Thrive Themes Review: The Best Themes and WordPress Plugins?

By WebMarketKings

July 22, 2019


Formerly 100% focused on WordPress themes, ThriveThemes is now a company that offers very good tools of all kinds to help you increase your revenue through your WP site.

With ThriveThemes, you have the option of subscribing to an annual subscription that gives you full access to the available themes and extensions or just making a theme or extension purchase.

The annual subscription is really recommended if you choose ThriveThemes and you have a WordPress site, as the added value is so high.

This is what we will see in this detailed opinion, since there are several reasons for me to advise you.

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Responsive and customizable themes

For using WordPress, ThriveThemes offers you 10 quite extraordinary and very easy to use themes. They are designed to adapt to the different types of sites that can be created.

Thanks to their ease of use and responsive support, Thive is a great ally for beginners who work with WordPress when editing their sites.

When it comes to customizing a website, ThriveThemes provides you with several tools and remarkable quality extensions directly within the theme.

So no need to go any further, you have everything you need to customize the user experience: text sizes and styles, site level colors, margins and spacing, etc..

thrive themes plugins

Powerful and efficient extensions

The various options and extensions offered by ThriveThemes are very efficient and powerful.

Thrive Architect

Thrive’s WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) text editor is a powerful page editor. As you create the pages, you have a real-time view of what you are doing.

No more jumping between the site being built and the back office. It reduces some of the hassles and saves you time.

Even if you have no knowledge of page creation, Thrive Architect’s editor allows you to act as a professional with easy templates and commands. It is a fairly simple tool for beginners.

You can customize your pages you have created and also integrate options; all this in record time.

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Thrive Landing Pages

This extension of ThriveThemes gives you access to more than 150 landing page templates that are particularly optimized for conversions. The different templates allow you to adapt your site to any purpose.

This extension also allows you to convert your site that is already online to another format: if you have used a template other than those offered by ThriveThemes then Thrive Landing Pages is your solution.

All WordPress themes are compatible with this plugin, even those that are not from Thrive. Single opt-in or double opt-in forms are also available.

thrive architect

Thrive Leads

ThriveTheme does not do things halfway. It allows you to put forms online to generate Leads (capture of targeted emails).

This extension allows you to customize the design of the forms to be sent online, perform A/B Testing and use the dashboard and then perform analyses on the results obtained. An essential for all bloggers!

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Thrive Clever Widgets

When the visitor visits a given page or is interested in a given article, you can find out thanks to Thrive Clever Widgets and thus meet their expectations or adapt the content of your widgets.

The designer had a flair because all WordPress themes are adaptable to this extension. Finally, it should be noted that page loading is not slowed down by access to these widgets.

Thrive Headline Optimizer

When you need to put articles on the net, this extension allows you to perform tests to see the impact that the title could have on the user.

The success of blog articles is not limited to their content, but also to the captivating title they may have. It is therefore important that the articles have a title that can attract attention.

thrive theme

Thrive Ultimatum

To boost lead motivation, this extension offers you the possibility to add a countdown to a promotional offer.

It is important to encourage prospects to make a decision as soon as possible or to buy more to make your business profitable.

Thrive Ultimatum is really extraordinary in this respect. Imagine if you could set a countdown for each buyer just as they fall on the page.

Even better, even when the visitor returns to the page the countdown does not restart from zero!

Thrive Ovation

With this plugin you can put testimonials online wherever they are on your blog: the comment of an article can be used as a testimonial.

Time wastage is thus avoided with this plugin.

Discover the Best WordPress Themes and Plugins of the moment Made In Thrive Themes!


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