The 7 Best WordPress Themes for Infopreneurs and Entrepreneurs

By WebMarketKings

July 17, 2019


In the design of a blog or website, content and design are the law. As an infopreneur or webmarketeer, the web offers you an unrivalled showcase.

But for your internet platform to have a real impact, quality is essential, both in its realization and in its animation.

If you are new to the field, it is not easy to find your bearings. But fortunately, you can lay a solid foundation with WordPress software.

We invite you to discover some of the best themes in this universe: ThriveThemes, Divi, Avada, X, OptimizePress, Rehub and Salient.

Thrive Themes, to get started with ease

Les meilleurs thèmes WordPress pour infopreneurs et webmarketeurs

Thrive Themes is a tool that is suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

It offers a solution to add a new web page or completely change the interface of your site.

In the editing phase, this theme (or rather this complete suite of tools) provides a real-time overview of the changes made. Its Thrive Architect extension greatly facilitates modifications, even on an existing site.

The theme is full of options to refine the graphics rendering. Without extensive knowledge of Web design, you will have no trouble modeling a pleasant site to see.

With a total of 10 templates listed to date, you have complete control over the aesthetics of your site or blog.

Professionalism combined with simplicity is what characterizes Thrive Themes. If you are looking for a theme for your e-commerce site, you can choose it without hesitation.

For a product promotion campaign, for example, you can choose between various page templates and graphics.

All you need to do is select the elements that best fit your project.

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Divi, the popular WordPress theme par excellence

In the WordPress system, it is difficult not to notice Divi, as he has so many qualities to promote. First of all, we are talking about its use, which is quite simple to master.

After a few trial and error, you will quickly get the hang of it. You will love its versatility and elegance.

Divi includes a page-builder or page builder which is a first choice tool for the formatting of your sites.

Even if it is possible to be satisfied with the default settings, the fact remains that you have various customization options at your disposal.

Divi also includes a slide show manager for setting up sliders.

The use of the Divi Builder is a real pleasure with features that allow you to quickly make changes to the interface without having to preview the content.

Divi users also benefit from quality support with well-documented and highly responsive technical assistance.

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Avada, a successful theme

Avada is a reference in WordPress themes. Its main arguments: a refined aesthetic and a host of native options.

The objective is to allow those who wish to do so to take control of the creation of their site without having to touch the code.

To make it easier for you, you can use the demos provided by Avada. They are detailed and address every structural aspect of creating a web platform.

For slideshows, count on Fusion Slider, Elastic Slider, Layer Slider and Revolution Slider.

And if your ambition is to create an online store, you should know that Avada is compatible with a large number of extensions including Woo Commerce.

It also interacts with Gravity Forms dedicated to WordPress forms, but also Polylang and WPML for the multilingual part. This is the great tool you have at your disposal with Avada.

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Theme X, plenty of plug-ins

Large choix d

Theme X is known for the multiplicity of its extensions. If we have fun counting them, we discover 25 in all. Among others, there are:

  • Essential Grid
  • Content Dock
  • Cornerstone
  • Custom 404
  • EnviraGallery
  • Facebook Comments

They are dedicated to basic functions such as slideshows and others more elaborate for design.

Depending on the nature of your site, the usefulness of some of these plug-ins will be more obvious than others. Obviously the theme X has affinities with BuddyPress, WPML, Contact Form or Woo Commerce.

In order to allow users to find their way through all these features, the developers took care to put together detailed documentation.

It is comprehensive and includes all the questions and concerns you may have in using theme X.

As far as content modifications are concerned, they can be made without the need to refresh the pages.

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OptimizePress, unanimity among users

Un thème WordPress moderne et polyvalent pour infopreneur et webmarketeur

With OptimizePress, you won’t need to search long before implementing the design or functionality of your site.

Whether it is dedicated to the sale of products or the promotion of services, you have what it takes to make it a quality platform.

From registration forms to sales pages, OptimizePress provides the essential components to successfully monetize your site.

Basically, this theme is indicated for directing traffic on your page, prospecting and building you a satisfactory customer base.

Such realizations are possible thanks to OptimizePress builders that allow the creation of capture pages and sales tunnels.

If you run out of ideas for the visual aspect, all you have to do is pick from graphic templates or image or colour catalogues.

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Rehub, a modern and versatile WordPress theme

Rehub is a theme that a web marketer can easily advise his customers.

It can be deployed on sites dealing with online sales or oriented towards the production of value-added content. Rehub is a template that is also available on blogs.

It supports affiliate links, which places it in the category of themes to be used for lead conversion. It is common to associate Rehub with affiliation themes.

Indeed, it includes Content Egg which is very useful in building and managing links.

For content integration, several templates are available in different formats.

You can get used to the way Rehub works very quickly.

It is especially recommended for the design of a site that includes features such as price or price comparison, as well as product reviews.

With the presence of the Woo Commerce or BbPress extension, it is easy to develop the commercial aspect of your web platform without running out of ideas.

It is also possible to combine several functions on a single site without compromising its harmony.

As for the end-use experience, there is fluidity in both loading pages and navigating between different menus or sub-parts.

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Salient, an ideal theme for one-page design

Plusieurs fonctions pour les thèmes WordPress

The characteristics of Salient that are obvious are the beauty and care given to the animations. Slideshows can be sequenced without forcing, with various scrolling effects.

This particularity makes it a theme that ranks high in the choice of blog creators or moderators.

Among the tools that make up Salient are Visual Composer, and “homemade” modules such as animated title, split heading, or cascading images.

The native slideshow, Nectar Slide, has the advantage of simplicity and elegance. However, when it comes to graphics, many settings can be made to customize the preview.

The layout of the options (Call to Action, typography, footer, font, etc.) is well arranged to allow you to locate yourself quickly.

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The various themes covered, Thrive Themes, Divi, Avada, X, OptimizePress, Rehub and Salient, are among the best on the market.

Each is characterized by a given feature or positioning, but they all share a common propensity to create quality sites or blogs.

Equipped with a responsive design property, they can be adapted to all formats of use, computers, tablets, etc. The acquisition of these themes is generally done on Theme Forest, the main site dedicated to their sale.

It is available to infopreneurs and webmarketers, assistance and full technical support.

It should be noted that depending on the purchase price of the theme, it can be used on a limited or unlimited number of sites.

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