Affiliate Program Review: Is it Right for You?

By WebMarketKings

March 17, 2020

There are an increasing number of people setting up online businesses. And there are a lot of brick and mortar who are still currently closed down setting up online stores. The Systeme IO affiliate program will help you earn 40% lifetime commissions by recommending

It provides all the tools an online business needs to get started including sales funnels, email marketing, and an integration with online payment processors.

What Is and Why Would I Recommend It?

systeme io pricing was founded by Aurelien Amacker to provide an affordable competitor to ClickFunnels. He had been running a successful online coaching business since 2010. But he wanted to automate a lot of the sales process as his business kept increasing.

He originally launched it in 2018 in France, and it became the top online business software in the country. So Amacker made a few adjustments and launched it in the United States and other English-speaking markets as quickly as possible.

Right now, there’s over 2,500 people using the system. So it has a proven track record. You can feel confident recommending Systeme IO.

It takes the place of multiple tools in one easy to use platform. Now you don’t need to spend money on an email service provider, a webinar playback system, membership management system, contact management systems, an affiliate management system, and a sales funnel.

A Quick Look At The Basics

It should be no surprise that uses to manage their own affiliate program. You get 40% over the lifetime of the client. You don’t need to be a subscriber of to be an affiliate.

You can also promote additional products that are listed in the marketplace. The owners of the products set their commissions. It’s a great way to find new products to recommend to your customers.

For, you get paid out after a 60 day delay, and the commissions are released on the 10th of each month. You need to have earned at least $30 to receive commissions. Otherwise it keeps accruing.

The products in the Marketplace have their own terms.

Now let’s look at the features and benefits to help you sell

What Features and Benefits Does Offer?

systeme io login provides everything out of the box that an online business would need. It’s very modular, she can pick and choose the exact components that you need. And there are multiple sales funnel templates to choose from including drop shipping.

Let’s take at what it provides:

  • Sales funnels
  • Affiliate program
  • Webinars
  • Email marketing
  • Blogs
  • 1-click upsells
  • Membership sites
  • Marketing automation
  • Contact management

The membership sites allow the business owner to sell content courses providing passive income. The business owner can create what’s called Evergreen webinars these are webinars that can be viewed at any time. And it drives traffic into their sales funnel which also has set up automatically.

Business owners can set up an affiliate sales program that drives even more traffic. The marketing automation will send email so if someone has watched the webinar but has not converted, they can be sent emails describing additional benefits or possibly even a better offer.

This frees up the business owner to do what they do best and that is solving their customers’ problems.

So How Does the Business Owner Sign Up?

First, the business owner needs to know what their marketing plan is. For example, do they just want the sales funnel and email marketing, or do they want the webinars, and will they need to blog?

systeme io funnel

Then they can sign up for the correct tier for their needs. If they’re just starting out, they will probably want the $27/month tier which handles blogs, email marketing, membership sites, integration with PayPal and Stripe, and an affiliate program.

They could also sign up for the enterprise for a month or two and receive the 1-to-1 kickstart coaching. Then they could learn about all the different options and evaluate how it fits into their business model now and looking forward to the future. They can always downgrade if needed.

What Do You Get? is a pay for what is used platform. The most basic plan allows the subscriber to create funnels, sell products, and send emails to 5000 contacts.

They can have as many many funnels as you want, which is amazing. They’re also allowed unlimited blogs and three membership sites.

The next level allows the subscriber to have 10,000 contacts and five membership sites as well as A/B tests, coupon codes and 3 evergreen webinars. In the top tier, the subscriber five custom domains, unlimited evergreen webinars, and a kickstart coaching session in addition to everything else that the other tiers get.

The subscriber can change tiers whenever it is needed. So it’s really very scalable for a business owner just getting started.

As of right now, the first tier is selling for $27/month, the mid-tier is $47/month and the top-tier is 97/month. offers a 14-day free trial that you do not need a credit card for.

What Do They Do After Signing Up?

After signing up, the business owner will then want to create their first funnel. The funnel is simply a way of getting people into your nurturing program. Most people offer a lead magnet which is usually special reports to convince people to sign up for their email list.

aurelien systeme io

From there the regular emails will help educate and intrigue the prospect to want to continue finding out more about the programs and services offered by the business owner.

They will choose a template. There are four final templates to choose from.

  1. Collect emails
  2. Sales funnel where you sell your product or service
  3. Custom funnel
  4. Webinar funnel which replays your evergreen webinar

The email collector is the simplest providing only a landing page and an opt-in thank you page. The email is captured in the contact management system.

The sales funnel provides the ability to create a customized offer and thank you page. If the visitor purchases, they can use the processing systems that are integrated. Right now, they offer Stripe and PayPal.

