you don’t distribute it properly.

And, as you will have understood, this step is complex: between sales channels, marketing strategy and promotional materials, you will have to be on all fronts to effectively sell your digital products.

However, some dedicated tools may facilitate the process: this is the case of SendOwl, a complete solution for web-entrepreneurs.

SendOwl: a complete tool for e-book authors and infopreneurs

Among the solutions available to you to sell your digital products more easily, SendOwl is a tool of choice.

This platform has many features, and is intended to be as complete as possible.

It will allow you to manage the sale of your e-books from A to Z, from their distribution to the follow-up of sales.

SendOwl thus centralizes all your digital products, to provide you with an overview of your offer. All you have to do is upload your files to the platform.

L'outil de prédilection pour auteur d'e-book

The latter then facilitates the sales process by allowing you to:

  • Offer several payment methods to your customers
  • Create optimized sales pages for the conversion of Internet users into customers
  • Ensure a professional delivery service for your digital products

SendOwl allows you to organize and optimize the sale of your digital products from a single platform, specially designed for web-entrepreneurs.

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