Zoom Review: My Opinion on the Video Conferencing Solution

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July 19, 2019


In the digital age, several tools are emerging every day to facilitate everyday communication.

While some are exclusively employed in a personal capacity, others are oriented towards professional use such as zoom.us, a simple software for videoconferencing and much more.

Named “Consumer Choice 2018” by Gartner Peel Insights, Zoom Video Communications is attracting more and more entrepreneurs.

But, is it really the solution of the year? To find out, follow our complete test of this online meeting solution!


Zoom.us : presentation of the tool

Launched in 2011 by the eponymous company headquartered in San Jose, California, Zoom is an application that makes it easy to conduct videoconferences, free of charge or for a small budget, thanks to its ergonomic, secure and well organized platform.

It is particularly aimed at multinationals and entrepreneurs who often use video or audio communication in their professional activity, such as self-employed workers and other telework profiles.

Today, nearly 750,000 companies and organizations use Zoom to improve their internal and external communication.

Like a conference, training or meeting room, Zoom software allows you to create a virtual room that supports a large number of participants, who can join the web conference by invitation and thanks to a unique identifier provided during the creation process.

Compatible with computers, tablets and mobile phones, this application offers various operating possibilities and surprising mobility to bring together work teams from all over the world in the same virtual room.

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Zoom.us : tool features

To be able to stand out on the market, Zoom Video Communications is required to present a wide range of new functionalities. Among other things, we find:

Videoconferencing in the Cloud

The primary mission of the Zoom software is the possibility of carrying out a videoconference with HD quality in terms of sound and transmitted image.

Also, during the web conference, you can see all participants in the form of a gallery display, just as you can select a single speaker to see in full screen.

But, most importantly, the entire conference is held in the cloud for more flexibility and stability, even in the presence of many participants and Internet connection problems.

Sharing in the group

You have the ability to share your screen, documents, videos and even access group messaging.

The latter is convenient so as not to disturb the videoconference course, while allowing all participants to discuss among themselves or leave comments and questions.

Ease of intervention

Each speaker can take control of the keyboard and mouse to express their idea or even launch their presentation.

Also, it is possible to launch a whiteboard to explain your idea in detail with drawings or expressions. However, the room administrator retains control over the features offered.

Safety and security

Given the sensitive and confidential nature of certain discussion topics, the Zoom application implements several security protocols: HTTPS access, AES encryption, SSL, etc.

The audio conference

A video conference is always an option. You can always opt for an audio meeting. In this case, you benefit from an unlimited VOIP line, the possibility of making incoming and outgoing calls and free calls to certain destinations.

Important : To benefit from certain options, you will have to pay an amount according to your budget and your needs. Read the offer carefully before subscribing to the subscription!

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Zoom.us: why choose this application?

Thanks to the various functionalities of Zoom.us, you can hold your meetings online, bringing together up to 500 speakers for the same videoconference in HD. You can even connect it to a cloud to save it and watch it later.

If you are conducting an online training using this application, you can record your intervention both in video and audio, while using a whiteboard to help you explain your ideas. A attention indicator will help participants to follow the course of your training.

If you use other planning tools such as Google Calendar, Zoom can easily integrate into your browsers, just as it can work with different calendar systems.

The company in charge of the Zoom software provides you with technical assistance to make your online meetings a success. For more information, you can contact them!

When organizing webinars, you can have up to 100 interactive participants and nearly 10,000 non-invited spectator participants. Subtitling, polling, monetization and many other features are possible on Zoom.

Designed to provide a consistent business experience, Zoom is compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux, as well as Android and iOS, to operate reliably, securely and easily for all applications.

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What are the exclusive advantages of Zoom.us?

In addition to the many options offered by the Zoom.us application, the company is always offering more and more new features.

By partnering with Polycom, it now offers you an H.323/SIP connector that extends communication not only in the conference room, but also to connected computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Compatible with Polycom, Cisco or Lifesize video terminals, this connector supports H.264, H.239, H.235 and G.722 protocols.

If you are a born developer, Zoom provides you with several aids to help you succeed with your favorite applications and integrate the software’s practical features. You can contact the Zoom engineering community or access the software’s APIs.

Before subscribing to an offer offered by Zoom, you can always request a free demonstration of all the software’s features. Feel free to contact the application’s customer service department for a complete guide!

What are the disadvantages of the Zoom.us application?

Nothing is perfect, even if nothing is really noticeable on this side.

The software is constantly being improved by the team of engineers in charge to present you with an even more powerful application that respects all the professional needs of companies and entrepreneurs.

The final verdict

Zoom.us is certainly one of the most complete tools in video and audio communication that has brought together various functionalities in a single application compatible with computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Gartner Peel Insights rated it 4.69 out of 5 because it deserves its rating, because of its ease of use and the diversity of its proposed options.

So, for your online meetings, web conferences or webinars, the Zoom application is certainly your best asset.

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