Sendinblue Review: My Opinion on the French Emailing Solution

By WebMarketKings

August 3, 2019


In order to build customer loyalty, acquire new prospects or simply to continuously inform about your new products, it has become almost imperative to use a simple and effective tool to manage your Emailing or SMS campaigns, especially when the volume of your contacts is considerable.

At first glance, “Choose Mailchimp! “you will be told. But don’t rush into it!

There is a much more efficient and affordable alternative that is starting to overshadow the American giant. She is French and is called SendinBlue.

So here is our complete test to verify the legitimacy of this innovative solution!

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SendinBlue : presentation

Launched in 2012 by Armand Thiberge, SendinBlue is a French platform specialized in Emailing, SMS and Automation Marketing campaign management.

In SaaS mode, this application allows you to import as many contacts as you want, as well as send up to 9000 emails per month in free mode.

First conceived to support the growth of young companies, SendinBlue has quickly become one of the pioneers in the sector thanks to its affordable prices, its varied functionalities and its efficient customer service.

Today, SendinBlue is present in France, the United States and India to support the 50,000 SME partners around the world, but above all to offer you even more new products.

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SendinBlue: the functionalities

The primary goal of SendinBlue is to help you set up an Emailing campaign from A to Z without knowing the basics of HTML or having previous programming knowledge.

The online interface features an intuitive newsletter editor where you just have to choose a template from the many templates in the gallery, available even in free version, and then make the changes you want. All models are compatible with computer, mobile phone and tablet.

For more efficiency, you can customize each of your emails according to your contacts’ profiles, which are managed directly on SendinBlue.

Beforehand, consider segmenting them according to socio-demographic and behavioural criteria to better understand your target audience, especially when it comes to acquiring new prospects. You can enrich your database without limits while assigning attributes to them.

Launching an Emailing campaign is great, but tracking it in real time is even better. This is what SendinBlue offers. But not just that! You can also download the statistics collected in PDF or CSV format to study them closely later and develop a new strategy based on the results.

The Automation Marketing option allows you to create a customized scenario for sending emails or SMS or both, taking into consideration the behavior of users on your website or clicks following the receipt of your email.

Transactional emails are also possible on SendinBlue, which you can use to confirm a registration, an order, etc.

Several large companies already trust this transactional email solution.

sendinblue emailing

Why should I choose SendinBlue?

The SendinBlue service offers several interesting features: Emailing/SMS campaign creation, transactional sending and Automation Marketing.

In the free version, you can access all 3 features with a limit of 300 emails per day.

  • Offers remain affordable and non-binding, varying according to the profile of subscribers and their needs. For example, the LITE offer is more suitable for a young web marketer who is trying to build reader loyalty or acquire new customers.
  • On the other hand, the much more complete COMPANY offer is aimed at large companies with a large customer portfolio. If you have a special need, you can always get a customized package that reflects your business.
  • The ESSENTIAL and PREMIUM offers are the most interesting, especially since from 29 €/month, you remove the SendinBlue logo from all your emails and replace it with your own brand image. You also have access to advanced statistics on the behavior of your users for a better Inbound Marketing strategy.

Apart from creating a simplified Emailing/SMS campaign using the online interface, the management of your contacts remains totally free and unlimited in number.

The possibility of a transactional mail offers the certainty of receiving your mail and its reading by users, thanks to the use of the API or SMTP of your SendinBlue account.

To improve your digital reputation, you can request a dedicated IP address for 108 € per year. It allows you to send an email from your domain name and using your signature.

As for Marketing Automation, the tool implemented is certainly one of the easiest to use to build customized scenarios in just a few clicks.

So, with each behavior on your website, you will have the right email in your pocket. For example, when the user subscribes to the newsletter or makes a purchase, a confirmation email would be required.

sendinblue francais

What are the advantages of the SendinBlue platform?

Unlike other online services, SendinBlue does not require you to fill in your credit card information upon registration.

On the contrary, the service allows you to benefit from many of its features for free while you get used to its online interface and operation. Then, you can switch to other offers easily and quickly.

SendinBlue requires no previous programming knowledge to build your newsletters or landing pages. The online interface works like WYSIWYG software where you choose your predefined template that you customize as you need it.

Subscription to SendinBlue is without obligation. So, if you want to change your service, you can stop your subscription at any time.

However, to permanently delete your data, you must contact the platform’s customer service department. Also, if you wish to change your offers, you can do so directly on your account without any extra charge.

SendinBlue also works with prepaid credits, ideal for occasional SMS sending. As there is no deadline for use, you can adapt the sending of SMS messages at your own pace.

Verdict on the case

Available in 6 languages, SendinBlue is a multi-channel, complete, intuitive and easy-to-use interface that not only allows you to create your Emailing campaign, but also helps you track the conversion rate progress in real time, in order to closely analyze user behavior on your website.

The various offers offered by the service are interesting and adapted to each customer profile for various uses.

But, it is always profitable to go through the free version to better understand how SendinBlue works and learn how to use the online interface.

Click here to Discover Sendinblue for Free (no obligation)!

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