Wondershare Filmora Review: The Right Video Editing Software for Beginners?

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August 1, 2019


Wondershare Filmora is a simple and modern video editing and production software that allows you to express your creativity and successfully edit incredible videos, whether you are a beginner or a professional.

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Presentation of Wondershare Filmora video editor

Wondershare Filmora video editor is a multi-functional software that allows you to edit, edit and share your videos. It provides all the necessary design tools for the creation of your personal (holidays, celebrations, weddings or baptisms) and professional (films or project presentations) videos.

Graphic components

You can improve the quality of your video by integrating impressive animated or still graphics.

Texts and titles

You have various components in the software’s text and effects overlay library for titles, banners or bubbles to create beautiful animation messages in your videos.

Filters and overlays

These transformation tools allow you to create fantastic cinematographic works that you can share with your family, friends or collaborators.

Quality music library

You also have the possibility to create beautiful musical atmospheres by inserting your favorite music directly into your video montage.

The editing of your video is then done by navigating between these various components of the interface, and by adding them gradually at different key moments of your editing, to allow you to create high quality and 4K compatible videos.


Why choose Filmora?

Installing the Wondershare Filmera video editor software is fast and takes up very little space on your PC or MAC hard drive.

It allows you to fully edit your video and upload it to social networking platforms such as Youtube, Dailymotion, Facebook or Instagram to share it with all your contacts.

You can also present your video works by downloading them onto digital media (Android/iOS) such as your laptop, tablet or game consoles.

In addition, you have several video recording format options (WMV, MKV, FLV, AVI, MP4, TS, GIF or MP3), so you can choose the right format and conversion for your device or DVD.

As a result, the ease of use of the software and its various functional and creative options make Wondershare Filmora the preferred software for video editing enthusiasts, with currently more than 50 million users.

The advantages of Wondershare Filmora software

The mass adoption of the software on the computer market explains why it has been used for 7 years by a large number of video editing enthusiasts.

This success is mainly due to several key points that have allowed the software to stand out from its competitors:

Innovative interface

The Wondershare Filmora software has taken the structural framework of the most complex software such as Apple and Adobe, in order to develop identical functionalities in a more simplified interface.

He has therefore combined an attractive and ergonomic interface with the most practical tools to create excellent video editing.

Basic functions and settings

Wondershare Filmora video editor features very simple components to make your video editing.


Transitions make it easier to combine images without any trace in your videos. You can then easily obtain different images and transform individual video clips into beautiful graphic scenes.

Speed Control

This tool gives you the ability to create fantastic accelerated or slowed down effects in the scenes of your video.

HD Compatibility

You bring more playback to your video thanks to the HD option that the software offers you. This allows you to make high quality close-ups to view all the details of your scenes.

Audio separation

You have convenient tools that allow you to easily remove background noise or the original sound from your video, and replace it with the audio of your choice.

Audio editing

You can crop, split or add more volume, fade in and out in your videos. Voiceover and speed control options (0.5 x to 0.2 x) also allow you to optimize your audio editing.

Video and image editing

You can control the saturation, brightness and hue of your videos/images to create the rendering style you like, and then integrate them into your video.

Other options such as trimming, merging and LUTs are also available to perform these assemblies.

High-performance features

The Wondershare Filmora software offers unique and varied creative functions in its interface.

It offers many advanced options with more than 150 special effects to help you develop your imagination:

Split screen

This option allows you to explain your scene from different perspectives, and create different video display visuals at the same time.

Green screen

Using this function allows you to create the same special effects as a professional. This allows you to make your videos in front of a green or blue background, then merge them with other background mounts to edit your final edit.

PIP mounting (Picture on Picture)

You also have the option of placing an “image” on an “other image” in your video. This allows you to present your story from different angles, by overlaying several videos in the same window preview frame.


The “Tilt-Shift” option adds style and animation to your videos and you can easily transform them into miniature scenes according to the specific effects you want to give your scene.

A constant update of the software

The Filmora team is continuously developing the Wondershare video editor software, and regularly offers users new additional tools: “add-on” tools.

These latest updates are in the form of paid add-ons, directly downloadable from the Filmora website; and are classified according to specific categories and themes.

The speed of Wondershare Filmera’s evolution is also reflected in its many versions on the IT market (current version 8.5 of the software).

wondershare filmora

Disadvantages of Wondershare Filmora software

Video editing export time

Exporting videos is relatively long in the Wondershare Filmera video editor software, and the edited work files are quite large.

You must therefore ensure that you have a sufficiently large RAM memory capacity on your computer (8 gb minimum), in order to optimize the working time of your video editing and avoid any frustration.

Creative restriction with working tools on the interface

The “basic” use of the Wondershare Filmora software leaves little room for creativity, due to the limited number of options (two for music, one for text, one for transition and one for the video clip) available on its interface.

Indeed, if you want more creative options, you must buy “add-on” options to perform more complex and innovative tasks.

These restrictions therefore provide a better understanding of why some professionals use Wondershare Filmora software than to make “simple” video editing.

Video Mount Options

Limiting some video editing options, such as noise filters, can have a huge impact on video quality.

Indeed, the absence of such filters to work on a specific scene deteriorates in some cases the final rendering of your video edition; and ultimately, the broadcast quality of your video, whether public or private.

You can also use only one function at a time for some software tools such as camera movement and video sequencing.

Wondershare Filmora software: an essential tool?

The design principle of Wondershare is completely different from the video editing development mode that is currently observed on the market.

It is therefore difficult to compare it with other software in the same field.

It should be noted that the Wondershare Filmora software provides comfort and ease of use of its interface, despite a relatively small number of functional tools.

Indeed, it also presents high-performance creative tools that make it an “essential tool” for any novice or experienced video editing director who adopts it!

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