Webinarjam Review: Complete Overview of the Webinar Creation Software

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June 15, 2019


Are you starting as an entrepreneur in web marketing? Are you considering using an efficient and cost-effective webinar tool?

According to the Content Marketing Institute, webinars are used by more than 60% of webmarketers as part of their content strategy.

This figure can be impressive for beginners looking to start their own businesses with one of these tools.

There are indeed, many software programs to create and manage your meetings and seminars online. But which one will perfectly meet your specific needs? This is the question that must be asked of any new Web entrepreneur.

This detailed opinion on Webinarjam is intended to provide you with relevant information (price, main features, available integrations, etc.) on one of the most popular webinar software currently in use, and to help you make an informed choice by subsequently comparing it with similar products.

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Presentation of Webinarjam

Webinarjam is a webinar hosting platform created by Marketing Genesis, a company that helps small business owners and beginning entrepreneurs boost their web marketing performance.

The webinar system is a flexible and innovative solution for live broadcasting of events such as your meetings and training seminars.

Supporting different languages and compatible with all operating systems, browsers and mobile devices, Webinarjam allows users to stream live feeds to thousands of participants around the world.

Broadcasting can be done via Facebook Live, YouTube Live, or on Webinarjam’s private network.

With Webinarjam, you can go solo or invite co-hosts to broadcast your events live.

You can then select them one by one using dynamic and flexible layout tools. Webinar participants will be able to ask questions through the integrated online chat.

This webinar hosting software allows presenters to share their knowledge in a variety of ways: they can upload and play preloaded videos, run slide shows, or share their screen with other presenters by making annotations.

Webinarjam integrates other tools and features such as the ability to send offers to participants, create webinar registration pages, schedule events, sessions or training, send automated emails to get information about the performance of your webinars.

You have the possibility to pay $479 once a year and save money compared to the payment plan in 3 installments (3 payments of $189 for a total of $567 per year).

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Why choose Webinarjam to create your webinars?

WebinarJam offers the most useful features for web marketers, product vendors and companies looking to prospect new customers.

The platform provides everything each marketer needs to present their product and sell it in their webinars.

Several presenters for an unlimited number of participants

Webinarjam allows you to host numerous webinars with multiple presenters and an unlimited number of participants, all at no extra cost.

Other competing services charge you based on the number of participants, moderators, hosts and presenters who will participate in your web conference.

With Webinarjam, you only have to pay once to create unlimited webinars.

A fixed fee regardless of the number of participants? This is an unparalleled quality/price ratio that will boost your return on investment!

The new virtual meeting room

As on any presentation platform, except that it is virtual, your collaborators (located in any part of the world) and you can deliver your webinars live.

For the time being, the number of co-presenters during the same session is limited to 6.

You can share your webcam, broadcast a specific application, and even allow all presenters to be displayed simultaneously.

Indeed, the WebRTC live streaming standard makes the webinar much more dynamic. It also allows this feed to be automatically uploaded live to YouTube, making it accessible to thousands of people around the world.

The control centre

The new version of WebinarJam will have a highly customizable interface that will allow you to use it solo in a browser tab or on a dual screen with another computer.

Moderation can therefore be shared flexibly with a member of your team.

You can do everything from this control center, from analyzing discussions, to live alerts, surveys, polls, questions, videos, offers, etc.

Plan webinars and follow-up with SMS messages

You can plan your own webinars and allow your audience to register via your website or via the Webinarjam domain. The registration process is intuitive and concise.

Each webinarist will be able to use any email address if they wish to participate in your webinar later.

In addition, you can schedule SMS and email messages to participants to remind them of the start of your next webinar session.

This can greatly improve the engagement rate. SMS messages may contain links to your web page as well as instructions on how to participate in the webinar.

This very convenient feature will allow your prospects to be easily redirected to the webinar page (with a single click) after reading your message.

They will then be able to register or connect to the webinarjam platform from a computer or mobile device.

Full integration with social networks and e-mail marketing platforms

Each of your webinars is fully integrable with the most popular social networks, which means that your participants can easily share your webinar link with members of their different groups on these networks.

Webinarjam is also integrated with all email marketing platforms.