The custom funnel is blank and is perfect for those who know how to build funnels.

The funnels are flexible and editable. You could move a page from one funnel to the other if you wanted to.

Now They Get Creative

The business owner will need to customize the main page. This could be the lead magnet sign up or it could be the listing page for the product or service.

Often a business owner doesn’t know what to say. This could be where you recommend an affiliate program on writing copy.

The page layout could be left alone, however it’s best if the subscriber makes updates for branding with colors and logos.

The Follow-Up

systeme io free trials

The final step in setting up is to plan how the automation should work. The subscriber needs to think through the messaging they want to send to purchasers and to those who abandoned the cart. Sometimes this is called the customer journey, and a good marketer will have a number of them.

The business owner will also want to test different landing pages based upon demographics. And this is also an opportunity to recommend additional products.

Setting Up the Basics

The owner can also manually add their existing contacts into the system. And they will want to hook up the payment provider that they use.

Then, they can add in products and services. If they’re selling to European countries, they’ll need to set up the value added tax (VAT) rate. Systeme IO handles tax and shipping for the owner just like Shopify.

This saves a lot of time and effort in calculating, and when someone purchases, they know exactly what they need to pay.

Why Would I Recommend It?

I would recommend that you recommend this. It’s a very functional and easy to use tool for very affordable price. It will help small and medium sized businesses make more money.

Why You Should Sign Up

So why should you want to sign up to the Systeme IO affiliate program?

  • It’s quick and easy. You go to this page and fill in the answers to a few questions. Within a short period of time, you will get your affiliate link.
  • There’s a well established Facebook group where you can ask questions. founder Aurelien Amacker is active.
  • It’s the ideal passive income because it’s a subscription site. You will continue to earn money so long as someone remains a subscriber.
  • They’re a solid 40% payout over the lifetime. So if someone moves from one tier to another, your income will go up.
  • There is an affiliate management dashboard so you can track your clicks and sales.

What Could Be Better

systeme io webinar

There aren’t many negatives, but as with everything, there are a few.

  • Since a credit card isn’t needed, you won’t know if they signed up for two weeks. However, that’s better for you than someone requesting a refund.
  • Payout is handled by Paypal or Wire Transfer. There are no other options.
  • Support isn’t as robust as with the more expensive alternatives. There is an active Facebook group, and a lot of frequently asked questions in their help pages.There is a support team to answer questions, but it’s an email system, not a ticket system. And the team works Paris hours, but they do work 7 days a week. So there may be a delay in getting an answer.

Who Would I Recommend It to?

This is a great tool to recommend to anyone who is selling anything online. It’s good for people just starting out and those who have built a medium size business of 15,000 contacts.

After that, they will need to look into other funnel providers like ClickFunnels or Kartra.

It’s not for people who only need one thing. If they just want to do webinars, then they should get a product like WebinarJam. Systeme IO is better targeted to people who want a total marketing system for their online presence.

I would recommend this to people who sell services via webinars as well as brick and mortar stores who are building up their online presence. For example, if someone owned a store that sold candles, they could offer a 20% off coupon for signing up to the newsletter.

They could then bring in that coupon code to the store for 20% off their in-store purchase. This business owner wouldn’t need the coupon code functionality since they could put it in the welcome email.

Additionally, a store could start putting items online using the product sales funnel pages and start engaging people online.

It’s also helpful for people like fitness coaches who can’t meet with people in-person, but can still provide them with daily training.

This is also a great system to recommend to coaches and course creators who want to set up their own affiliate programs. They can be free from providers like JVZoo and Clickbank and keep more of their money.

YouTube video

What Do I Do Next?

Sign up for the Systeme IO affiliate program. It’s really easy, and you’ll get your affiliate link quickly.

Then write up a review and drive traffic to it through organic or paid channels. Some people also make video reviews and publish them on YouTube. There are a number of other good online video sites like Minds and Bitchute.

If you have an email list, let them know that you found a system that will improve their business’ performance. System IO will also save them money since it’s all inclusive.

They won’t be spending money on separate tools that need to be integrated. And they won’t need to hire someone to manage the different pieces.

You could even sign up with yourself and use a sales funnel page to promote the product with your affiliate link. And you could create a webinar that walks through all of the benefits and leave that up as a static page to drive traffic into your funnel.

One of the difficulties of affiliate marketing is not capturing the buyer’s email address. When you set up a funnel page, you have this opportunity. Then when you find similar products, you can email your list.

You’re making money and you’re helping them solve a business problem. And that’s why we’re in business, right?

I hope you will sign up to the System IO affiliate program. If you have any questions, please let me know. I’m here to help your business too.

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