Teachable Review: My Opinion and Experience on the Online Training Host

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July 16, 2019


With the advent and democratization of the Internet tool, it is becoming easier and easier to earn money online.

One of the most effective solutions to do this is the sale of knowledge through online courses through ebooks and training. This practice is currently enjoying great success and more and more people are embracing it.

To make online training profitable, there are many tools that can be used to host its content and Teachable is one of them.

Curious to know more about Teachable? Discover our detailed opinion below!

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Presentation of Teachable

Teachable is a training hosting platform that allows you to create courses on the Internet and sell them to your subscribers and prospects.

An American platform that appeared a few years ago, Teachable is an easy and intuitive tool that does not require any particular computer knowledge.

As soon as it appeared, it was obviously in its country of origin that it conquered the market for hosted training platforms.

In a short time, this tool became one of the most widely used in America. On the strength of its success, the platform is spreading throughout the world and is becoming increasingly known in several countries such as France.

Teachable is a training hosting solution that will allow you to host your online courses on a single platform.

You can send your subscribers there so that they can buy your training.

Although its use worldwide is not yet very high, the Teachable hosted training platform is cited by many professionals as an effective, comprehensive and highly cost-effective solution. But how does it work at juste ?

How the Teachable tool works

Teachable is an online platform that functions as a Content Management System (CMS). It is therefore a platform that gives you space on its domain to allow you to host your courses on the Internet.

To access this hosted training solution, you must log in to the platform and register.

Registration on the hosting platform is free of charge, but there are also more comprehensive fee-based packages for professional trainers.

Once you have registered on the platform, you can start downloading your courses.

If you choose this solution, a virtual space will be made available to you and only you will be able to modify it to suit your needs.

You can therefore choose the presentation design and the different options to which visitors will be entitled.

Payment options and security are fully automated and you won’t have to worry about it. But with a hosted training solution like Teachable, you must promote your training yourself.

The hosted training platform allows you to find your own buyers. Teachable is mainly used by bloggers and website owners who want to earn money by selling online courses.

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Why choose Teachable?

In the English-speaking field of course sales on the Internet, the Teachable platform is one of the most widely used and effective at the moment.

The main interest of this platform lies in its ease of use and accessibility. The platform offers an all-in-one solution that includes the creation of sales pages and the payment of courses on the Internet.

With this platform, you can easily host and sell your courses on the Internet without having any technical knowledge in IT.

You can also create several sales pages and put as many courses as you want on them. Necks can be in the form of texts, PDF documents, videos, and even audio.

You can link your online training space to your newsletter to inform your subscribers as soon as a new course appears.

This allows you to simplify access to them as much as possible. The user experience being one of the essential criteria for the success of an Internet school, this represents a major asset for the tool, but is not the only one it has.

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The advantages of the Teachable platform

The main advantage of Teachable is undoubtedly its ease of use.

It is not necessary to have the knowledge of a webmaster to create your school on Teachable.

Apart from configuring the page settings, the rest of the platform is fully automated. You will not have to master lines of code or computer language to host your videos on the Internet.

Another advantage of the platform is the number of possibilities it offers. As mentioned above, you can create sales pages and easily share courses in different formats.

You can also put an unlimited number of courses on the platform for an unlimited number of people.

On the other hand, you can add extensions to your page to make it more attractive and personalized.

This solution for creating courses on the Internet is also very affordable, especially since if you start using the solution it can be free.

When you start out and you have doubts about the viability of the project, this is the solution you need to get started without investing too much money.

But Teachable is also a reliable solution that secures course payments by credit card or PayPal. It allows each of your subscribers to have their own personal account and not to expose their data to the public. The platform has a professional look.

The disadvantages of the Teachable platform

One of the major disadvantages of Teachable is that the platform receives payments and then sends them to the owner.

Unfortunately, this situation implies the calculation of international VAT, because the platform is not domiciled in France for example.

This aspect must then be taken into account when setting the prices of its courses.

When the solution is free, the commission charged by Teachable is much higher than the commission it charges for its paid formulas.

In addition, your recipes are sent once a month for the free package.

The platform is in English, which requires the user to make some effort to use it.

But fortunately, your subscribers will not have this problem since Teachable offers an automatic translation solution for visitors to a school on its platform.

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The verdict of this Teachable test

Teachable is a very complete platform that offers many advantages and many possibilities to its users.

Easy to use and highly efficient, the platform is designed to allow website owners to easily create online training and make it profitable.

This platform is perfect for launching into the creation and sale of online courses, as there is a free package to test the viability of the project.

But it is necessary to consider in the long term to switch to a paid version of the platform for more autonomy and less costs.

Click here to Learn More and Test Teachable for Free!

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