So, everyone who registers for your webinar will automatically become your email subscribers: an ingenious way to develop follow-up marketing and an effective tool for creating your customer portfolio.

With these features, you no longer have to worry about how to reach your audience, just send the link from the webinar to social network accounts and email addresses.

Another advantage of Webinarjam is to have more subscribers on your own social media pages, and to add new subscribers to your mailing list.

Once the webinar is over, you will only have to send promotional emails about your products to your list and on your pages.

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Sell your webinars efficiently

Webinarjam perfectly integrates the different payment gateways that allow you to invoice each webinar you create.

You can sell your products during your presentation with these same payment solutions.

This is very convenient and competitive, given that some platforms do not allow you to organize paid webinars.

It is up to you to choose whether to create a free or paid webinar on Webinarjam based on your needs and preferences.

While everyone can register and participate in your free webinar without paying a round, participants in your paid webinar will be automatically redirected, during the registration process, to the payment gateway to pay the fee.

Live feedback of information

During your webinars, all major questions can be displayed graphically.

For example, if someone asks if there will always be a price reduction on your product until a certain period of time, you can provide the answer and display it on the video interface.

You can also view purchases in real time, and promote specific comments to the public.

Anyone who lands on your landing page and purchases your product will receive an instant notification in Webinarjam.

Interactive question and answer tool

With Webinarjam, you and your participants will be able to interact live through question and answer sessions.

The platform provides a real-time conversation tool that allows them to post questions to which you can provide instant answers as if you were in front of them.

You can also answer them in public or private.

With this feature, you can see the flow of comments and questions typed by participants, and then choose to respond now or later.

This real-time conversation tool is efficient and very robust. It allows you to interact with your audience enough to increase their interest in the webinar.

Spotlight on participants

You can transform a participant into a guest, host or presenter at any time.

During the session, you can ask buyers to tell you why they bought your product or offer in the first place.

Tips like these can increase your sales very quickly.

Full follow-up for each webinar

Webinarjam provides a complete tracking tool for each webinar session you have created, precise measurement indicators that you can use to evaluate the success of your webinars.

Metrics include participant information, traffic analysis, conversion rate, sales, etc.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Webinarjam

The benefits include

  • Simple and easy to use interface with only three options in the menu. Less than 5 minutes to set up a webinar, as well as the entire registration process. Only the modification of e-mails is necessary from time to time depending on what you have to sell.
  • Many features offered at the lowest price on the market.
  • Easy to learn with training videos that show you what to do at each step.
  • Backend analyses are very powerful and can help novice entrepreneurs make informed decisions easily.
  • Automatically upload videos to your YouTube channel. Each webinar is automatically recorded and the replay can be sent to participants.
  • Ability to use the recorded webinar to create an automated webinar with EverWebinar.
  • A single annual payment for unlimited use.
  • Tracking codes on the extraction pages and thank you pages to help you learn more about the performance of your webinar.
  • Possibility to create free and paid webinars. You can display buttons, offers, and countdowns to encourage participants to convert.
  • Delivery with pre-tested and customizable landing page templates for your webinars.
  • Conducting surveys and surveys in real time through public and private discussion forums becomes much easier. Collect comments in real time during your online sales.
  • 30-day money back guarantee. This is usually enough time to try the purchased product or service without any risk.
  • 24/7 support service available.
  • The team is constantly looking to make the tool better, and they are open to feedback.

The disadvantages

  • There is no free trial, but rather a 30-day money back guarantee after you register for the service.
  • Some participants notice a delay of about 10 seconds between the live broadcast and what appears on the screens. But this is common to most webinar platforms and has no impact on the user experience.
  • When Webinarjam was hosted on Google Hangouts, there were many complications. However, updates have been made, and everything has improved with the implementation of Jamcast software.


If you are looking for simple and affordable webinar software with features that will help you drive your business, Webinarjam is what you need.

A little intimidating at first, it quickly becomes an indispensable tool (once you get used to it) thanks to its many features that you will not find elsewhere.

Unlike other competing products, it is basically designed for webinars, and therefore for online business.

The founders have put all their experience and expertise to work to help Web entrepreneurs get the most out of their business.

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