How to Sell Online Courses (for Beginners)

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June 29, 2019


More and more people are now looking for a job that will allow them to earn additional income.

Even when you have a stable job that pays well, having a few extra dollars can speed up the completion of a project, such as a real estate purchase, renovation, etc.

Today, there are different ways to earn money at home.

Creating and selling online training courses is one of the most interesting possibilities.

Such work allows great freedom in time management. You can create your media whenever you can or whenever you want.

Your remuneration will be based on the quantity and quality of your products. Thus, this trade can be a main job.

However, there are a few factors you should know before you start. Once you are sufficiently motivated, Systè will offer you a safe path to success.

Systè, votre solution d

Factors to consider before starting selling online training

To become an online trainer, you do not need to have a diploma. Above all, you have to be a specialist.

You can share your knowledge on a field that you are passionate about and master.

It is possible to train people on various themes concerning music, dance, personal development, language, gastronomy, etc.

You can also target students and help them through training in one or more subjects such as: mathematics, economics, law, marketing, etc.

In this case, you must have the required qualifications and diplomas.

Some qualities are required to become a good online trainer: being creative, having charisma and above all having a sense of pedagogy.

To offer online training, you need to know your target audience and their needs.

To start selling training on the web, you need to be familiar with modern tools for creating media. As there are many options available, it is essential to know how to choose the most advantageous ones from the outset.

It is always interesting and motivating to learn through videos. To create this type of support, you will need video equipment, a microphone and, of course, a computer.

However, depending on your budget, the purchase of a camera is not mandatory.

A new generation smartphone, such as Samsung Galaxy S6, may be sufficient. If you are considering this possibility, be sure to use the right lighting.

Your computer must contain video editing software.

Apart from the video, it is possible to sell training materials in PowerPoint or interactive PDF format.

You can use free images or photos you have taken to illustrate your media. The latter must be spelled correctly.

Etre méthodique, le secret de la vente de formations en ligne

For the correction, some software such as Cordial or Antidote are proving to be a great help. Once the content is ready, it is time to focus on hosting and sales.

To be successful in selling online training, it is essential to be methodical. A step-by-step approach is more convenient.

The subject of your training will have to provide assistance, i.e. answer questions that your targets are asking themselves.

After you have finished writing your materials and/or editing the videos, you should think about a secure place to host all the training materials.

Then, it is necessary to think about different aspects such as: payment methods, legal procedures to be respected (VAT, general conditions of sale, invoices, etc.), solutions to be used to give customers access to the content of your training (email address, member space, etc.), as well as methods to be considered for creating interactivity with beneficiaries (forum, quizz, comment area, webinar service, affiliation system, etc.).

The creation of video training materials is facilitated by numerous high-performance equipment and software.

The question that may arise is: how to put them online and quickly generate profits at the end of their sale?

Nowadays, several platforms allow you to host your training courses online. is one of the newest platforms. However, its notoriety continues to grow., an innovative platform to guide you to success

Héberger et vendre vos formations en ligne

Systè is one of the French competitors of the well-known Clickfunnels platform. The site is available in 2 languages: French and English. It is distinguished by its neat design and affordable accessibility.

Systè offers powerful solutions to entrepreneurs who want to start selling online.

To develop his platform, Aurélien Amacker took 2 years, including a year lost before gathering the members of the winning team. refers to a program for creating sales tunnels.

The latter are pages that fulfil several functions conducive to the achievement of objectives such as: creating an audience and converting prospects into customers.

They offer practical and efficient tools, such as: forms, capture pages, sales pages, payment solutions and private sites for training.

The creation of the platform aims to simplify the life of infopreneurs. Thanks to the program, they can focus on their activities.

You can be as creative as possible in designing your training materials for sale online, in addition to caring about different aspects of your business, such as: marketing, sales and delivery of the product to buyers.

On Systè, the various steps of selling your online training courses are automated.

To continue to delight the many users of the platform, Aurélien Amacker and his team are always looking for improvements and innovations.

Le webmarketing dans la création de formations en ligne services are available at a very competitive price. You can try all the features of the platform for free over a period of 14 days.

Your payment details will not yet be requested. At the end of this period, the services are subject to a charge.

All you need is 27 euros per month to take advantage of the necessary tools to manage 5000 contacts. In addition, the sending of e-mails is unlimited.

The quality of the site’s design is the result of the work of a Californian expert.

For any questions regarding the possibilities offered by Systè or proposals concerning the program, a support service is set up.

In order to request support support, you can send an email, visit the site’s help pages, or go through the Startup Facebook group.

The advantages of

The designer of the platform is himself a specialist in the sale of online training (English language training and web marketing).

As a result, he knows the real needs of people who want to generate income from this type of activity.

While the platform offers even fewer features compared to industry leaders, such as ClickFunnels, it still offers the essentials to ensure the success of your project without emptying your portfolio.

Among the possibilities available on Systè creation of sales tunnels, creation of pages, integration of solutions such as PayPal, Upsell, Stripe, One Click.

The innovative platform for ambitious entrepreneurs offers you, to support you in the realization of your projects:

  • a visual editor (essential tool to facilitate the creation of capture pages and forms)
  • solutions for the implementation of member sites for hosting your training courses
  • an integrated autoresponder for sending e-mails
  • a solution for affiliate program management

With its 1click payment page editor, Systè supports automatic VAT management, automatic invoicing, as well as subscription and payment management in several steps.

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