Shutterstock Review: My Opinion on the Biggest Image and Video Bank

By WebMarketKings

July 11, 2019


Shutterstock is THE most famous image bank.

To put it simply, it is the reference in this area.

Created in 2003, Shutterstock offers you professional photographs and clips with a right of use in exchange for a subscription.

It is not uncommon to see your favorite Youtubers use it in their videos or even public figures use it for political purposes.

An image bank ensures that you get quality photographs for all subjects. This is crucial to your brand image.

It is generally more than not advisable to publish an amateur photograph, as it will give you the image of an… amateur and not a professional in your field.

If your site is a showcase for your customers, it is now unthinkable to do without an online image bank… unless you yourself are an outstanding photographer.

Spotlight on the most famous of them: Shutterstock.

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Shutterstock, la référence des banques d'images

An image bank, but not only that..

Shutterstock is renowned as an image bank, but did you know that the platform also offers music?

Let’s see now the offers on the site.

The image bank

The image bank can be used with a monthly subscription, but with a limited number of photo downloads.

Indeed, if we take the cheapest offer, the price is 29 €/month for a maximum quantity of 10 images usable in the month and for 199 €/month, the platform offers you a use of 750 images in the month.

This is a flat-rate business model unlike Adobe Stock where it is possible to purchase a license by the unit.

Please note that all offers entitle you to use the Shutterstock Editor Pro image personalization tool.

It is a powerful tool for your communication on social networks, as it saves time by offering formats adapted to all types of social networks.

However, the publisher is a little too limited for the most creative.

Shutterstock Editor Pro, votre outil de personnalisation

The video bank

Unlike images, videos are ordered in batches for a limited time of 365 days. Depending on the quality of the desired format, a clip in HD only will cost you 59 €, but you can benefit from a sliding scale depending on the number ordered.

All the clips are of professional quality in all areas; and can be shared as you wish!

There are two categories of uses for Shutterstocks video clips:

  • Editorial use: this clip format is particularly suitable for the narration of your brand. Its purpose is to enhance your content marketing.
  • Non-editorial use: format adapted for promotional campaigns.

And less known features

Shutterstock is much more than just visual content.

A sound bank

Shutorstocks offers you a sound bank that can be downloaded from the site with two types of licenses:

  1. A standard license of 39 € for podcast projects and usable at points of sale.
  2. A license of more than 329 € for web/podcasts and audiovisual projects.

However, the use of licenses can only be used on one and only one project!

Shutterstock : une banque sonore et de vidéos

An editorial bank

The editorial bank offers images related to current events. This offer is useful for news sites.

These images illustrate current events on various subjects. They can be printed and then included in paper newspapers. A single image will cost you €179.

Varied content on all topics

The image bank is very rich in content for all domains! The main strength is the quality of the images offered.

Indeed, each image is available in standard format, but also in HD. You can directly upload your photos in a format adapted for social networks.

By default, it is possible to download them directly in dimensions optimized for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

In addition, you will have access to the Shutterstock Editor tool to access a wider choice of formats and gives you the possibility to modify your illustration in 2-3 clicks without having any in-depth knowledge of photo editing.

Ideal for your content marketing, your engagement rate will be even better.

Like any good image editor, the tool works with a layer system like Gimp or Photoshop software.

The main strength of the editor is its simplicity. We are going to the essential here for a single objective: to create and put online a marketing image in all simplicity!

Une banque éditoriale, pour quel budget ?

High quality images…

Shutterstock’s main advantage is the quality of its images and its impressive content!

Access to Shutterstock Editor is an undeniable plus for editing photos to adapt them to your content marketing.

For example, in the case of a tweet with an image, it has an additional 35% probability of being retweeted!

… but not suitable for all budgets

Shutterstock packages are expensive, very expensive… too expensive?

Prices too high

An image bank of this quality at a price… It takes 29 €/month for a monthly download of 10 images!

This package will still give you access to Shutterstock Editor Pro.

Given the quality of the illustrations, is this rate justified? By offering such expensive packages, Shutterstock seems to want to offer their content to “triple A” sites.

Consequently, if your marketing budget is low, prefer free image banks like this one, whose quality is certainly not comparable, whose content is certainly lower, but whose offer will be more than sufficient if you have just built your online business!

Packages drowned in the mass

Le guide des forfaits Shutterstock

The other disadvantage is the multitude of offers. Nothing is clear and more research is needed to find the right offer for your brand.

For example, for photos, the cheapest offer of 29 € corresponds to an annual package so you are committed for 1 year and does not include VAT (34 € 80 incl. VAT/month) and the Call To Action hides the more flexible monthly packages whose downloading of 10 images per month will cost you 49 €/month without commitment, but you can also buy a pack of 5 prepaid images for 1 year at 49 €, but you can also subscribe to a team offer to make it easier for you to share images… In short, we get lost!

To make matters worse, Shutterstock guides you to packages that will probably be unsuitable for your brand via the abuse of this Call To Action… snoop around and above all, beware of the licenses offered!

Verdict on the case

Shutterstock‘s reputation is well established. From a qualitative and quantitative point of view, it’s 20 out of 20 in every respect!

But this at a price… Shutterstock is not suitable for all budgets.

As a result, free competitors will largely do the trick in your content marketing.

However, if you have an online media (and/or paper), you will hardly be able to avoid the editorial offer at 90 € per image the pack of 25 downloadable for 365 days for a single use and a maximum circulation of 500 000 copies…

In other words, even if you have subscribed to a package, you are not free to do what you want with the proposed content so read the terms of use carefully!

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